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MRP on HANA: Forcing a material to be planned with the classic logic in MD01N

As I explained on my previous blog MRP on HANA: What’s new?, when the MRP on HANA optimization is activated by business function LOG_PPH_MDPSX_READ, we can choose if we want keep running the classic MRP, using the old transactions MD01, MD02, MD03 or run MRP Live in the new transaction MD01N.

In the classic logic, only the database reading was optimized for HANA, while in the new MRP live the MRP logic is fully executed in HANA. The MRP Live performance is much better than the classic MRP, but there are some scenarios that are still not supported in MRP Live (see note 1914010 for a list of restrictions).

When MRP Live finds one of these restrictions, it automatically switches to the classic logic and the material is still planned in transaction MD01N.

In some other cases, we need force a material to be planned with the classic logic. The most common reason for forcing a material to be planned with the classic logic is when we have an ABAP BAdI implemented, which must be executed for some specific materials. Since MRP Live is fully executed in HANA, the ABAP BAdIs are not called, unless we force the material to be planned with the classic logic.

Transaction MD_MRP_FORCE_CLASSIC was developed specifically to allow you to choose which materials should be planned with the classic logic.

On the initial screen, the transaction allows you to choose for which materials you would like to see the details.

The results screen, shows when the material was planned by MRP Live and if any kind of restriction was found for this material, which lead this material to be planned with the classic logic.

Whenever system finds a restriction, you can try to remove it by clicking the button Solve Issue. If you click the pencil button, fields “Classic MRP” and “MRP Apps” will be open for changes.

By checking the flag Classic MRP you will force a material to be planned with the classic MRP logic and by changing the value of the field MRP Apps, you can choose whether a material will be displayed on the MRP Fiori Apps or not.

Forcing a material to be planned with the classic logic in MD01N will ensure that all the materials will be planned by the same MRP execution. However, you should always consider that with many materials being planned by the classic logic, you will loose the performance improvement that can be achieved with MRP Live.

Therefore, whenever it is possible, you should try to get rid of those restrictions and avoid forcing a material to be planned with the classic logic, in order to achieve an optimal performance.

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  • Caetano Almeida,

    Thanks for sharing another interesting blog, please add some information on restriction field visible in the screen shot , what happen when we select the check mark for restriction filed?


  • Hello

    The flag restriction is not changeable. It set automatically by the system when it finds a restriction and the material cannot be planned in HANA. In this case, system automatically plans the material with the classic MRP logic (not good from a performance point of view).



    Hi Caetano,

    Thank you for this informative post. Even without the flag for reorder point planning is it necessary to set the Classic MRP tick especially if we are running daily job non regenerative MRP RUN as we observe that certain reorder point materials are not getting planned in MRP Live

    Best regards,