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Nap vs. Coffee – Which Is Better Choice When you are Exhausted


If you are really tired in middle of a workday, you have two options to overcome your exhaustion. You can either take a nap or drink a hot cup of coffee. The choice between these two is really difficult as it is hard to know, which among these is more effective. Coffee and sleep often go hand in hand, when it comes to boost the performance if you know how to use them correctly.

You can drink a cup of coffee along with taking a 20 minute rest that would actually fuel your afternoon. It is also known as coffee nap or bulletproof power nap. You would be surprised to know that taking a nap has various benefits over coffee. A nap can enhance your learning capacity as well as alertness along with cognitive abilities.

A nap can help to improve the perceptual learning, verbal memory and the procedural motor skills than a dose of caffeine. However, taking a nap has a biggest disadvantage over the cup of coffee. You usually don’t get enough time to take an hour’s nap from your busy schedule. In such a case, coffee would be much better.

Benefits of using a right quality mattress

The mattress can greatly affect the quality of sleep that you would get. A right mattress can help to reduce pain, improve motion isolation and relieve pressure. If you have good shopping skills, you can actually improve your sleeping and can feel better for many more years to come. The right mattress would last longer and would give you comfort. You need to check the reviews and contact various retailers before your actual purchase.

When you should take a nap?

Overall, the nap generally has various advantages over a cup of coffee. They can improve your alertness, brain’s leaning capacity and the important brain’s cognitive abilities. You don’t need to fall into deep sleep, when you are at work. Half sleep or the non sleep dozing is also effective. You should make napping number one choice, if you have enough time. However, it is important that you aim only for 20 minutes sleep, so that you can easily wake up.

When you should drink coffee?

If you don’t have enough time, then coffee is another option available. It would not take as much time as nap. Also, you don’t need to be around a bed so as to fall asleep. It is actually an easy choice that has its own advantages.

You would probably feel more physically awake than after a nap. It is always a better option for middle aged people at the workplace, who need more alertness. In general, the coffee is the second choice that is available after napping. Studies have shown that coffee can also increase the physical endurance in athletes and physical performance in the cyclists.


You can also try coffee nap, which is a combination of taking nap and drinking a cup of coffee. If you can manage this method, it would give you the advantage of napping less and the grogginess that is usually associated with waking up.

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