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Author's profile photo Bob Caswell

Top 150 Internet of Things Prototypes from the “Imagine IoT” Prototype Challenge

ImagineIoTWinnerJust this week, openSAP concluded “Imagine IoT,” a free online course that not only covered the fundamentals of the Internet of Things, but also included a prototype challenge for participants to experience first-hand how to design and build an Internet of Things (IoT) prototype.

SAP provided the tools, templates, and learning resources — including an online prototyping tool called BUILD — to enable anyone to get creative. And creativity was encouraged! In fact, the theme of the course was “The Internet of GOOD Things.” While a traditional business scenario was a fine choice as a use case that could be improved by IoT, SAP urged participants to think how a smarter, more connected world could improve everyday life.

Case in point, as part of the challenge, SAP decided to work with three charities that are deeply involved with leveraging technology and education to make a better world: NetHope, the Institute of International Education, and Wikimedia. Thus, the creators of the top 10 prototypes each got to choose to which charity SAP would donate $5,000 on their behalf for a total of $50,000 donated.

In the end, over 1,300 prototypes were submitted. Each submitter had to include a story, persona, mock-up, and more. Submissions included the accompanying materials in PDF and/or YouTube video format with the option of also sharing an interactive prototype using BUILD. And all these prototypes were reviewed and rated over 6,000 times through a peer review process.

While you can access the course prototype gallery page via openSAP, it does require you to login with a free openSAP account to view it. So for those of you interested in checking out the winners directly, sharing them, and/or using them for your own inspiration on how best to approach IoT to help the world, see the list below.

And due to the high standard of so many submissions, the gallery below includes not just the top 10 winners but also the top 150 prototypes overall, organized by category. Thanks to all who participated! We hope you enjoy the outcome, we sure did.

Congratulations to all!

Winners and Charities

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$30,000 USD – Winners for NetHope
Sachin Srambickal | Fleet Manager | PDF | BUILD
Livia Botyanszki Boss | Elderly Care | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Mathias Ehret | Solar Powered Waste Bins | PDF | BUILD
Stani Baxter | Shop MyWay | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Aoife O’Dwyer | Smart Garden | PDF | Mockup
Kevin K. Rad | Olympic Games Safety | Video

$10,000 USD – Winners for the Institute of International Education
Olga Werner | Hiker Smart Water | PDF| Video | BUILD (mobile view)
Bahadir Murat Kandemirli | Newborn Monitor | PDF | BUILD

$10,000 USD – Winners for Wikimedia
Niloofar Banivaheb | Smart Store | PDF | BUILD
Tomasz Krause | Smart Kindergarten | PDF



Muzammil Bichoo | e-Grains Storage | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Alex Mendoza | Cattle Health Management | PDF | BUILD
Ana Marie Neis | Smart Vertical Farm | PDF | BUILD
Juliane Spiegel | Smart Plants | PDF
Ilina Kareva | Agri Helper | PDF | BUILD
Abdelhamid Hascuri | Smart Farm | PDF | BUILD
Danny Lacerte | Smart Garden | PDF | BUILD
Eralper Yilmaz | Walnut Trees Frost Sensor | PDF | BUILD
Sumesh | Smart Farmers | PDF | BUILD


Tik Bunluesin | Kids Stress Monitor | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Albert Huguet Miguélez | Study Room Locator | PDF
Daniel Müller | Little Mouse Childcare | PDF | BUILD
Mariem Dahmoun | Kids School Journey | PDF | BUILD Study
Adrian Lam | Student Assessment Tracker | PDF
Pedro Jiménez Rodríguez | Safe Children | PDF | BUILD
Aravindan Kalaimannan | Student Progress Monitor | PDF | BUILD
Aniket Chavan | Smart Professor | PDF
Sharon Keane | Smart Childcare | PDF


