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SAP S/4HANA for Public Sector – Understanding the Digital Core

What makes SAP S/4HANA so special is the fact that it’s a combination of technologies working together to unlock new opportunities. At the center of it is a mission-critical platform that businesses rely on since decades: Enterprise Resource Planning.

But S/4HANA is not a traditional ERP limited by legacy database technologies, but is the next-generation Digital Core built to fully leverage the power of in-memory. Only S/4HANA provides full insight enabling any business to predict outcomes and execute in real-time.

At the heart of it are simplified business processes cutting across all lines of business. S/4HANA combines both, transactions and analytics into one in-memory platform and offers a choice of deployment options:on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid combination – whaterver fits best.

The business processes and the embedded analytics are presented to users through a modern, personalized user experience: SAP Fiori. It only provides the transactions and insights the user cares about and can be run on any device.

With SAP HANA Cloud Platform the S/4HANA business processes are extended and enriched to connect to the Internet of Things, business networks and other SAP cloud solutions like SAP Ariba, Success Factors or Hybris providing end-to-end process integration and rel-time engagement with constituents, businesses, assets or the workforce.

S/4HANA bridges the gap between transactions and analytics to serve as a nerve center – the Digital Core – of the live digital enterprise.

Watch the video now and
read the blog on ‘Digital Government Management with S/4HANA’.

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  • Excuse my confusion on this new platform.
    Can you tell me in simple words, where is the ABAP programming language in the drawing you have included in this article?
    I mean, in what part of the digital core is ABAP?