CR for VS downloads update

Due to the nature of Blogs and WIKI’s I’ve moved the download links to our WIKI page rather than use this blog.

To get there click here: Download WIKI

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  1. kiquenet kiquenet

    More info is required, IMHO.

    Suggestions: Links (all) fore each Redist Installation (32 bits and 64bits) for each Visual Studio version and NET Framework version.

  2. Vipul Bais


    I am getting error “Failed to find an available Report Application Server.
    Failed to find an available Report Application Server

    When I am trying to use OpenDocument method .


    CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.ClientDoc.ISReportAppFactory.OpenDocument(Object DocID, Int32 Options)

    I am using Crystal report Viewer and I want to bind it with report document. I am able to login to Enterprise session and also able to get the report and folder id through infoStoreService


    ISCDReportClientDocument reportDocument = new ReportClientDocumentClass();

    // Logon to an Enterprise session.

    enterpriseSession = sessionMgr.Logon(RASUser, RASUserCredentials, RASServer, ENTERPRISE_SESSION_AUTHENTICATION);

    infoStoreService = enterpriseSession.GetService(ENTERPRISE_INFOSTORE_SERVICE);


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