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Implementation Roadmap Viewer Content Updated for SAP S/4HANA Cloud-1811

Updated January 4, 2018

The implementation Roadmap Viewer is a tool used by the implementation project team members to navigate the phases, deliverables, tasks and accelerators related to the SAP Activate methodology.

The implementation roadmap is updated to contain the latest scope, processes and accelerators. The content updates occur throughout the quarter with final changes coinciding with the cloud solution quarterly release.

This blog summarizes the changes for the roadmap SAP Activate Methodology for S/4HANA Cloud.

January 4 Release Notes

  1. Removed the task Determine and Create Sample Data. Updated the Execute Business Process Unit Test task to include the guidance from the removed task.
  2. Changed the heading ‘Note(s)’ to ‘Procedure Note(s)’ in tasks to avoid confusion with other uses of the term ‘Notes’.
  3. Various text updates in the Application: Design and Configuration stream to match the new format standard.
  4. Changed references to ‘Countries’ to ‘Countries/Regions’ to match new SAP standards for referring to countries.
  5. Removed the task Test Execution/ Test Plan Creation and Execution as it is redundant to other tasks in deliverable Test Execution.
  6. Renamed Q-System Request Questionnaire to Q-System Activation Request Questionnaire. The questionnaire is not required to request the system; only to activate the system. Removed the service center templates from the Request Quality System task.

December 14 Release Notes

  1. Included guidance to Chart of Accounts – Conduct Workshop specific for the APJ region. This introduces a new chart of accounts renumbering process which puts the renumbering of accounts in the customer’s control. Added a new task Adapt Chart of Accounts to Quality System Initial Access deliverable.
  2. Added new task Review Scope Items Using the Scope Cards Game under the Continuous Improvement deliverable to provide an alternative approach to planning future scope.
  3. Revised the text in task Configure Tax Solution to improve readability. Added external tax partner Avalara to the list of approved partners.
  4. Added a new Asset Management Business Driven Configuration Questionnaire to task Set Business Driven Configuration Questionnaires Scope.  
  5. Added the blog User Management Overview to task Create Users in the Starter System.
  6. Removed the accelerator New Function Migration for Group Reporting.pdf. The accelerator is obsolete with 1811. The content will be included in the 1902 test plan for the group reporting 1SG.
  7. Updated several Solution Configuration tasks to include procedure guidance.
  8. Added procedure notes to tasks Finance – Conduct Workshop and Define Preset Parameters and Trigger System Activation highlighting the guide Fiscal Year Variant Implementation Guide.pdf

November 30 Release Notes

  1. Upgraded the Roadmap Viewer tool to include a collapsible deliverable/task structure simplifying the navigation. Added links to each phase to allow quick navigation to the filtered content pages. Roadmap
  2. Added a direct link to the SAP PowerDesigner webpage from task Document and Maintain Business Process Flows. This tool can be used to update the process flows.
  3. Updated task Configure Tax Solution to include the external tax solution Avalara.
  4. Added a blog SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud : Hints and Tips for Configuration and SSCUIs to the Configure tasks within Solution Configuration.
  5. Updated the Participate in the SAP Influence Council task to provide better guidance.
  6. Added accelerator Replacing Financial Statement Items in Consolidation Chart of Accounts.docx to task Configure Finance.

