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Enable the HANA Rules Framework on your HANA, express edition

With SDI in the bag, I was wondering whether I could enable the HANA Rules Framework (HRF) on my HANA, express edition in a similar way.

As it turned out, this was also absolutely possible and if fact quite straight forward as well:

  1. increase the virtual machine memory to 12GB
  2. Create a tenant database
  3. Enable HTTP and HTTPS access to the tenant database
  4. Import the HRF delivery unit
  5. Set Up a Technical User
  6. Configure the HRF
  7. Deploying the HRF Modelling Tools
  8. Create a Vocabulary
  9. Configure the Standalone Web Application
  10. Create a Rule
  11. Create and test a Rule Service

After increasing the memory of my freshly upgraded HANA, express edition virtual machine, I grant role sap.hana.admin.cockpit.sysdb.roles::SysDBAdmin to the SYSTEM user of my SYSTEMDB to enable creating a tenant database from the HANA Cockpit:

With this I create a new tenant database. This time it only requires an indexserver, nothing else:

This can take a while to be created and started:

Once created and started, in the HRF tenant database, I add a role to the SYSTEM there to enable importing the HRF Delivery Unit from the HANA Cockpit as well:

Also, I have to activate HTTP and HTTPS access to the tenant database:

The architecture of my HANA, express edition now looks as follows with the Web Dispatcher deciding on the vhost property whether to send a request to the SYSTEMDB or my HRF tenant database:

I can see the respective automatic configuration in the Web Dispatcher Trace:

So this time, rather than importing the HRF delivery unit from Eclipse, I can use the HANA Cockpit:

In preparation for configuring the HRF I set up the required technical user:

The HRF configuration itself is an API call that I send from Postman:

In preparation for building my Vocabulary I deploy the HRF Modelling Tools into Eclipse:

With this I can create a package with my Vocabulary:

In preparation for configuring the Standalone Web Application and creating my first Rule I grant the required HRF roles to my HRF tenant database SYSTEM user:

This allows me to configure the Standalone Web Application:

Now I am all set to follow my previous HRF blog and build my first Rule:

And respective Rule Service that returns the expected results when tested:

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    • Thank you Andreas,

      you are absolutely right. I had accidentally inserted the wrong screen shot. I have corrected this now.

      Very best regards


  • Hi Frank, nice tutorial.

    However i didn’t manage getting it to run since there are probably a lot of changes with HANA Express 2.0 . There is no such role sap.hana.admin.cockpit.sysdb.roles::SysDBAdmin and when adding the tenant DB with sql script  it gets created but in the HANA cockpit it isnt shown.

    I tried also installing HRF on my SYSTEMDB which worked, however i can’t use plugins there neither can i configure HRF with a REST call.

    Did you manage to enable HRF on HANA Express 2.0 ?

    Best Regards,



      Sorry David,

      But I have not tried HRF on HANA 2.0, express edition yet.

      However, you can still get the original HANA 1.0, express edition, where everything should work as decried in my blog.

      Best regards