The implementation Roadmap Viewer is a tool used by the implementation project team members to navigate the phases, deliverables, tasks and accelerators related to the SAP Activate methodology.

The implementation roadmaps are updated to contain the latest scope, processes and accelerators. The content updates occur throughout the quarter with final changes coinciding with the cloud solution quarterly release. This blog is used to summarize the changes.

The roadmaps covered in this blog are:

  • SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud
  • SAP S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud
  • SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management Cloud
  • SAP S/4HANA Finance Cloud

1702 Release Changes

  1. Reorganized and simplified the Fit to Standard deliverable. The business processes were consolidated by functional areas. New presentations added that will guide the implementation team through the process.
  2. Added new deliverables and tasks for Test Case Preparation and Test Plan Creation and Execution.
  3. Add link to the SAP API Business Hub to the Define Key User Extensions task.
  4. Updated New Scope Activation instructions.
  5. Updated project plans to reflect updates to the roadmap.
  6. Updated expert configuration templates for 1702 content. Added Self-service UI list to the template to produce a comprehensive list of possible configuration.
  7. Improved instructions in the task, Ensure Key User Access to the SAP Service Marketplace and Best Practices.
  8. Updated provisioning process with phase change details. Added the creation of a change project in the q-system after the p-system is created.
  9. Fixed incorrect accelerator stream assignments.
  10. Added accelerator, Data migration to S/4 HANA from File (BH5), to Data Load Preparation deliverable.
  11. Changed name of SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud to SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud.
  12. Starter system was removed from SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud implementation process.
  13. Added deliverable, S4-EC: Receive Production System, to the deploy phase.
  14. Added vertex prerequisite for the US; reference note 2417593.
  15. Added detailed instructions to the Chart of Accounts template. This template is submitted to the service center when the q-system is requested.
  16. Corrected the Run phase name.
  17. Updated release specific accelerators to the 1702 content.
  18. Updated links to 1702 scope items.
  19. Numerous usability improvements and miscellaneous content corrects.
  20. Added link from Roadmap Viewer to this change log.
  21. Added Roadmap Viewer navigation instructions and video.
  22. Improved Viewer tool performance.


1611 Release Changes

  1. Added new roadmap for SAP S/4HANA Finance Cloud.
  2. Added the SAP Activate Run Phase and deliverable/tasks for activating new product scope after a quarterly release.
  3. Remodel of Customer Self-enablement tasks to provide a better guided path focusing on enabling the new project team members and other roles. Learning maps in the Learning Hub were also updated to complement the changes to the implementation roadmap.
  4. Added a Getting Started with the Roadmap Viewer presentation as an accelerators to the Prepare Phase. This document will help new users navigate through the roadmap viewer.
  5. Updated the user provisioning process steps and the eliminated the task of involving the service center to create users. A new user onboarding accelerator was added.
  6. Synchronized solution scope to the 1611 release.
  7. Additional extensiblity accelerators in Marketing Cloud.
  8. Updated the system provisioning process by introducing iterative transports from Q-P and adding tasks to initiate the next system phase via the S/4HANA system Manage Your Solution app.
  9. Added links to existing upgrade related accelerators.
  10. Added the Open Issues List template.
  11. Added link to C4C integration accelerators.
  12. Added deliverable/tasks in the Explore phase for activating new product scope after a quarterly release and during the implementation project.
  13. Combined the Service Marketplace and Best Practices access tasks since they both require the same access.
  14. Added links to existing infrastructure requirements accelerators.
  15. Reviewed and updated incorrect service center components.
  16. Relocated P-system provisioning to earlier in the phase. P-system is to be requested shortly after the Q-system is received.
  17. Added EC integration steps and accelerators as optional steps based on the customer’s integration scenario.
  18. Added Marketing Dashboard setup task and accelerator to Marketing Cloud.
  19. Added a work breakdown structure (WBS) file to all roadmaps. It is attached to the Create Project Schedule task.
  20. Migrated all Best Practice links to the new Best Practice Explorer.
  21. Updated 1608 accelerators to 1611.
  22. Revised process text to access the support portal and create new users in the support portal.
  23. Added link to the SLA agreement
  24. Added task for downloading Adobe Livecycle Designer
  25. Revised Q-gate templates and accelerators specific for cloud.
  26. Various usability changes
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