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Implementation Roadmap Viewer Content Updated for SAP S/4HANA Cloud-1905

Updated July 3, 2019

The implementation Roadmap Viewer is a tool used by the implementation project team members to navigate the phases, deliverables, tasks and accelerators related to the SAP Activate methodology.

The implementation roadmap is updated to contain the latest scope, processes and accelerators. The content updates occur throughout the quarter with final changes coinciding with the cloud solution quarterly release.

This blog summarizes the changes for the roadmap SAP Activate Methodology for S/4HANA Cloud.

July 3 Release Notes

  1. The Stream Names have been updated for better readability. These names are consistent across all solution roadmaps. SAP S/4HANA Cloud Overview
  2. Added a third procedure step to Prepare Sample Data in order to execute transactions in the system to populate the analytical reports. This data will allow the reporting functionality to be demonstrated during the Fit-to-Standard workshops.
  3. Updated the procedure in task Maintain Profit Center Configuration replacing the expert configuration reference with a SSCUI.
  4. Added a new tag Identity and Access Management Tag and related deliverables and tasks. This includes Task Create Initial Application – Workplace List, Deliverable Identity and Access Management Planning and Design and task Configure Identity and Access Management in the Q-System. Two new accelerators were also added to provide guidance.

June 21 Release Notes

  1. Added a link to the SAP Certified Solutions Directory to task Configure Tax Solution. Removed accelerator US Tax Rate Upload Template.xlsx since it is available via the app.
  2. Changed stream assignments to the following Tasks to improve overall alignment. Evaluate Need for Test Tenant, Execute Transport Sprints, Adapt Chart of Accounts.
  3. Updated task Receive Starter System and Reset Password to include that new starter systems for the US will be provisioned with US GAAP as the ledger group.
  4. Relocated the Execute Transport Sprints from deliverable Production System Initial Access to deliverable Solution Configuration.
  5. Replaced the Test Strategy Template S4HANA Cloud accelerator in task Create Test Strategy with a simplified version for cloud.
  6. Added a new task Make Yourself Familiar with Open Connectors on SAP Cloud Platform to deliverable Prepare Integration Setup.
  7. Added a new integration accelerator, Business Definition Templates and Examples, to task Document Integration Requirements.
  8. Added a new task Determine Details for Customer-Driven Integrations using Open Connectors to deliverable Integration Planning and Design.
  9. Added a new accelerator SAP S4HANA Cloud Tutorials – Release Change Report to tasks Review Getting Started Tutorials in the Web Assistant and Execute Standard Business Processes.
  10. Added new accelerator Event-Based Revenue Recognition Cookbook to tasks Finance – Conduct Workshop and Configure Finance.

June 7 Release Notes

  1. Changed the durations for service center services for adding a new country and activating scope from calendar days to business day. Prepare for Quarterly Upgrade, Review and Request New Scope Activation, Extend Solution to Include a New Country/Region
  2. Increased the guidance in task Configure Tax Solution related to both US External Tax and Brazil/Canada external tax. Added a link to the SAP Certified Solutions Directory.
  3. Updated the references to app Import Collections from Import Software Collections to be consistent with the change released in 1905. Execute Transport Sprints

May 24 Release Notes

  1. Updated the table in Set Business Driven Configuration Questionnaires Scope to the lasted Scope Item Groups.
  2. Expanded the guidance related to the Business Driven Configuration in the How to approach Fit-to-Standard Analysis
  3. Added testing accelerators User Manual BPD Process Dependencies and Automated Test Scripts Index to task Complete Self-Enablement for the Test Automation Tool for SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
  4. Added a new testing accelerator What’s New in Testing to task Prepare for Quarterly Upgrade.
  5. Added to the description of task Adapt Chart of Accounts that G/L account renumbering is only possible in the quality system before the first posting has been made in the production system.
  6. Added the service center processing time guidance to task Review and Request New Scope Activation.

