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Port of Antwerp geospatial data for Future of Logistics hackathon

For those who will be looking at the “Opendata” challenge for the Port of Antwerp – Logistics of the Future hackathon, here are some information.
GIS data describing parts of the port have been preloaded for you into the database in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAP HCP). If you do not have a user in SAP HCP landscape yet, then please follow this blog of my colleague Abdel first: Port of Antwerp from the Opendata challenge perspective – part 1
Then find Abdel or me in the Developers’ Garage at the entrance to the Waagnatie venue to help to setup an additional database user for you, which will allow you access tables with geometry data. Below is the description provided by the Antwerp Port Authority.

Meerpalen: mooring wharfs
*Nummer: number of the mooring wharf

Wegenis: roads
*CAT: 1 (motorway in the port-area), 2 (principal roads), 3 (access road), 4 (smaller roads in the port), 7 (non-public road), 5 & 12 (underground road- motorway), 8 (motorway outside the port area), 9 & 10 (other roads outside the port area)
*Straatnaam: name of the street

Spoorwegen: railroads
*Type: 1 (normal railroad), 2 (tramway), 4 (underground railroad)

Water_dokken: docks, locks
*Naam: name of the dock, lock
*Type: 1 (river), 2 (dock), 3 (lock), 4 (part of a lock – is located in front the lock), 8 (river terminal)

Kaainummers: quay numbers
*Nummer: number of the quay

Bedrijven_sites: enterprises
*Name: the (commercial) name of the enterprise
*Site-Id: is a way of identifying the same company but in terms of a site (larger than a part of a site)

Please note that shapes have been loaded with EPSG:31300 Spatial Reference System. You can verify this by running SQL like

FROM "DATAGEOPORT"."spoorwegen";

For your convenience there are views as well with shapes transformed into world-wide GPS coordinates, ie. Spatial Reference System 4326. You will recognize them by “_4326” postfix.

As well for your convenience SAP HANA Map Client, based on HERE, has been preinstalled. You can open its demo app and to see the code in the Editor in the package sap.hana.spatial.mapClient.demo.

For more complex example have a look at the Content Viewer application example in the package sap.hana.spatial.contentViewer. Please note that not complete content have been installed, so there may be some gaps in shapes when you try to display them on the map. But the purpose of this code is primarily to give you working example that you can adopt in own application.

Note that web browsers may disable some scripts impacting the way applications displayed. In Chrome you would need to click on “Load unsafe scripts”. In other browsers you will need to perform similar activity.

Then app will be properly displayed.

Another interesting resource of spatial data can be Earth Observation service available from YaaS cloud platform offering ESA satelite pictures from the space. Here are three blogs to get you started:
1. SAP Earth Observation Analysis Microservices on YaaS
2. Port of Antwerp from space perspective
3. Add the Earth Observation Analysis YaaS service to HCP

More information about SAP HANA Spatial capabilities:

Good luck, and looking forward to your innovative solutions using spatial data from Port of Antwerp and geospatial capabilities of SAP HANA!

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      What a great collection of resources for what looks like an amazing event!

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