Sanushin Pillay | The Switch | PDF | BUILD
Per Hultgren | Mining Control Center | PDF | Video | BUILD
Quentin Hendry | Building Maintenance | PDF | BUILD
Christian Deist | Street Light Cockpit | PDF | BUILD
Jose Adolfo Castelli | Oil Platform Monitoring | PDF
Erico da Silva Branco | Smart Lighting | PDF | Video
Teddy Ampian | Water Ressource Management | PDF | Video
Prateek Kumar | Smart Water & Energy | PDF
Vijay Raj | Smart Energy | PDF | Video | BUILD
Atulkumar Jain | Food Security in Silos | PDF | BUILD
Tycho Kockelkoren | Smart Distribution Pipes | PDF
Luciana Pereira Uhlemann | Smart Ecar Charging | PDF
Paul Ginsberg | Smart Heating Units | PDF | BUILD
Wolfgang Klee | Home Energy | PDF | BUILD
Kabir MG | Water Supply Monitor | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Alejandro Rebollo | Automated Supply Gas | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Ali Suwanda | Energy Usage Monitor | PDF


Deva Anand | Airpot Facility Monitor | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Fernando César Almeida Silva | Apartment Complex Monitor | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Kostadina Atanasova | Building Maintenance | PDF | BUILD
Amit Rana | Elevator Maintenance | PDF | BUILD
Terence Gavin Ang | Smart Building | PDF | BUILD
Chandra Shekhar Padhi | Building Utilities Monitor | PDF | BUILD


Juan Cárdenas | Smart Monitoring Patient | PDF | BUILD
Gaële Lagadu | Check Patients Health | PDF
Amit Paranjape | Smart Physiotherapy | PDF
Arno Seitz | Alzheimer Support | PDF
Lars H. Ringvold | Senior Health Checker | PDF | BUILD
Glenn Sogn | Dementia Monitor | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Pooja Gangadharappa | Health Manager | PDF | BUILD
Elisabeth Dahlerup Farah | Live Better | PDF
Jari Kittila | Automated Healthcare | PDF | BUILD
Valentin Back | Hospital Hygiene Monitor | PDF | BUILD
Veronica Lopez Diaz | Home Buddy | PDF
Stefan Binkowski | Smart Intensive Care | PDF
Eldhose M Joy | Patient Monitor | PDF
Johannes Reichel | ICU Monitor | PDF | BUILD
J A Plews | Vitamin D Tracker | PDF


Justine Amalorpavaraj M.Sundararaj | Smart Water Manager | Video | BUILD Study
Apostolos Panagiotopoulos-Thomas | Cleanroom Contamination Monitor | PDF | BUILD
Jens Rebholz | Waste Manager | PDF
Steve Hoppett | SAP customer | PDF | BUILD


Joan Carbonell | Wine Tracker | PDF | BUILD
Ziad Abo-Hasna | Expiration Manager | PDF | BUILD
Mirko Treutlein | Retail Store Monitor | PDF | BUILD
Angel Ocampo | Smart Pub | PDF
Cavit Mutgan | Restaurant Manager | PDF |BUILD
Harald Stevens | SmartShoppingAssistant | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Abhinav Sharma | Smart Customer | PDF
Shubhrajit Chowdhury | Automated Delivery | PDF | BUILD
Phanindhar Kumar Seelam | Smart Shopping Cart | PDF | BUILD
Jeshika Crous | Air Conditioner Monitor | PDF | Video
Srinivasan Subbiah | Expiry Date Manager | PDF | BUILD
Suresh Chhibba | Foot Traffic Tracker | PDF | BUILD
Anuradha Sharma | Smart Storage | PDF | BUILD
Beatriz Menéndez Antuña | Shop Window Display | PDF
Joni Van der Sande | Smart Pub | PDF | BUILD
Saranyaraj Rajendran | Smart GOOD Vending | PDF | BUILD


Claudia Gerbersmann | Road Maintenance Manager | PDF
Wei-Harng Lee | Smarty (Smart City) | PDF
Rob van Krimpen | Dike Monitor | PDF | BUILD
Jose Luis Bossio | Smart Waste Management | PDF | Video | BUILD
Marco De Angelis | Plan Your Queue (PYQ) | PDF | BUILD
Bibhuti Swain | Smart Bins | PDF | BUILD
Ramesh Kodela | Coast Monitor | PDF | BUILD
Shrinivas Dodamani | Intelligent Waste Management | PDF |BUILD (mobile view)
Venkatesh Gopalarathnam | Connected Bins | PDF | BUILD 1 (mobile view) | BUILD 2 (mobile view)
Milias Liu | Parking Control | PDF
Daniel Vidales | Care4homeless | PDF | BUILD 1 (mobile view) | BUILD 2 (mobile view)
Steffen Schmidt | Waste Disposal Improvement | PDF | BUILD
Srinivasan Kanniwadi | Smart Parking | PDF | BUILD
Ekanto Ghosh | Smart Letterbox | PDF | Video | BUILD
Tanmay Verma | Pedal2work | PDF
Amit Saini | GPS Garbage Collectors | PDF | BUILD


