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Access SAP Activate Methodology Roadmaps in SAP Roadmap Viewer

Note: This blog post has been updated on July 17th 2017 with new screen shots of the SAP Roadmap Viewer application and updated links to the references implementation roadmaps and materials.

Many SAP Activate users are familiar with the SAP Activate Jam space (request access here) where you can access summarized version of the SAP Activate methodology, key assets and collaborate with the team that designs the methodology content and with other SAP Activate users. While this space provides good information to get started with SAP Activate, it is not detailed enough for planning and executing your SAP project.

Project teams that are planning or implementing their SAP solutions should use the SAP Roadmap Viewer, that offers detailed methodology roadmaps and project accelerators (like templates, examples, white papers and how-to guides). The Roadmap Viewer is a cloud environment that gives you access to general and solution specific methodologies (for example roadmaps for Transition to SAP S/4HANA or implementation of SAP S/4HANA Cloud).

You can access SAP Activate implementation methodology roadmaps as a hierarchy either by lifecycle phases hierarchy or by the methodology workstreams. The Transition to SAP S/4HANA and Transition to BW/4HANA methodology roadmaps offer additional navigation option by Services. This view helps users understand which activities are covered within each of the SAP Value Assurance Services (to learn more about SAP Value Assurance.

Below the top navigation choice (Phase, Workstream or Service), users navigate the methodology roadmap levels of Deliverables (outcome of the work performed by the project team) and associated Tasks (description of the work that needs to be done by the project team). Methodology roadmap provides access to project accelerators like templates, guides, how-to documents, help files and SAP support notes. The accelerator links are available in the lower part of each page and in a dedicated view showing all accelerators assigned to the roadmap (even in this view you can decide if you want to see accelerators grouped by Phases or Workstreams).

If you need help understanding the navigation options and the structure of the methodology content in SAP Roadmap Viewer, use this guide. It will give you details about the methodology hierarchy, key terms and navigation options in the SAP Roadmap Viewer.

As always, share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below this blog post or directly in the SAP Activate Jam space (register for access here or direct access link).
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  • Hi Jan, Nice work with the roadmap viewer,  for the S/4HANA we found pleasure with the project plan ready to go within Microsoft Project. But would also like to make the alternative plan doing migration to the HANA database resulting in Business Suite powered by Hana, but when trying to download the project plan I get the error Project Plan not available. When will you provide the project plan for those that for the time being starts by migrate to Business Suite powered by HANA ?

    Best regards



  • Dear people


    What we require to know is what available documents are offered in the active methodology for implementation of S/4 HANA in the cloud, meaning, project charter templates, kick off presentations, project tracking, delta deliverable document and process gaps , comprehensive test documentation, cutover plan or others that can help us activate.

    kind regards


  • You are welcome to explore the content in Roadmap Viewer application. The list of available accelerators can be viewed when you access the solution specific roadmap for your S/4HANA Cloud solution and view the Accelerators link. Remember to logon using your SAP ID so you can be authenticated and system can show you all the documents available for your access level.

  • Benny,

    the project plan covers all three scenarios. The Phase + Deliverable level is the same for all scenarios, but the task level is scenario specific. For example the setup of Sandbox environment is done differently for System Conversion vs. New Installation. You will find both tasks in the Sandbox deliverable, only one will be used by your team depending on the scenario.


    Hope this helps.


    ThanksJan. really very nice blog for starters in SAP S/4 HANA Like me. Simply Awesome.

    Keep on posting blog like this.. it would be more useful to all.