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What’s Next with SAP CRM On-Prem? It’s up to You!

If you’re an SAP CRM On-Prem customer, we’ve got good news for you! Earlier this year, as part of the SAP Customer Connection CRM2016 program, SAP agreed to deliver nearly 100 or so new features requested and voted on by customers like yourselves!

Following is a short summary of some of the more interesting and popular items. And don’t worry…If you don’t see what you are looking for, you still have time to submit your wish-list items to SAP as part of the CRM2017 round of the SAP Customer Connection program which is still open for a few more days until the end of January! Click here to submit your requests for CRM2017!

Highlight of the SAP Customer Connection CRM2016 program:

  • Type-ahead smart search
  • Spell-check integration
  • Drag and drop upload of documents to CRM sales orders, opportunities, quotes, emails, etc.
  • Mouse-over “hover-card” for Menu Bar Recent Items
  • 500 new icons for CRM Menu Nav Bar
  • Ability to use HTML5 widgets and mashups
  • Create CRM follow-on transactions in new window
  • Display time-out count-down warning clock in Interaction Center
  • Print emails (with header data) from Interaction Center
  • Allow creation of Leads in “My Leads” Fiori App
  • Allow creation of Prospects from “My Accounts” Fiori App
  • New Fiori app for CRM Service Requests
  • Etc.

Click here for a full list of all CRM2016 enhancements. And click here to submit your ideas for CRM2017.

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    • Hello Krish,

      Yes, of course! SAP is still selling SAP CRM on-prem, in addition to our other Cloud-based CRM offerings including SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Hybris Service. SAP CRM on-prem is still being used by thousands of SAP customers and continues to grow in terms of total number of customers and total number of active users!

      Warm regards,

      • That is an interesting insight. And yes there will be customers who are not inclined towards cloud solutions and prefer On-Premise.


  • Hello @John, Thanks and interesting point of view. I am curious how SAP is making “Sales pitch” for both “on premise” and “cloud based” solution?

    Could you able to give an overview, from which part of world, the recent customers, who has purchased SAP CRM On-Premise?

    We are just little bit puzzled, which boat we should use for further sailing, that’s why need your valuable input.


    • Hello Krish,

      I don't think it's necessarily a question of Geography that dictates whether a customer prefers on-repmise or cloud deployment... though certainly geography can play a role. We are still seeing on-premise deployments in the US too, for example, and not just in Europe where data privacy is a legal concern. But more important than geography, I think, are both industry vertical and business model. For example, industries like public sector/government, healthcare, banking/finance, etc., still tend to favor on-premise solutions. Also, certain business models like BPO (business process modeling) prefer up-front capital deployment that can be depreciated and written off as opposed to recurring montly subscription fees. Also, any industry or company who relies heavily on customization rather than off the shelf software and best-practices will likely prefer an on-premise implementation. So really, it usually comes down to the industry and the business model, not the geographic local.



  • Hi John,

    It's being said that SAP will no longer support CRM on premise from 2020 onwards and perhaps stop releasing further updates after 2017. Is that true?



      Hello Kamalika,

      No, that is absolutely untrue. SAP has committed publicly, in writing, so supporting the Business Suite and SAP CRM on-prem through AT LEAST 2025, if not longer! We are continuing to enhance CRM on-prem and to roll out new, customer-requested features submitted via user groups like ASUG and the SAP Customer Connection Program. We don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

      Warm regards,

  • Hello John,

    Could you kindly let us know what is the future of SAP CRM on premise down the line .would SAP be concentrating more on cloud base solutions like C4C ,SAP Hybris than  on primise, there is  confusion in the minds of SAP CRM on premise consultants what the future holds for them, also what is SAP’s strategy where clients are more inclined towards cost and also  growing cloud competition. Is it  end of SAP CRM on premise with SAP offering support till 2020?. It would be nice of you if you could kindly address these concerns.


    • Hello Mr. Bown,

      I think that I've aleady addressed this a few times above in other comments, but again, SAP has committed to supporting SAP CRM on-prem (as part of the SAP Business Suite) through 2025 at least... and probably, in my opinion, much longer. There are currently no plans to end CRM on-prem. To the contrary, there are plans to add CRM on-prem to the new S/4HANA product, which means that CRM will live on for many, many, many more years.

      Now obviously, in parallel, SAP is also moving into the Cloud. As you know, SAP already has a Cloud-based CRM offering, SAP Cloud for Customer, that has quite a few customers. Although I am not part of that team, my understanding is that SAP will continue to enhance C4C as well. As I discuss in some comments above, SAP still sees the need in the market for both on-prem and cloud-based solutions.

      And finally, as you mention, there's also SAP Hybis -- particularly for areas like Marketing, Order Management, and Service. While SAP will continue to offer SAP C4C as part of the SAP Hybris portfolio, we are also working on new, next-generation YaaS-based microsevices for things like next-gen Order Management, Customer Service, and Self Service. Increasingly customers are looking for modular micro-services that they can plug into their existing CRM platforms, websites, and portals in order to leverage their existing capabilites without needing to do a complete rip and replace. We at SAP see modular micro-services as the future of enterprise software, and that's why we are investing in this space.

      I hope that helps.


      • Thanks a ton for your detailed and well written response, much appreciated . Your reply address most of the questions and confusions. Thanks once again.


      Hello Arumita,

      SAP is only in the beginning stages of the CRM Add-On project for SAP 4/HANA. We plan to start working on development this year in 2017 with the goal of slowly rolling out capabilities in 2018 - 2019.

      The YaaS Micro-Service packages are already available (at least in the US, Germany, and a couple of other countries). We will continue to work on global rollout this year.

      Warm regards,

  • Hi John,

    please help me understand the direction of CRM OnPrem regarding the Fiori UX.

    Some apps were delivered right at the beginning of the "Fiori Era" some years ago and later they were enhanced. But mainly this are Sales apps and of for the Service part some months ago an app for Ticket creation was released.

    Are there any plans for Fiori Apps for Field Service? I see that CRM OnPrem has disappeared from the latest Fiori Roadmap.

    Is there any roadmap regarding Fiori Apps or everything now depends on the need expressed throughout the Customer Connection program?


    Kind regards,



    • Hello Borut,

      Sure, I'm happy to try and help if I can. From the CRM on-prem side, most of the recent/current development efforts around Fiori were spent on building a new off-line mode that allows some basic creation and editing of most CRM Fiori objects in offline mode! This includes most of the old classic Sales objects (accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, etc.) as well as the new Service Request object. Other than that, the remaining development capacity has been spent adopting the new Fiori 2.0 design patterns and concepts to the existing Fiori apps.

      Regarding roadmap, this is where things get interesting. SAP has recently announced (or is in the process of announcing) that we are planning a new CRM Sales/Service Add-On for S/4 HANA that will take classic CRM on-prem Sales and Service functionality and move it into S/4HANA. All (or most) of the new screens for this classic CRM Sales/Service functionality will be... you guess it probably... Fiori! There are a few exceptions of course, like the Interaction Center, which will remain using BSP technology with a "Fiori style" update to the user interface. But the plan is that everything else will be Fiori based. Of course, this will only be available in S/4HANA, and not in the classic CRM on-prem.

      I hope this helps you better understand SAP's plans around Fiori for CRM!

      Warm regards,