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Preview of SAP Lumira #ASUG 2.0 Webcast Q&A

This was an ASUG webcast last week given by SAP.  I won’t repeat the slides listed here.

Figure 1: Source: SAP
Legal disclaimer applies.  Everything is subject to change.

Some of the new slides are below:

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Planned Lumira Discovery (Lumira Desktop) features

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Above is a screen shot from a demo; you can see the Lumira rooms are gone and replaced by a single canvas.

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Enhancements for Lumira Designer (Design Studio) are shown above

Figure 5: Source: SAP

Above is a demo of the Lumira Designer application

Figure 6: Source: SAP

Figure 6 is the Lumira Designer from Figure 5 application adapted for the iPhone.

Question and Answer

The question and answer was extensive, so I thought I would share below:

Q: does that conversion from website to Web Site remains even after refresh & getting new data?

A: Yes, transformations are saved with the document and “replayed” when refreshing data.

Q: Can all of this being demo’d be done in the Design Studio license of Lumira 2.0, or does this require the full license?

A: See figure 17 of this blog – it covers licenses:

Q: Are the charts still CVOM charts or is it something new?

A: All charts are CVOM in Lumira 2.0

Q: Can you change the size of the input controll

A: Yes we plan to deliver formatting and customisation capabilities for input control

Q: Will the page settings allow you to go completely full screen, which is currently not possible?

A: Yes, that’s the plan. you should be able to design stories for the target consumption device form factor

Q: Will the font size and color change on the Input Control be available in 2.0 or in later patch level? I did not quite catch that one.

A: these formatting options are planned for Lumira Discovery 2.0

Q: Can the font size of the chart titles be changed? What about word wrap?
A: Not in Lumira 2.0, but we plan to deliver this in future releases

Q: Is SAP Discovery the new name for Lumira Desktop?
A: Yes, for the current Lumira use case

Q: Are there any enhancements of merging & blending datasets?

A: In 2.0, it will be the same scope as in Lumira 1.31 more or less. We plan enhancements right after 2.0.

Q: What are the system requirements to add Lumira 2.0 to the BI Platform?
A: BI 4.1 SP8 or BI 4.2 SP3 (GA version)

Q: When will AOLAP be integrated into Lumira 2.0

A: with Lumira Discovery 2.0, we plan to support BW and HANA Online. would consider other OLAP sources in future release

Q: Will Lumira 2.0 come with the Explorer template
A: We do plan to bring in last standing explorer search feature in future releases.

Q: can applications built on Design Studio 1.5 be upgraded to 2.0? or it has to be from 1.6?
A: It should work in many cases, in case of issues however we would support 1.6

Q: For BOE login, Can that be forced as an option when user starts Lumira? [We always wants users to be authenticated by BOE before they use any tool]
A: Yes, today you can configure Lumira desktop to login to BI Platform on Launch and govern the feature support in Desktop. We do plan to support this going forward as well

Q: Is the map drill using a geo hier. shown like in Lumira Discovery or something different?
A: It is custmized drill using Design Studio script

Q: The mapping just demonstrated looks stronger than 1.31
A: That comes in by the Design Studio technology in 2.0.

Q: is the new conditional formatting feature available for charts as well?
A: Yes

Q: Does UNX source will still have data limits in Designer?
A: with the inter-operability between Discovery and Designer. You can use the prepared data in Discovery (connecting to UNX) in Designer to create applications, with no 20k limitation. Direct connectivity to UNX from Designer will still have same limitation.

Q: Is design Studio APplications and Lumira Documents are created using the same Discovery tool?
A: Stories are created in Discovery client and Dashboard applications are created in Designer client. irrespective of where the content is created, with common technology hey share the common file format. in Lumira 2.0, Discovery stories can be opened and extended in Designer

Q: When you say today, do you mean in Lumira 1.0? if so, I do not think L1.0 FORCES user to loginto BOE before they can work – is it not?
A: yes i mean 1.31, you need to configure .ini file on Lumira desktop. the details are available in admin guide under Governing Desktop chapter

Q: Will there be capabilities to free move the legend, data labels etc? instead of static predefined localtions
A: That’s currently not planned, but might be added in later versions, based on demand.

Q: So now the new Lumira Designer has become Eclipse based like the Design Studio Designer, correct?
A: Yes, that’s right. Lumira Designer is a tool for professional designers to create applications like Design Studio.

Q: are there any performance improvements for Design Studio Applications in this release?
A: We constantly work on improving performance

Q: Is there any update to BOE Addon to make it as integral install within BOE install, as part of L 2.0 release?
A: As part of Lumira 2.0, we plan to deliver single BI Platform add-on for Discovery and Designer. No plans on making this part of BI Platform installer

Q: Can offline datasources originate in Designer, or only from Discovery to Designer?
A: In 2.0, it needs the Discovery to acquire and prepare data. In later versions, we plan to integrate this in Designer as well.

Q: Will there be a LS4BIP 2.0 to correspond with the Lumira 2.0?
A: Lumira 2.0, will contain 3 components. i.e Discovery, Designer and BI add-on

Q: Also, an the customized Designer application move back to Discovery or is it “one-way” ?
A: Lumira 2 is one way – further releases

Q: Will extensions be carried over into Lumira 2.0?
A: Yes, the existing extensions will be support in 2.0 respectively for Discovery and Designer from Lumria and Desing Studio

Q: Are there any sizing differences from previous version?
A: Velocity engine will use 1.3x – may need to wait

Q: Is there a customer preview or pre-GA program we can participate in?
A: Yes, in early 2017, please contact SAP then.

Q: Will the custom extensions built for design studio work even for Lumira ?
A: Yes, 1.6, need to pay to attention – only support m library components in Lumira 2

Q: Can we call a lumira document from design studio application for further analysis using Open doc or similar links?
A: Yes.

Q: Any improvements on Mobile performance for Designer apps ?
A: No major points planned; need to see

Q: Will Lumira Data Access Extensions work in Designer?
A: Not in Lumira 2.0

Q: Do you need an additional server for Lumira 2.0 server for the BI Platform? If so,what are the hardware requirements for the Lumira 2.0 server?
A: Yes, Lumira 2.0 would follow the current Lumira add-on approach. would be updating sizing guide with details.

Q: Does Design Studio applications make use of velocity engine?
A: They would, if you use an acuired and prepared data set from Discovery as a data source in Designer.

Q: When will Lumira 2.0 be available for ramp up?
A: April 2017 (planned)

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