You want to respond to a question — but you aren’t sure whether to leave a “comment” or “submit your answer.” You aren’t even sure why you have to choose.

This Tip in a Minute video is meant to help clear up some of the confusion with the new Questions & Answers solution.

You can find more Q&A tips and instructions on our Questions & Answers resource page.

Please note: As acknowledged in the video, we have received feedback from the community requesting that we move away from the “answers” and “comments” options — and back to a single “reply” choice. We are discussing this recommendation. For now, however, we need to help people use the current solution. That’s the purpose of this video.

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  1. Armin Schmitt


    but then why not rename “answer” with “provide solution”.

    (I mean, if answering is meant for providing solutions, why not name the button “provide solution”)

    anyhow, I see your point, and your explanation helps.

    thanks 🙂


    1. Jerry Janda Post author

      Since it’s a “questions and answers” forum, I think “answer” would be more intuitive than “provide solution.”

      I should add that this video was based on a previous version of the Q&A interface. I think the info is still helpful, but they have redesigned the question page so that submitting answers and comments are differentiated a bit more clearly.


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