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Video Example of SAPGUI and Fiori side by side to help build the case for Fiori plus more – key for journey to S/4HANA

To help people understand the difference in the user experience between SAPGUI and Fiori, SAP have recorded the same tasks being carried out using SAP GUI in ERP and Fiori in S/4HANA.

In a series of (currently) 10 videos on YouTube, these videos cover a variety of scenarios, for example, Sales Order Fulfilment, Material Replenishment Management and Journal Posting (search for the full list here).

In each videos some statistics are recorded regarding number of clicks, number of fields filled and number of apps/screens used

The screen shots below shows the basic format.

At the end of the video you get a summary like the one below.

This is really only the start of the story for Fiori. As well as saving time on specific transactions you also get the following benefits :-

  • Know What You Need to Do : KPI / Badging of Tiles / Analytical Apps to help users understand what needs attention in the system.
  • Get Insight of Areas that Interest You : Overview pages that give a detailed overview of all the items that require attention for a functional area (or slice of that area). Procurement being the front runner here – but sales also has one in the Cloud Edition (hopefully coming on premise soon).
  • Help to Fix Issues : New apps that help users to “Manage” specific objects and scenarios – good examples here are the Sales Order Fulfilment App or Manage Material Coverage.
  • Make it Personal : The new “Me” areas in Fiori Viewport / Launchpad that allows access to recently used apps.
  • Don’t miss a Thing : The new “Notifications” areas that brings workflow and activities to the user in real-time
  • Find What You Need : Enterprise Search is fully integrated into the Fiori Launchpad so users can find items that need working on quickly.

I have created a shortcut to the list of SAP videos here.

I hope that these videos plus the opportunities to work smarter listed above help you build the business case for Fiori, which in turn will help to make the case to move to S/4HANA.

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      Author's profile photo Veselina Peykova
      Veselina Peykova

      I completely agree - there are clear benefits in many scenarios for the end user to have FIORI apps and not work with complex screens in most standard SAP GUI transactions. However, I would like to point out a few things for the comparison videos on Inventory management and Sales Order Fulfillment.
      1. It is not correct to count the number of clicks for adjusting layouts. This only proves that somebody did a poor job when collecting requirements. In normal operation, the users have a number of layouts, from which they choose - depending on the scenario.

      2. MIGO involves more clicks compared to MB* transactions, which is why some old-school warehouse clerks, that I have met, did not like using MIGO (they would be stuck with it in S/4).
      I guess, some of the disadvantages of MIGO could be addressed by Screen Personas.

      In reality, warehouse clerks learn by heart the movement types, which they need to use, in 1-2 months at most, almost nobody presses F4, except in some very exotic scenarios.

      3. I believe, the comparison for order fulfillment issues needs to be done against VA06.
      To be completely accurate, in many companies it is a rare case that a single person deals with different kinds of issues - this is why VA06 is not heavily used, despite that it is a really nice and useful transaction (some create z-ones based on it, though, and enhance it with additional options).

      4. I think, only in really small operations the same person, who deals with delivery creation related issues, could be allowed to handle invoicing issues and remove the billing block from an order. Normally, this is done by billing clerks.

      5. For express deliveries you can setup the delivery to be created at order save - no need to create a delivery manually. In fact, even for non-express deliveries, VL01N is an extremely rare exception - people schedule delivery creation at predefined intervals, check the logs, resolve the issues and re-run delivery creation in mass. You grant VL01N to power users mainly for troubleshooting purposes.

      Besides all that, S/4HANA provides great performance improvements, and I strongly believe, that FIORI is a step in the right direction to achieve better user experience. With a more realistic scenario and a fair comparison between functionalities, S/4HANA+FIORI can still win the race against standard ERP+SAP GUI.
      The main challenge is that the real comparison, which customers need to make, is between SAP ERP+custom GUI transactions+FIORI+Personas against S/4HANA+FIORI+adapted custom transactions+Personas.