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Training Course for SAP Single Sign-On 3.0 Now Available

UPDATE, 20.02.2017:

Additional course offerings are now scheduled for 2017. There will also be courses available in English language. Check out the new course offerings on the SAP Training site now!


We are happy to announce that a new classroom training course for SAP Single Sign-On 3.0 is now available. The new training WDESSO SAP Single Sign-On 3.0 is a 2-day course. You will get to know the basics on single sign-on technologies and functionalities. In addition, you will learn about the various SAP Single Sign-On 3.0 solution components as well as installation and configuration of important single sign-on scenarios (AS ABAP and AS Java).

The course includes the following practice workshops:

  • Single sign-on with Kerberos for SAP GUI
  • Browser-based single sign-on with SPNEGO for AS ABAP and AS Java
  • Single sign-on with X.509 certificates issued by the Secure Login Server for AS ABAP and AS Java
  • Two-factor authentication with the SAP Authenticator app

More details on the course WDESSO SAP Single Sign-On 3.0 can be found on the SAP Training site.

The first course offering will take place February 7-8, 2017 in Walldorf and will be held in German language. Additional courses are scheduled for later dates.

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  • Hi Martina,

    Same as Gabriel ... I would like to attend this course but my German is not of such quality that attending it in German would make sense ... What would it take to make the course available in English?

    Another question: will this course become available in the learning hub? If so, in what language?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Jeff,
      thank you for your interest in our training course. Currently, no courses are planned in English. The course itself is a classroom training. Depending on demand we might offer an English course later in 2017. But I cannot guarantee this at this point in time. It really depends on the feedback we get.
      I informed our training team about your request (and Gabriel's as well).

    • Hi John,
      thank you for your interest in our course. Due to feedback we got so far we are planning to also offer the course in English language. However, no dates have been decided yet. This will probably be only later in 2017. Stay tuned.

  • Hi Martina,

    We are using "Single sign-on with X.509 certificates issued by the Secure Login Server for AS ABAP and AS Java" method and are on SSO2.0 across all SAP landscapes. Since it was setup 7 yrs back we can not just upgrade SAP upgrade, OS & DB also needs an upgrade that being said we are in process of setting new SSO3.0 server with the same login method using Secure login client. What is the best way to achieve this migration without affecting user base?. The challenge that we are running into is how to define multiple Policy groups on client's machine for secure login client to connect to two different secure login server?.

    Any guidance you could provide is greatly appreciated.




    • Hi Pavan,

      you can use Microsoft Group Policies and write both client policies together into one and distribute them accordingly. Make sure that profiles and application names are different for each Secure Login Server.

      Best regards,