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Author's profile photo Fabian Lehmann

Using SAP HCP, integration service to blink the lights on your Photon IoT device

In this little scenaro i would show you how u can use SAP HCP, integration service to switch the LED on the Particle Photon on or off.

The Hardware:

The IoT device (microcontroller) i will use is the really nice Particle Photon.

The Photon which i´ve bought conming in a nice little box, whith some additional stuff which can help u to get started with IoT:

– 1xUSB power cable
– 1 xLED
– 2x 220 Ohm Resistors
– 1x Photoresistor

Additional Particle provide an Mobile app to manage and control your IoT device.
Futhermore which i´ve used is the API ( which can also be used to post or get data from our Photon.

The Software:

To write some pieces of code for that particle provide a online and offline IDE
For my scenario i´ve used the online Web based IDE (

The used simple source code can be found here

SAP HCP, integration service configuration

1. Enter SAP HCP, integration service
2. Create an new Iflow into your favorite package:

1. Define the following example Iflow:

2. The configuratioen of the Content Modifier ist the following:

The Message Header contains the OAuth credentials and the content type:

The body is used to switch the led on (for off change the vaule):

3. Define you API Endpoint of your Photon device:

4. Deploy you Iflow:

5. Check the Monitoring

6. Ceck your Device:

….and the LED ist now turned on ;o)


Hopefully u can see how easily we can handle IoT Devices with SAP HCP, integration service.

Ok this example is a really basic approach, but i think u can see how u can handle such things in an really easy way.

Futhermore the feasibility of the API which are proviced from Particle is really helpful to get or post data via an plug&play aproach with am minumum effort of coding to play around with IoT.

In on of my next blogs i will enhance / create a new sceario with more comlexity, so we can see more about SAP HCP, integration service in the context of IoT !!!



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      Author's profile photo Simone Milesi
      Simone Milesi

      Hi Fabian,
      During the SitBern event we played (thanks a wonderful Craig ) with HCP and Tessel's Sensors.
      I think it would be great, imho, if you can transform your blog in something more similar to a tutorial like Craig's ones.
      This would be a wonderful add 🙂

      Thanks for sharing it anyway!

      Author's profile photo Moya Watson
      Moya Watson

      So cool! Thanks for taking the time to write this up!  I love it when unboxing of new gadgets leads immediately to IoT Services!

      Author's profile photo Moya Watson
      Moya Watson

      Whoops and even to integration service and not IoT Services -- nice twist.  I'd love to see a write-up somewhere of IoT Services vs integration service -- somebody smart should write that up 🙂