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Having a look at picture embed in new blog platform

There have been reports of embedded pictures not enlarging when you click on them.  In WordPress though we should be able to insert, then have the picture expand when clicked.

In this post, my goal is to test that out.

Here is a picture of my daughter on Ocean Beach — it is 1024×768, resized in the blog editor window to 275w:

In the WordPress instance I used to know, I could click the image in edit mode and get editing options that allowed me to tell WordPress what to do when someone clicks on the image, and for example tell WordPress to expand it.

Now, in my blog it seems that analog is to actually click the image and click “Insert/Edit link” — whereupon it automatically populates the link field with the the link to the image itself, presumably to allow you to open it up in full size. And I used it that way all the time.

In our SAP Community WordPress however, I see no such love when I click the image then the link tool.

What’s the way to do this (click to enlarge) here then?

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  • Hi Moya,

    You're right that this functionality is available OOB in WP.  Let me investigate a little and see if I can find out why this might have been removed and what options are available to us.




      Awesome! Thanks!
      and actually in WP itself it used to be easier out-of-the-box, in my opinion - you had more options for linking...

      at any rate, folks are noticing pictures are tiny and have no way to expand...

      • Definitely understood.  It's tough to get a hold of people because of the U.S. holiday this week, but I'll check in with development as soon as they are able.