1905 Release Notes

  1. Updated task Execute Transport Sprints with the new customer driven process to import emergency transports into P without involving the Service Center. Transports can be imported via the Import Software Collection app in Production. Automatic processing continues as before.
  2. Several updates, related to the use of non-standard fiscal year variants, to highlight that the FYV must be defined during the Fit-to-standard and submitted with the Q-System Activation Request Questionnaire. Once set, the FYV assignment cannot be changed. Finance – Conduct Workshop, Define Preset Parameters and Trigger System Activation
  3. Combined Run deliverables Quarterly Release Cycle and Post Upgrade Test into Quarterly Release Cycle to provide one complete upgrade procedure. Revised several tasks to improve the guidance. Added a copy of the Quarterly Release Cycle to Realize to increase visibility during the project.
  4. Restructured the table in the Prepare for Quarterly Upgrade task into hard cutoff dates and recommended cutoff dates. Recommended dates are advised but will not stop the upgrade process.
  5. Renamed Document Organizational Structure and Chart of Accounts to Document Preset Parameters. Added a new accelerator, Fiscal Year Variant Overview.
  6. Added several tasks and accelerators for Organizational Change Management to provide guidance to the stream Application: Solution Adaption.
  7. Various updates related to references to the Implementation Portal. The Implementation Portal view ‘Notes’ has changed name to ‘Requirements and Notes’. See tasks in deliverable Fit-to-Standard Analysis
  8. Updated the titles of the folders in the Download Project accelerator to better capture the content. Project Management
  9. Removed references to scope item BEV in the Finance – Conduct Workshop Fit-to-Standard analysis presentation. BEV will be depreciated. Consider using 1NT instead.
  10. Usability improvements to the Q-system Activation Request Questionnaire in task Define Preset Parameters and Trigger System Activation. Information that is no longer required has been removed. See the change notes inside the Q-system Activation Request Questionnaire for more details.
  11. Added a list of non-changeable configuration items to the onboarding presentation. This includes the items configured in the preset phase. See the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Onboarding Presentation in task Overview Documentation.
  12. Renamed task Adapt Catalog Roles to Revise Business Roles and Business Catalogs (Four occurrences). Updated the description and added the apps list. Removed the procedure note since it is included in the description and accelerators. Renamed accelerator Adaptation to Revised Business Catalogs to Revise and Adapt Business Roles and Business Catalogs.
  13. Added new Fit-to-Standard Analysis task Service – Conduct Workshop to cover the Service scope. A Service – Conduct Overview Workshop presentation was added as an accelerator.
  14. Added a new task in Run/Continuous Learning to Participate in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Community.
  15. Removed the accelerator Implementation Guide for Group Reporting.
  16. Added a link to the SAP Enterprise Support Academy Landing Page to task Access the SAP Learning Hub.
  17. Improved the guidance in task Adapt Chart of Accounts. Re-sequenced the task to execute it immediately after the preset phase is complete.
  18. Added instructions on how to access the Test Automation Tool S/4HANA Cloud SAP Jam group to testing task Test Preparation. Added a link to the Jam group to the accelerators.
  19. Updated the Review Scope Items Using the Scope Cards Game task procedure and refreshed the accelerators.

April 5 Release Notes

  1. Updates in the estimated processing time for both Activating a new scope and Adding a new country/region in task Prepare for Quarterly Upgrade and other related tasks. Processing time for planning is 3 – 5 days. There are ongoing efforts to reduce this time.
  2. Added clarification to task Define Preset Parameters and Trigger System Activation that Org Structure and Group Currency must be correct before triggering the activation. These values cannot be changed after activation.
  3. Added a link to the Fiori App Library to tasks Document Business User Roles and Create Authorization Roles and a procedure note relating to the use.
  4. Added help links to the Populate Data into the Migration Template for additional help content.
  5. Minor text and accelerator usability updates.

March 22 Release Notes

  1. Updated the Review Scope Items Using the Scope Cards Game task procedure and refreshed the accelerators. Replaced the Scope Card Game – Scope Reference Guide accelerator with a new accelerator Scope Card Game – User Manual.
  2. Added to an existing Procedure Note in task Review and Request New Scope Activation that only one service request should be open at a time.
  3. Removed duplicate help link from Chart of Accounts – Conduct Workshop.
  4. Added link to the Learning hub course material on user and role management to task Receive Starter System and Reset Password.

