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SAP Codejam Exclusive Edition at FIS GmbH

It is getting a tradition to set up a room at our location Grafenrheinfeld to share knowledge and let developers get their hands dirty under the flag of SAP Codejam.

In the past and also this year we held a puplic Codejam and as always it was a pleasure to host the presenters and of course having awesome attendees here.

Afterwards the resonance was great and I had a lot of good talks that this is a great opportunity to get in touch with new technology. A frequent topic also, that my colleagues complaint about it, that there wasn’tenough space to attend.

Having this feedback in my mind I talked to the responsible persons I made it possible to have our first Codejam Exclusive Edition.

BTW: As a SAP Mentor I feel like it is part of my passion and mission to give others the chance to get in touch with new technology.

Topic for the first time

SAP UI5 with SAP WebIDE & SAP Gateway

(Andrè showing stat-analytics with SAP Gateway)

Day 1
started with the introduction to SAP Gateway with a lot of useful information on how to use the Gateway-builder (Transaction SEGW).

Always nice to have a system available and also to have online documents which let the attendees practice it again afterwards. So nice to see that everything which was explained is published as a document / blog on the new home of our community!

Next to the demos and the hands on we had nice talks on how to deliver odata-services and how to fix bugs and problems with the help of the transactions delivered by SAP.

To just name one have a look at /IWFND/TRACES and have a look at a payload trace while someone uses your delivered app (at least you need some action on the provided odata-service)

Nice feature I never used before is the summarize the tracefile.
That proof that this is true:-)

Day 2

started with a big surprise. We wanted to have a look at smart templates and out of an unknown reason the webide-trial does not show any of those.

Looks like there was an update delivered to it and maybe it is a feature 🙂

Good thing, it does not  matter to the event, the experts had enough other topics to talk about and we had a nice q and a session on how to develop odata as a partner.

One result, there are some questions left which will be delivered to the SAP development and responsible persons to clarify it. That is a special opportunity to get in touch with those people, you normally do not see but are a very important part of this ecosystem.

Also a nice feature of the Gateway Builder is to everride the functions you have put inside a CDS.. not that I have a usecase for it, but you never know:-)

Enough words, here are some expressions of the event:

To summarize the event as a feedback I recommend you to also be part of the event-series and request your own. It is an outstanding event with a lot time to have your hands on the keyboard and escape from the daily work and get a dive into a new topic with the right people in front which can answer the questions you have.

Thank you Andre and Jerome. It’s a pleasure to meet and talk to you.


If you want to learn more about SAP Codejams have a look here: SAP CodeJam 2016 what a year!

And if there is still time you can learn more about the SAP Mentors here: SAP Mentors
Florian and happy hacking

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      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees

      Hey Florian,


      thanks for this report, and also thanks for organizing that event for us!

      And as you already said: Thank you Andre and Jerome, too!



      I think it was really helpful, especially if you have never been exposed to a topic (which was the case for a few of us).



      The part with the WebIDE suddenly having lost it's the smart template capabilities was really a shock, especially as to my understanding it was not limited to trial version, but also on the "production"-version of WebIDE. To me that indicates that WebIDE is not production-ready yet 🙁



      Btw: I just checked, Smart Templates still seem to be missing:

      (or have the be re-named to something else?)



      To end on a positive note: As, too, you already mentioned: There were lots of other topics, and Andre and Jerome have the knowledge as well as the flexibility to instantly adjust the agenda, also taking the audience into account.


      Again, thanks to all of you!