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How To reset SAP HANA Cloud Connector(SCC)’s built-in user(e.g. Administrator) password

On accessing to SAP HANA Cloud Connector(SCC) login page, you are unable to login successfullly via the URL with the correct Administrator(or other built-in) user’s login credential. And system is returning with warning message of “User authentication failed”.

This blog is to introduce the steps of how to reset password for built-in user like Administrator’s password to default (manage), for which user can change it later accordingly.


  1. Stop the Cloud Connector(SCC) (e.g. from the Windows Service Console or using the desktop shortcut).
  2. Open the …\config\tomcat-server.xml and search for the element <Realm>. If it consist of a single line with digest=”SHA1″, you need a SHA1 hash, if it has multiple lines and one of these has digest=”SHA-256″, you need a SHA-256 hash.
  3. Next open the …\config\users.xml in a text editor(default location of SCC on windows is C:\SAP\scc20) and look for the line with username=”Administrator”.
    If the SCC is using SHA1, set the password field like this: password=”3F282FCBA8933E03A65A6DC92A27DE8396961E2F”
    If the SCC is using SHA-256, set the password field like this: password=”181229424893BB65D94A74C2132B8B9E5ADFE851464FDB5CB9F49E8A8204BE7B”
    Note:This is the hash-value for the standard default “manage” password.
  4. Save the users.xml and start the SCC again.
  5. You can now again login with password “manage” and then change the password to your preferred one as you wish.
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