March 8 Release Notes

  1. Updated the Add Tax Codes section of the Configure Tax Solution Replaced the Expert Configuration and SSCUI Reference accelerator with a tax code specific accelerator Expert Configuration for Tax Codes.
  2. Added a link to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud End-to-End Deployment Experience with SAP Activate influence site to the task Participate in the SAP Customer Influence Council.
  3. Added a link to the Blog to testing task Complete Self-Enablement for the Test Automation Tool for SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  4. Added links to help documentation Release Comparison of Migration Object Templates and Data Migration Template Samples to task Populate Data into the Migration Template.
  5. Corrected the help link for General Ledger Accounting – Adapting the Standard Chart of Accounts to Your Needs in Prepare for Fit-to-Standard Workshops and other tasks.
  6. Added text to highlight that the macro enabled provisioning templates (.xlsm) must be in a .zip file prior to attaching to the service request. Define Preset Parameters and Trigger System Activation
  7. Minor text corrections and readability improvements.

February 22 Release Notes

  1. Updated the Fit-to-Standard presentation How to approach Fit-to-Standard Analysis – Cloud.pptx to show that Fit-to-Standard occurs in iterations.
  2. Revised the service center last dates for requests prior to upgrades and added day of the week for usability. Prepare for Quarterly Upgrade
  3. Moved Adapt Catalog Roles to before Regression Testing in the Quarterly Release Cycle. The business roles should be adapted first.
  4. Minor text corrections and improvements.

February 4 Update – 1902 Release

  1. Added a new task for Adapting the Chart of Accounts by the customer. The service center will no longer remap the CoA numbers for the customer. The Chart of Account Numbering and Chg Template will be replaced with 3 accelerators previously available via Best Practices and two new accelerators to provide reference when changing the Chart of Account numbering. The house bank is no longer configured in the Preset phase. Replaced S4H_583 Account Determination (Global) with the link to the Best Practices and navigation guidance.
  2. Updated guidance on Prepare For Quarterly Upgrade and Move Adaptations and Change Project that for customers not live in P, BCP are recommended to be released/moved but not required. ATO objects in the import queue are only recommended to be cleared, configuration can restart after regression testing has successfully been completed. Added summary of the Service center cutoff dates related to the upgrade.
  3. Added links to the individual Forums in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Community to the configuration tasks within in deliverable Solution Configuration and the workshops within Fit-to-Standard Analysis.
  4. Added a new accelerator Test Script Release Change Information to task Prepare for Quarterly Upgrade and Regression Testing which will help to identify scripts that have changed with the new release.
  5. Updated Cutover Strategy and Kickoff accelerator in task Create Cutover Plan and Documentation.
  6. Completed the conversion of tasks to the new procedure format/standard. Changed the sub-section ‘Note(s)’ header to ‘Procedure Note(s)’ to avoid confusion with other ‘notes’.
  7. Revised the tasks within deliverable Solution Configuration to include references to both the backlog and Notes view within the Implementation Portal (new customers).
  8. Updated the guidance in the Solution Adaption stream.
  9. Added the Fit-to-Standard deliverable to the workstreams Analytics, Integration, custom code extensions, integration to highlight that the requirements are gathered during the Fit-to-Standard workshop.
  10. Added a link to the help documentation on Flexible Workflow for the Approval of Purchasing Documents to task Configure Sourcing and Procurement.
  11. Various updates to the Onboarding Presentation in task Review Overview Documentation.
  12. Added guidance to the Fit-to-Standard workshop to capture delta requirements. Fit-to-Standard Analysis
  13. Added the link to Create CDS views in SAP S/4HANA Cloud blog to Detail Design of Side-by Side Extensibility task.
  14. Added a new deliverable Required Configuration Before System Use to highlight the required configuration in Q before transactions can take place.
  15. Added link to the Implementation Portal Overview page to Review Overview Documentation task. Added Implementation Portal References to the Onboarding presentation.
  16. Corrected the link and text related to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Trial in the Learn on a SAP S/4HANA Cloud Trial System task.
  17. Removed integration deliverables Prerequisites for SAP S/4HANA Integration with non SAP S/4HANA Cloud Systems and Configuration Prerequisites for SAP S/4HANA Integration with non-SAP S/4HANA Cloud Systems in the Productive Landscape.

