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Get started with ABAP in Eclipse

This short guide “Get started with ABAP in Eclipse” gives you an introduction to the world of ABAP in Eclipse. To make the access easier we tried to show you what is different in ABAP in Eclipse compared to the ABAP Workbench. I created this guide in my first practical phase at SAP so that it must be easy to understand the information also for ABAP newbies.

I hope you will enjoy my guide and wish you great experience with ABAP in Eclipse.

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  • Hi Saskia,

    thanks for sharing!
    Actually, just this morning I was looking for an up to date document in "getting started with AdT", so I was very happy to just see you blog, dated just a few days back!

    But: Is the document you link to really up to date? I cannot tell, as there is no version history, no publishing date, no author* given in it 🙁

    A hint that it might be rather old could be the first page: this doesn’t look like the current eclipse version "neon":

    *reading your post again, I see you are the autor 🙂
    So I can ask jsut you right away: which Eclispe- and AdT-Versions did you use?



      Hi Joachim,
      I created this guide in November 2016, using the following versions:

                            Eclipse version: Mars.2 Release (4.5.2)
      ADT version:  1.53.1

      Best regards,

      • Hi Saskia,

        ok, so it's really brand new, nice!
        Is there any particular reason, why you used Mars and not the most up-to-date Eclipse-Version Neon?



  • Well done!

    Just one thing about that creating methods by quick fixes (reminds me of double clicking the subroutine behind PERFORM in old times): Just don’t overdo it. The programming guideline still is Modularize rather then atomize.
    And restrict it to private methods. The external interface of a class should be modelled before and not grow during implementation.



  • One small but important correction:

    Display <-> Change-mode (Shortcut Ctrl+F1) doesn´t exist, in Eclipse, you are always in change-mode.

    This is not true. When opening an editor you are in display mode. When you start typing you enter the edit mode.


  • Thanks Saskia,

    I am giving a try to Abap in Eclipse again and this would be very helpful.

    When I tried a couple of years ago, i must say, i did not have a great experience with it.