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Partnering is not a choice for SAP. The choice has been made.” – Bill McDermott, CEO, SAP. This quote demonstrates SAP’s commitment towards partners, demonstrates how we value our partners and ecosystem, and how our partners are an essential part of developing, co-innovating, (re)selling, implementing and hosting solutions. Whether you are a start-up or an established partner, we at SAP Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services (PLS) continuously introduce new initiatives and services to help and support your needs to accelerate adoption of our new innovations (like SAP Cloud Platform or SAP S/4HANA). SAP PLS offers value added services for the right partners at the right time to meet their innovation needs and realize their innovation. 

“Co-Innovated with SAP” service in a nutshell 

Any partner or start-up who want to adopt SAP Cloud Platform and SAP technologies, have three basic question on:

Product Viability – partner’s dilemma is does SAP already deliver similar or competing products, what is the recommended architecture, etc.

Business Viability – partner’s concern is how do I get visibility to my products and how can I accelerate my GTM?

Technology feasibility – is it technical possible for partner to develop and deliver their use case using SAP technologies, what are recommended quality guidelines, how can they ramp-up engineering teams etc.

With “Co-Innovated with SAP” service, SAP PLS address partner’s adoption concerns and provide feedback after consulting SAP experts. SAP PLS will provide a high touch engagement, in a structured end to end framework for partners, with services designed to accelerate various phases of development lifecycle from targeted enablement to technical coaching, guidance and assessment on various SAP Product Standards, and certification of partner’s innovative solutions, while accelerating adoption of SAP platforms and technologies. SAP Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services will be your trusted advisor from inception through realization and will collaborate with SAP experts to help accelerate your innovation lifecycle. All these services are delivered by following SAP PLS teams who have knowhow and expertise to enable partners:

SAP Partner Engineering Services (PES): Offers engineering support and technical enablement, development consulting and partner liaison to SAP expert network.

SAP Integration and Certification Center (ICC): Offers open program for certification of partner solutions developed using SAP technologies or SAP Cloud Platform and partner solution integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite.

Partner Qualification: Offers services to strategic partners (only by invite), assess partner products to ensure they are complying across SAP Product Standards (like performance, security, accessibility etc.).

Let me list services that come with “Co-Innovated with SAP”

Use case review – we understand partners want to develop unique and distinct solutions, for this we make it easy for partners by doing few checks. More importantly we discuss every partner use case with SAP experts, get inputs on possible extensions and refinement of use cases, and finally provide a Go or No Go decision.

Architecture review we want to make sure partner do develop and deliver their innovations the right way without going back to drawing board and redoing things. We offer technical guidance, share best practices and get input and feedback from SAP experts on planned architecture and provide you reference architecture and proposals, if any required. We also help you plan your infrastructure needs.

Enablement and coaching – we tailor your enablement needs, deliver structured and focused enablement sessions and workshops, and bring in SAP domain experts for Q&A sessions to ramp-up your engineering teams. This is delivered by SAP PES team

Build support – during your development, we will be offering you support as and when you need, provide you spot consulting, align your product with latest SAP releases, and share integration best practices. This is also delivered by SAP PES team.

Assessment against SAP Product Standards and SAP Certification – it is very important for partner products to comply to various SAP Product Standards (e.g. performance, accessibility, security etc.). Partner Qualification team will share extensive knowledge on various SAP Product Standards and assess partner products against these product standards, any violations will be documented and presented to partner to fix them. Also, functional verification against agreed functional scope will be performed. Once assessment is completed, product certification will be performed by SAP ICC against a predefined scenario. All the assessment results and certification results are documented in final test report and delivered to partner.

Logos – this is the most compelling and important benefit of this service. Upon successful completion, partners will be awarded to two logos (“Co-Innovated with SAP” and “SAP Certified” logos). These logos can be used by partner for marketing and GTM activities.

For example, if a partner develops and delivers application on SAP Cloud Platform, they will be awarded the following logos


Partner product listing and press release review – upon completion, partner product will be listed on Partner Directory along with product details. If partner desires to list Co-Innovated product on SAP App Center and SAP Store, guidance will be provided to partner. Partners can share a draft of press release with us to announce their success, we will review it, and provide feedback/comments based on SAP One Voice and SAP branding.

All the above services are baked into one Co-Innovated with SAP service, effectively partner signs one contract for all these services. As mentioned above, Co-Innovated service address partner’s many of the concerns, enables partner to confidently adopt SAP technologies and SAP Cloud Platform so that partner can focus and accelerate development.

A very important benefit of this service is all along the innovation journey, a Project Manager is assigned from SAP PLS who will be your single point of contact for the entire engagement and he or she will plan the execution of the project, make sure all these services are delivered on time by respective teams and all milestones are reached as per plan.

To learn more about this service, you can listen to a Co-Innovated webinar recording

If you are interested in Co-Innovated with SAP service or if you have any questions regarding this service, please reach out to us directly at

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