January 4 Release Notes

  1. Removed the task Determine and Create Sample Data. Updated the Execute Business Process Unit Test task to include the guidance from the removed task.
  2. Changed the heading ‘Note(s)’ to ‘Procedure Note(s)’ in tasks to avoid confusion with other uses of the term ‘Notes’.
  3. Various text updates in the Application: Design and Configuration stream to match the new format standard.
  4. Changed references to ‘Countries’ to ‘Countries/Regions’ to match new SAP standards for referring to countries.
  5. Removed the task Test Execution/ Test Plan Creation and Execution as it is redundant to other tasks in deliverable Test Execution.
  6. Renamed Q-System Request Questionnaire to Q-System Activation Request Questionnaire. The questionnaire is not required to request the system; only to activate the system. Removed the service center templates from the Request Quality System task.

December 14 Release Notes

  1. Included guidance to Chart of Accounts – Conduct Workshop specific for the APJ region. This introduces a new chart of accounts renumbering process which puts the renumbering of accounts in the customer’s control. Added a new task Adapt Chart of Accounts to Quality System Initial Access deliverable.
  2. Added new task Review Scope Items Using the Scope Cards Game under the Continuous Improvement deliverable to provide an alternative approach to planning future scope.
  3. Revised the text in task Configure Tax Solution to improve readability. Added external tax partner Avalara to the list of approved partners.
  4. Added a new Asset Management Business Driven Configuration Questionnaire to task Set Business Driven Configuration Questionnaires Scope.  
  5. Added the blog User Management Overview to task Create Users in the Starter System.
  6. Removed the accelerator New Function Migration for Group Reporting.pdf. The accelerator is obsolete with 1811. The content will be included in the 1902 test plan for the group reporting 1SG.
  7. Updated several Solution Configuration tasks to include procedure guidance.
  8. Added procedure notes to tasks Finance – Conduct Workshop and Define Preset Parameters and Trigger System Activation highlighting the guide Fiscal Year Variant Implementation Guide.pdf

November 30 Release Notes

  1. Upgraded the Roadmap Viewer tool to include a collapsible deliverable/task structure simplifying the navigation. Added links to each phase to allow quick navigation to the filtered content pages. Roadmap
  2. Added a direct link to the SAP PowerDesigner webpage from task Document and Maintain Business Process Flows. This tool can be used to update the process flows.
  3. Updated task Configure Tax Solution to include the external tax solution Avalara.
  4. Added a blog SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud : Hints and Tips for Configuration and SSCUIs to the Configure tasks within Solution Configuration.
  5. Updated the Participate in the SAP Influence Council task to provide better guidance.
  6. Added accelerator Replacing Financial Statement Items in Consolidation Chart of Accounts.docx to task Configure Finance.


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    • Hi Jha, we currently only have 1 release–Enterprise Edition. I am not familiar with the specific needs of Utilities to comment on the functionality.

  • Dear Daniel,


    I welcome strengthening of OCM tool-set! But what do you mean with “Set-Up OCM stream? This doesn’t mean a new work-stream?


    I would say that “OCM” would be more intuitive name than “Solution Adoption”.


    Besides I use it as a interface to well know OCM method – in my case I map Kotter’s model as very intuitive onto SAP Activate.


    Regards, Waldemar

    • Hi Waldemar, thank you for your feedback. The solution adaption stream is bigger than just OCM especially in the cloud world. We plan to add more content around expanding the use of the solution but it has not been a priority. Also, the streams are used in all roadmap and therefore kept consistent over time. I will keep your feedback in mind for future revisions.

      Thanks, Dan