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SAP Hybris Marketing allows to design and send highly personalized, dynamic and device independent e-mails. You can:

  • Manage responsive e-mail templates to enforce layout and corporate identity.
  • Design, test and upload HTML templates from external editors
  • Restrict layout editing by E-Mail authors
  • E-Mail Editor with text formatting, tables pictures, links etc.
  • Simplified and flexible search and linking of pictures in Digital Asset Management (DAM), Web Content Management (WCMS) or Product Catalog Management (PCM) like Hybris Commerce or OpenText (only in private cloud or onpremise)
  • Tracking of events like open mail, click link etc. directly in Hybris Marketing

The responsiveness of a mail template is controlled by an inline CSS which provides styles which determine how text, pictures and tables behave on the various mail clients and form factors.

Here you can download the source code of responsive HTML mail templates. You can use it as a starting point for building your own mail templates or just to test the responsive mailing capabilities of SAP Hybris Marketing and S/4HANA Marketing Cloud.

  • Fashion template
  • Sports and enteratinment template
  • Retail template
  • Financial Service template
  • Consumer Products template
  • Chemical / Pharma template


The pictures for mail template can be found below.


1 . Fashion Template

2. Sports Template


3. Retail Template


4. Financial Service Template



5. Consumer Products




6. Chemical / Pharma




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  1. Krishnendu Laha

    Hello Jan,

    Thanks for sharing, it is working indeed 🙂

    When I have tried to access “Mdocs” link, it is giving an error message, “the file was not shared or removed”, could you please look into this?

    For testing, I have copy and paste into a text file.


        1. Joyca Vervinckt

          it expired again 🙁

          I know they are on but there you need to copy the html and save it instead of just downloading an html file…

    1. Silvia Backes

      Hi Dan,
      When you use file upload to create a new email, and don’t include a tag in the souce code, or create a new email in the UI the content is editable by default. A block can be defined as not editable for user with restricted authorization setting the “Editable” flag in the UI, e.g.:

      or using data-sap-hpa-ceimo-block-editable=”false” in the html code in the file. E.g.:

      <div class=”sapMktBlock messageBlockSmallHide” data-sap-hpa-ceimo-block-editable=”false“>

      <table border=”0″ cellpadding=”10″ cellspacing=”0″ width=”100%”>


      <td align=”center” class=”bodyCell”>





      Best regards,

  2. Christoph Brauckmann

    Hey Jan,

    thank you for sharing the templates!

    I am just wondering if the templates will be updated with new SAP Marketing Cloud releases?
    For me it seems like the templates didn´t contain the “new” block-code.


    Best regards,


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