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Q4 Special Feature Edition of SAP Learning Hub News Update

Welcome to the Q4 Special Feature Edition of the SAP Learning Hub News site. In this special edition we would like to inform you of our latest development. If you would like to see our November or older news just check out the SAP Learning Hub News archive to catch up on previous updates. You can also sign up for our email newsletter here to get the news delivered directly to your inbox. Download the latest content catalog to get a complete overview of our available courses, content and SAP Learning Rooms.
Stay tuned for the upcoming regular December SAP Learning Hub News Update!


SAP Learning Hub Introduces New Learning Format: e-books

SAP Learning Hub introduced in November 2016 a new learning format, the e-book. E-books will over the course of time replace the flipbook format. Already, 100 existing flipbooks have been republished as e-books and are available in any SAP Learning Hub edition.

Why does the e-book format designate progress? Fully compatible with all devices, including mobile, e-books enable learners to experience and benefit from these capabilities:

  • Completion tracking – e-books will now track and record how much time you have spent on a Handbook
  • Bookmarking – drop up to 100 annotations and notes throughout your handbook
  • Offline consumable on mobile devices
  • Printing – Print two pages at a time if you need a quick reference hardcopy
  • Toggle view, ‘Complete’ button, search field, and many more.

These new e-books mean mobile availability, both online and offline, providing an easier and more convenient way to read. You can check out now these new e-books by clicking here or accessing the Learning Content Catalogue on your SAP Learning Hub Home Page. Once you are in the catalogue, go to the ‘LH Content – Published’ and filter on the H column ‘e-book’.


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      Author's profile photo Devraj Bardhan
      Devraj Bardhan

      Have started to use the e-books and it does have some minor advantages over the flip books. However reading experience is still very poor.

      • Even on a laptop with full screen mode, we need to zoom every page  atleast 3 or 4 times to be able to read it comfortably without straining the eyes. (see screenshot 1 below)
      • We have to use page up and down to navigate the zoomed page!
      • When we go to the next page, it does not remember the zoom setting so we have to click 3 to 4 times again. I got an update from @David Chaviano that the product team is aware of this issue and hopefully we will get a fix soon.
      • Turning the pages takes very long. I have counted 2 seconds on a laptop with fast internet connection.
      • Resolution of diagrams are still poor so when zooming we get a poor experience. I have clicked upto 10 times to view a figure properly and this is unacceptable ( S4PR1_EN_Col03, Figure 4 on Page 8 – see screenshot). I think the e-books need to be redesigned for the LH

      Screenshot 1: This shows a full screen view of S4PR1  course. Lots on empty space on either sides of the e-book. And look at the resolution. You need to zoom  3 to 4 times before it become readable.

      Screenshot 2: This is the maximum zoom (11x) and you can see the figure resolution.

      On ipads only landscape format is support with tons of free space of either sides (just like screenshot 1). When I turn the ipad to portrait , the e-books still remains on landscape mode !! We need it to turn to portrait format like any other e-book readers. We have been living with these basic problems since the handbook days. None of these readability issues has really changed since beta testing started in 2014. I give you a few brownie points that a few things have indeed improved but the reading quality is what matters most.

      I am sure the Learning Hub team is working very hard to fix these issues but we now need to see tangible results.

      Author's profile photo Julia Weber
      Julia Weber
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you @Devraj Bardhan for your valuable feedback! Will definitely report it to the developers!As you said, the SAP Learning Hub Team is constantly working to improve these features even more and feedbacks like this help us a lot so please stay tuned.

      Author's profile photo Guilherme Lahr
      Guilherme Lahr

      I really not appreciate the new format. Flipbook is much better.
      What a pity!

      Author's profile photo Devraj Bardhan
      Devraj Bardhan

      There are some benefits of the new e-book. What SAP now needs to focus on is to fix the readability issues.