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As you work in the SAP Community platform, you may be a little confused about the author levels in the new system. The new author level system is designed to help grow the quality of our Community content. Here’s a simple breakdown of how the new blogger levels work.

1.) Subscriber: This step allows new users to get acclimated to the Community and learn how to create valuable content. New member accounts start automatically at this level. Subscribers can comment on posts, but cannot create new blog posts. A Subscriber must complete 1 of 2 tasks to become a Contributor:
(a) Follow this blog post AND follow a tag of your choosing;
(b) Follow this blog post AND follow another member of the Community.

These tasks are designed to help you learn your way around the Community and some of the engagement features you’ll be utilizing to connect with content and other users.

2.) Contributor: The Contributor level allows the user to try out their hand at content creation. Contributors can create their own blog posts, but they must work with a moderator to publish their content.

3.) Author: When the Contributor successfully publishes two blog posts, they automatically become an Author, capable of publishing their own content independently.

So what happens to existing users when we migrate to the new Community?

If you have two or more published blog posts in SCN (not counting personal blogs or coffee corner posts), you will become an Author in the new Community. With less than two posts, you will join the new Community as a Contributor.

Want to know more about how to successfully create content in the SAP Community?

Check out the Rules of Engagement to learn more about best practices and rules guiding our moderators in approving content.


Completed the steps above but still not able to start blogging?  Try logging out of the Community altogether, closing and reopening your browser, and logging back in.  Still can’t figure it out?  Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Mohan Varghese

    Hi Jamie

    I want to blog few article here and just wondering how to reach that level

    In the past I have published few article in HR Experts

    Any advice is helpful




        1. Jamie Cantrell Post author

          Hi Paul,

          Can you walk me through what steps you took? I don’t see that you are following anyone. Are you following a tag and this post?



    1. Jamie Cantrell Post author

      Hi Victoria,

      In your profile, I don’t see that you are following other members. Please try that first. Once you’ve done that, please try the troubleshooting steps in the blog post above.



  2. Yuran Chen


    I’ve followed this blog post, followed tags, followed several members of the Community but still unable to write a blog. Could you please kindly help me to become Contributor?

    Thank you!

    Best Regards


    1. Jamie Cantrell Post author

      Hi Yuran,

      Have you tried the troubleshooting steps above? “Try logging out of the Community altogether, closing and reopening your browser, and logging back in.”

      Let me know whether or not this helps.



  3. Philipp Staeuble

    Hello Jamie, I’ve already received this notification: 


    but still, every time I try to publish my own post:


    Can you please help me with this? Thanks.

    1. Jamie Cantrell Post author

      Hi Kelvin,

      Most people find that when they follow the steps in the blog post above they are able to achieve their blogger level just fine. Typically, if there is an issue, it’s because a step was missed or because there is a caching delay, which can be overcome with the troubleshooting steps mentioned. I’m happy to help if you have a specific issue.



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