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I’d like to try to tempt you to take part in a New-Yorker-style cartoon caption contest.

I’m an amateur cartoonist, on themes like analytics, innovation, social media, and marketing (they’ve been featured in places a diverse as university MBA programs and the internal blog of the world bank…)

It’s been a year and a half since I first proposed a cartoon caption contest that resulted a wonderful outpouring of SAP Community creativity and humor.

I recently found myself with a drawing but no caption (I think I just forgot what it was supposed to be about!) — so I’m going to turn over to you for your ideas!

I’m afraid there are no prizes (legally, it’s hopelessly complicated), but you will win the undying admiration of the community, and (if you’re game) we’ll feature the winning entry here in the SAP community and elsewhere.

Here’s the incomplete cartoon:

So now it’s your turn – what’s going on here?!


  • Ideally the caption would be connected to technology & business trends — but hey, if you have something else funny, go for it!
  • Multiple entries are fine — but remember the goal is quality rather than quantity
  • Please be nice — sarcasm is fine, but defamation and insults wouldn’t be cool
  • Don’t hesitate to (respectfully) add your own spin to somebody else’s entry — the name of the game is collaboration!

And if you think this is a fun idea, please share!


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  1. Timo Elliott
    Post author

    FYI, Eric Vallo is currently in the lead for the “”the NSFW honorable mention” award, for his absolutely hilarious — but sadly completely unprintable — suggestion. If you have anything along the same lines, you can DM me on Twitter @timoelliott, or email me at

  2. Eric Vallo

    “I like hugs. I’m a hugger. Are you a hugger? Bring it in. I hope you don’t mind my hugs. Lunch? Is this weird? How are the wife and kids? Should I let go now?” <- That guy


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