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Technical Upgrade to SAP HANA

SAP HANA Platform 2.0 was announced at SAP TechEd Barcelona being held Nov. 8–10 and is now Generally available for SAP partners & clients as of 30th Nov 2016.

This is to run through my experience with SAP HANA 2 Technical Upgrade on RHEL 7.2


  1. Guest Operating system supported by SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 00 Database Revision 2.00.000
  2. Backup HANA database & vm
  3. HANA 2 requires the compat-sap-c++-5 package, Install compat-sap-c++-5 on RedHat 7.2 using command #yum install compat-sap-c++-5
  4. Copy SIGNATURE.SMF from <sapmnt>/<SID>/hdblcm/SIGNATURE.SMF to temporary location [Upgrade Media], refer Note 207842 for more information.
  5. Download Upgrade Media from SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION 2.0
  6. Copy Media onto the Server and extract under temporary location [Upgrade Media], please note archives can be extracted using Resident HDBLCM or using known tool SAPCAR

Run SAP HANA Upgrade

Start Upgrade tool – HANA Database LifeCycle Manager [HDBLCM]

Below is using hdblcm command line tool, other HDBLCM interfaces available are HDBLCMGUI & HDBLCMWEB

  1.  Go to temporary directory [Upgrade Media] and execute command line ./hdblcm
  2.  Choose ActionSelect option 1 to update HDB
  3. Choose components to be installed or updatedSelect all components
  4. Enter password for <sid>adm & SYSTEM
  5. Review summary before executionConfirm with “y” to start Upgrade
  6. Review upgrade process
  7. Review upgrade logs under /var/tmp

Post Steps

  1. Review HANA DB Release Information
    Login to SAP HANA Studio and review General Informtion
  2. Trigger HANA DB database backup

I will update my next blog with the advanced upgrade procedure to reduce downtime with Production HANA System upgrade.

Important SAP Notes

2380229 – SAP HANA Platform 2.0 – Central Note

2380257 – SAP HANA Platform 2.0 SPS 00 Release Note

2363299 – SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 00 Database Revision 000

2002167 – Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x: Installation and Upgrade

2399995 – Hardware requirement for SAP HANA 2.0

2381397 – Release Notes for SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management for SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 00

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