November 2 Update – 1811 Release

  1. General reformatting of the tasks to provide better procedural guidance. Each task has a clearly stated purpose along with a step-by-step procedure. References to Prerequisites, Apps used, and Business Roles required were also added.
  2. Updated the Analytics task to provided better guidance. Analytics
  3. Updated the Output Management tasks to be consistent with the 1LQ documentation.
  4. Added a new stream for Analytics.
  5. Created a new deliverable Post Upgrade Test and tasks to provide guidance specifically for the automated testing conducted by SAP immediately after an upgrade. Added new accelerators to provide additional guidance.
  6. Added a new task Set Up Exchange Rates for New Countries that is a prerequisite to adding a new country.
  7. Updated several slides in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Onboarding Presentation including an update to the quarterly release cycle graphic and a new starter system provisioning email graphics.
  8. Simplified the scope bundle documentation in the Availability and Dependencies of Scope Items accelerator.
  9. Added guidance related to activations during the upgrade period to Extend Solution to Include a New Country and Review and Request New Scope Activation.
  10. Added a task Document and Maintain Business Process Flows to the Solution Definition Deliverable.
  11. Added setup accelerator New Function Migration for Group Reporting to the Configure Finance task.
  12. Changed the accelerator link SAP S/4HANA Cloud User Community to point to the new/updated community for SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
  13. Added a link to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Product Capabilities Road Map.
  14. Added a note that the Starter System can be extended to one additional country to Extend Solution to Include a New Country.
  15. Added a link the Cloud Availability Center to the Review Overview Documentation task.
  16. Consolidation of Integration Tasks to reduce redundancy and complexity.
  17. Updates to the Roadmap viewer tool to make task and deliverable titles more readable. Rearranged the Roadmap listing order to show cloud first.
  18. Added the accelerator Fiscal Year Variant Implementation Guide.pdf to task Define Preset Parameters and Trigger System Activation and others.
  19. Added an accelerator Cloud Multi-Country Rollout.pptx to task Review Overview Documentation. This provides guidance on planning multi-country projects.
  20. Eliminated the solution-based integration tags. Integration Stream
  21. Updated the Extensibility stream to provided better guidance.
  22. Merged the Preset Initial User Onboarding.pdf into the existing User Onboarding for SAP S/4HANA Cloud.pdf. Task Create Initial User in the Quality System.
  23. Removed the Planning and Design deliverable and task and replaced it with task Document Business User Roles in the Solution Definition deliverable.

October 5 Update

  1. Replaced the individual links to the Best Practice Explore scope items in the Fit-to-Standard Analysis workshops with single link to the BPX and a link to the BPX Content Library. This also reduces the Accelerator List view.
  2. Updated task Define Preset Parameters and Trigger System Activation with a note that Group Chart of Account Numbering and Chg Template is required to be submitted to the service center if Consolidation (scope items 1SG, 28B) is in scope.
  3. Revised the format and added guidance to task Execute Configuration Transport Sprints that Adaptations must be moved also.
  4. Moved Technical Set-up of Printers and Queues to deliverable Starter System Initial Access.
  5. Updated the text of the Solution Definition deliverable to refer to the documentation of configuration in the backlog.
  6. Added deliverable Fit-to-Standard System Preparation and task Prepare Sample Data.
  7. Added a link to the Cloud Availability Center in the task Review Overview Documentation.
  8. Added an accelerator to assist implementations for the country Poland with required solution documentation. Create Cutover Plan and Documentation
  9. Added a new deliverable to Run, Post Upgrade Test. This deliverable and tasks provide instruction on preparing and reviewing the results of the Post Upgrade Test process performed by SAP after the upgrade.
  10. Added task Release Change Project and Move Adaptations to the Quarterly Release Cycle deliverable in Run.

Sept 21 Update

  1. Updated Create and Schedule Test Plan and Define a Test Case to include a structured procedure.
  2. Added a new prerequisite task Setup Exchange Rates for New Countries for adding a new country.
  3. Removed the Accelerator House Bank Personalization Template.xlsx and related procedure. The template is no longer required.
  4. Removed the instructions to submit a Service Request when moving a changed project from the Extend Solution to Include a New Country and Review and Request New Scope Activation. Change projects are moved automatically each evening.
  5. Update the link to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Tutorials to show all tutorials in a hierarchy view.
  6. Add notes to Request Quality system providing guidance on timelines around the upgrade period.

