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Author's profile photo Prasad Babu Nemalikanti

Mapping simulation/test: HCI vs PI/PO

This blog talks about the mapping simulation (test) in HANA Cloud integration vs on premise PI/PO and shows step by step simulation procedure.  Mapping simulation in ‘HANA Cloud Platform-Integration services’ is not support friendly.

Overview: – At present mapping simulation (test) is not supported in eclipse tool. Simulation is supported in WebUi and it is tedious process. Whereas in PI/PO it is very easy and informative and provides many options to play with input and queues and gives detailed information about the errors.

1) Mapping test (simulating of mapping) steps in WebUI:-
     A) Exporting the deployed iFlow
B) Creating an Integration package in WebUI and importing that iFlow (Process integration)
C) Simulation in WebUi
A) Exporting the deployed iFlow: There are three ways to export the iFlow (Artifact), I like first and        third ways.
1st way)Exporting of deployed Artifact from eclipse (generates ‘.jar’ file):Double click on
Tenant node(Tenant explorer)–>Deployed Artifacts–>select the required Artifact.

2nd way)Exporting from Project explorer(Eclipse):Select the project–>right click–>export–>
General–>Archive File.

3rd way)Exporting deployed Artifact from WebUi: logon to WebUi, Manage Integration Content
–>select the deployed iFlow–>Download

B) Importing into target WebUi, (creating Integration package):logon to WebUi–>
Design–>create (use the above exported archive file or jar file)

Fill the details and click on ‘Add’–> Process Integration–>upload the integration flow and save.

C) Simulation (Test): logon to WebUi,Design–>Select integration package (created in the above step)–>click on the iFlow.
Select the mapping step where the mapping is assigned and click on “Edit”, it is important. ‘simulate’ is not enabled unless edit is clicked.

successful test:

erroneous test:

This  mapping simulation feature is very immature, no options to see the queue values, to modify the source message, no option to save test cases. Hope SAP will improve the mapping simulation in future.

2) Importing message mapping & operation mapping from ESR: -Develop the mapping in PI/PO ESR and have comprehensive test and then import that mapping into HCI. This is really good work around till mapping in HCI is improved.

If the mapping consists of parameters that cannot be imported because parameters are not supported in HCI mapping.

PI/PO ESR connection details

Project Explorer–>select Project–>right click–>Import

select the required mapping

Mapping download failed because mapping has parameters

mapping downloaded successfully (after removing the parameter from mapping in PO)

In bottom line mapping and simulation (test) should be improved as good as in PI/PO. Sometimes we need complex mappings in that case it is very easy to develop and test the mapping in PI/PO and import it into iFlow. Mapping editor in PI/PO is very convenient and we can play many features to develop a bug free mapping.

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      Author's profile photo Jens Schwendemann
      Jens Schwendemann

      This is definitely a problem as of now. The message simulation currently in WebUI is a joke, still almost a year after this blog was posted.


      We need queue inspection, dynamic value editing and the like. Best make this on par with on-prem PI.