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SAP AS ABAP 750 SP01 Developer Edition on SAP Cloud Appliance Library

The following guide provides general information you need to use the solution SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and SAP BW 7.50 SP02 on Sybase ASE 16.0:

SAP AS ABAP 750 SP02  on ASE – CAL

If you have any comments or feedback, please provide it here in this blog.

For general information on all our available trial and developer editions, along with links to FAQs on billing etc, please see this blog:

SAP AS ABAP and SAP BW on SAP HANA: FREE Developer/Trial Editions


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  • Hi Julie,

    is it expensive to use the cloud appliance? how much do you pay for your cloud usage of this instance? would you install this instance on your own laptop using SLES for SAP?




  • Hello Julie,

    I hope Im right here with a question for SAP BW 7.5 SP02 with ASE Developer Edition on SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

    We have an issue in using the DEVELOER User. The System is asking us for a developer key.

    Unfotunatly the predifined developer key from table DEVACCESS is not working.

    Did we forget something?


    PS: the system is showing us SID NPL and not SID A4H.


    Best regards,


    • Hi Alexander,

      A handful of users have reported this problem - including me.

      In my case, I solved it as follows:

      1. Log on to system via SAP GUI , (not Eclipse).
      2. Goto SE38 and create a new program.
      3. There, enter the dev access key 35408798513176413512 .

      Does this help?
      If not, please let me know asap. You can use the new notify : Julie Plummer  .

      Best wishes Julie.

  • Hi,

    I cannot deploy any CAL instances to Azure.

    I have an Azure and AWS account both registered with CAL. I was able to deploy instances to both in the past, and still have a working 7.50 instance on Azure that I can control from CAL.

    My Azure account shows as active and I can configure it, but when I want to create any instance that says Azure is supported, I still only see AWS in the account drop down. Is this an issue with CAL, or Azure, or my accounts, because it worked in the past?

    Ps, not sure if this is the right channel to ask, but as there is no real primary tag in the Answers platform, here I am.