Sept 14 Update

  1. Simplified the text in Create Test Strategy to include procedure steps.
  2. Updated all tasks in the Technical Architecture and Infrastructure Stream to include distinct procedure steps.
  3. Added several accelerator links to informational session in the Learning Hub to various tasks. These can be easily found in the accelerator view by search on ‘Learning Hub’. Learning Hub access is required.
  4. Updated Extend Solution to Include a New Country and Review and Request New Scope Activation to include restrictions related to the upgrade period.
  5. Updated the topics related to the Fit-to-Standard Analysis workshops.
  6. Added clarification to the task Receive Starter System and Reset Password that the IAS (SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service) is not delivered if the customer previously had IAS in place.
  7. Accelerator updates to the Analytics stream.
  8. Updated all tasks in the Project Management stream to include distinct procedure steps.
  9. Added a new task Verify Project Team Certification to confirm that the consultants no the project are certified.

1808 Release Changes

  1. Renamed the task, Provide Provisioning Information to the Service Center to Request Quality System. The task, Request Quality System, was updated by removing the requirement of a service request/incident from the Q-system request. The accelerators are still required but not used for the initial system request. The deliverable name changed to Quality System Request. (task)
  2. The deliverable, Receive Quality System, was renamed, Quality System Initial Access. Two additional tasks were added, Create Initial User in the Quality System, and Define Preset Parameters and Trigger System Activation, to accommodate the new provisioning process. (task1, task2)
  3. Added task, Define Scope Bundle in Solution Definition. (task1)
  4. Added task, House Bank Setup in Solution Configuration, and related setup guide to complete the setup of the House Bank after the Preset Phase. (task1)
  5. Eliminated expert configuration templates and process steps from Intercompany Setup tasks. These procedures no longer require expert configuration. (deliverable)
  6. Update Business Driven Configuration questions to reduce SAP terms and increase business terminology. Added multiple tiers of questions to reduce the effort in Prepare while still providing the needed detail for the Fit-to-Standard Analysis workshops. (task)
  7. Updated the How to approach Fit-to-Standard Analysis – Cloud.pptx to reflect changes in the overall flows that simplify the process. Several related deliverables and tasks were updated in accordance to the changes in the process. (accelerator)
  8. Added a new task, Track Changes in Configuration, and accelerator, Configuration Tracker.xlsx, add to deliverable, Solution Configuration. Additional Service Center reports also planned in a future update. (task)
  9. Added a task, Adapt Chart of Accounts, and procedures for Chart of Accounts renumbering functionality. This functionality planned to be delivered with a support pack mid-August. The service center will continue to make the changes until this functionality is available.
  10. Remodeled Analytics process to provide better guidance. Incorporated into the Fit-to-Standard process. (Tag)
  11. Added a new task, Evaluate Need for Test Tenant, to the Run phase deliverable, Ongoing System Operations, to provide guidance on the additional Test Tenant. Additional accelerators added also. (task)
  12. Added accelerator Default Values of the Asset Classes Reference.xlsx to Define Expert Configuration task. This is related to/referenced in accelerator Expert Configuration and SSCUI Reference.xlsm tab 23 “Design Asset Classes” and provides additional configuration detail. (task)
  13. Remodeled Output Management deliverables and tasks to include new accelerators and procedure instruction. (Tag)
  14. Add links to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud User Community and the Learning Hub Welcome Room to the Join the Implementation Learning Room task. (task)
  15. Added a task, Participate in the SAP Influence Council, and a link to the Influence Portal. Added a direct link to the SAP Influence Portal. (task)
  16. Added a new deliverable, New Scope Item Activation, and task, Review and Request New Scope Activation, in Explore to provide instruction on how to activate new scope. This deliverable is also available in Realize and Run. (deliverable)
  17. Updated SAP S/4HANA Cloud Onboarding Presentation.pptx in the Review Overview Documentation task. (task)
