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Tip in a Minute: Comments vs. Answers

Please note that this video is based on an older interface for Q&A. The interface changed to what is shown in the second bullet on this page.The explanations of the answer and comment options — and when to use them — remain the same.

You want to respond to a question — but you aren’t sure whether to leave a “comment” or “submit your answer.” You aren’t even sure why you have to choose.

This Tip in a Minute video is meant to help clear up some of the confusion with the new Questions & Answers solution.

You can find more Q&A tips and instructions on our Questions & Answers resource page.

Please note: As acknowledged in the video, we have received feedback from the community requesting that we move away from the “answers” and “comments” options — and back to a single “reply” choice. We are discussing this recommendation. For now, however, we need to help people use the current solution. That’s the purpose of this video.

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  • OIC,

    but then why not rename "answer" with "provide solution".

    (I mean, if answering is meant for providing solutions, why not name the button "provide solution")

    anyhow, I see your point, and your explanation helps.

    thanks 🙂


    • Since it's a "questions and answers" forum, I think "answer" would be more intuitive than "provide solution."

      I should add that this video was based on a previous version of the Q&A interface. I think the info is still helpful, but they have redesigned the question page so that submitting answers and comments are differentiated a bit more clearly.

        • Hi, Steffi:

          Sure. Actually, we're looking into doing a whole new series of Tip in a Minute videos.

          I wonder if I should delete this in the meantime...


          • Since it's looking so different from the current layout, maybe the video is more confusing than helping. But it's your decision. 🙂

            I don't remember if there is a blog where the different "reply" options are clearly explained with screenshots. Maybe creating one with that would be good until you guys are ready to release new videos?


          • Ah, yeah. I see your point...

            Seems criminal to rob people of the ability to enjoy my Philly I'll leave the video up. 🙂 (Actually, while the interface changed months ago, the rationale for when and how to use comments and answers is the the video still has some value.)

            I did add some explanation before the video, as well as a link to release highlights showing how the interface changed. I'm hoping that might prevent some confusion while we figure out the best way to provide the proper guidance.



  • Hi Jerry

    I am trying to post answers to several questions  but when i revisit the question, I see that my answer is not submitted. Could you please throw light on solution of this type of issue if one faces the same.




    • These are actually your first answers after the registration, they are going into moderation and have to be approved before they are visible. This is a Spam prevention measure. You actually get notified about this in your screen. The message appears in green shaded bar above the question.

      You have to wait until the moderator of the tag where the question was posted in releases the answers.



        • Hi Jerry

          How can I track status of my blog post which is submitted for review to SCN moderator on 9th Sept 2017. When can I expect that my blog post is accepted or rejected or need some more changes.

          Thanks in advance for all the help.



          • Hi, Sushil:

            May I ask that you post those questions here

            Since this post here is about Q&A, and we're now talking about blogging, we've strayed off-topic. The link above is to a conversation about blogging, so it's best to raise questions there. In fact, if you search the page, you may find the answers you're looking for. If not, you can likely find them by searching the community in general, as this topic has come up before.

            Thanks in advance.

            Best regards,