  18. Added a new task, Verify Configuration with Business Processes, to verify that the configured solution meets the business process expert’s expectation. This completes the system configuration deliverable and is prior to the solution walk-through with the stakeholders. (task)
  19. The Extensibility – Overview accelerator was eliminated since it was a duplicate of the Help – Extensibility accelerator. (task)
  20. The SSCUI Screen Prints.pdf accelerator has been retired. (task)
  21. Updated Using Configure Your Solution and SSCUIs accelerator to include detail on multiple country project configuration and other improvements. (task)
  22. Added a new step in all the Fit-to-Standard Analysis workshop tasks to Capture configuration and follow up action items in the backlog. (deliverable)
  23. Removed the requirement of an incident when transporting a changed project from Q to P. (task)
  24. Added references to the Maintenance Planner and Cloud Integration Automation Service to the Review Cloud Integration Automation Services (CIAS) task. (task)
  25. Added a link to the blog Discovery Game Approach for Scope Review and added it to the Prepare for Fit-to-Standard Workshops task. The blog outlines a creative approach to determining detailed solution scope. (task)
  26. Expanded and updated the content of the How to approach Fit-to-Standard Analysis – Cloud.pptx accelerator to provide better guidance. (task)
  27. Added a new accelerator, OCM Roadmap Presentation Sample, to Define Project Communications and Reporting task. (link)
  28. Enhanced Project Management Stream to be more comprehensive. (stream)
  29. Added a new task, Setup Intracompany EWM Stock Transport Orders (2VL), and setup guide to deliverable Intracompany Setup. (task)
  30. Updated testing task procedures for task, Configure Test Automation Tool, and task, Change Action Data Using Data Variant. (task1, task2)
  31. Added notes to tasks, Receive Quality System and Reset Password, Review Overview Documentation, and Receive Starter System and Reset Password, explaining the possible assignments of the IT Contact and the Communication Contact. (task)
  32. Enhanced the list of scope specific accelerator links to include localized scope items. (deliverable)
  33. Updated the Fit-to-Standard presentations to include descriptions of the scope items along with the Scope item id. (deliverable)
  34. Added to task, Extensibility Based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, a link to the Extensibility Explorer. (task)
  35. Re-added to the task, Request the Production System, the requirement for opening an incident when requesting the P-system. (task)
  36. Added a new task, Confirm Takeover Date Information for Asset Accounting, to deliverable, Solution Configuration. (task)
  37. Moved Fit-to-Standard Analysis Preparation to the Prepare Phase. Migrated the content of task, Download and Review SAP Best Practices Documents, into task, Prepare for Fit-to-Standard Workshops. Moved task, Schedule Fit-to-Standard Workshops, to the deliverable, Fit-to-Standard Analysis (deliverable)(deliverable2)
  38. Moved Document and Maintain Business Scenario Process Flows from Fit-to-Standard Analysis into Solution Definition. (deliverable)
  39. Renamed Solution Configuration deliverable to Solution Definition. Updated the name of the related tasks to focus on Documentation of the Fit-to-Standard results. Two additional tasks, Document Output Requirements and Document Integration Requirements, were relocated to Solution Definition and deliverables removed. (deliverable)
  40. New Deliverable, Output Management Setup, created with the task, Technical Set-up of Printers and Queues moved under it. (deliverable)
  41. Added a link to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud User Community from task, Join the Implementation Learning Room. (task)
  42. Added a new accelerator, New function migration for Group Reporting.pdf, to task Finance – Conduct Workshop. (task)
  43. Renamed Request Production System to Production System Request, and Receive Production System to Production System Initial Access to conform to Deliverable naming standards. (deliverable1, deliverable2)
  44. Renamed Activate New Scope Items to New Scope Item Activation. (deliverable1)
  45. Added new integration generic tasks for Verify Access to Systems for Integration, Setup Integrations in the Q-Landscape, and Setup Integrations in the Productive Landscape (task1, task2, task3)
  46. The Roadmap viewer tool was updated to allow for copying of links. The page Title was added above the Descriptions.
  47. Incorporated numerous feedback items from field experts to improve completeness and readability.


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