Marcin Barańczyk | Food Manager | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Daniel Nagy | Food Storage Box | PDF
Victor Ho | Smart Kitchen | PDF | BUILD
Vivek Basu | Grocery Watcher | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Michael Ahrens | Intelligent Cupboard | PDF
Malcolm Black | Safe Home | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Gururaj Raman | Smart Washing Machine | PDF
Uilian Ries | Smart Aquarium | PDF | BUILD
John Fish | Smart Food Containers | PDF | BUILD
Samantha Havenga | The Watchdog | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)


Phoebe Bright | Horse Show Jumping | PDF
Dirk Trescher | Smart Volleyball Coach | Video | BUILD
Christian Meder | Analyze My Team | PDF | BUILD
Péter Török | Smart Soccer Coach | PDF
Andrew Dyer | Smart Cyclers | PDF
Matthias Hau | Smart Football Coach | PDF | BUILD


Albert Baguna | Bus Ride Monitor | PDF | BUILD
Donald Justin | The Crowded Bus | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Roger Benz | Comfy Rail Traveling | PDF
Richa Pande | Time2fly | PDF | BUILD
Kerstin Wilberg | Rental Car Maintenance | PDF
Martin Roethig | Bus Monitoring | PDF | BUILD
Christian Wandinger-Hölzel | Buxi | PDF
Jocelyn Dart | Smart Truck Drivers | PDF
Lumir Boureanu | Taxi Driver Logbook | PDF | Video | BUILD (mobile view)
William Farah | Smart Fleet Manager | PDF
Paul Harris | Smart Airlines | Video
Amol Gupta | Logistics Manager | PDF


Dawn Thornsberry | Smart Hotel | PDF | BUILD
Hector Paw | Smart Suitcase | PDF | Video | BUILD 1 | BUILD 2
Jason Helmood | Luggage Tracking | PDF
Amudha Kanaka Sundaram | Smart Baggage System | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Ashok Yemula | Smart Airplane Seat Belts | PDF | BUILD


Manjunath Belgal | Zoo Monitor | PDF | BUILD
Taryck BENSIALI | License Plate Reader | PDF | BUILD
Pius Kirrmann | Construction Equipment Manager | PDF | BUILD
Michael Fecker | Smart Santa Claus | PDF | BUILD
Martin Phillip White | Connected Mouse Trap | PDF
Cristina Stoicescu | Smart Watch | PDF | BUILD
Parlin Sitanggang | Distribution Monitor | PDF | BUILD (mobile view)
Uwe Dittes | Smart Drones | PDF | BUILD
Dominique Moons | Consulting Tracker | PDF | BUILD
Anjum Shaikh | Smart Notifier | PDF
Avadeswararao Dammalapati | Smart Manager | PDF | BUILD
Francois Crous | Smart Shift Supervisor | PDF | Video | BUILD
Yann Bouschet | Smart Seat | PDF

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      Author's profile photo Simone Milesi
      Simone Milesi

      Hi Bob!

      Thanks for the great course!
      I attended it but, due work issues, I was unable to complete my prototype.
      Anyway I found many interesting things even if, in my opinion, there was a bit too much marketing.
      I would have appreciated (expecially due the late events like this   ) something on how SAP manage IoT security 🙂
      I hope in future this field would be exploited, explored and explained in a OpenSap course too.

      Congratulations to every one and, again, thanks for the course!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Congratulations...A very instructive course and good to imagine the future! I like very much!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Congratulations to winners..!  A well structured course with full engagement of instructor.
      Looking forward for next version of IOT course in openSAP.

      Author's profile photo Lumir Boureanu
      Lumir Boureanu

      Thank you to all of you, also the peers! It was a great new experience.
      Congratulation to winners and I am looking forward to read the TOP 150 Runners-Up prototypes. 😀

      Author's profile photo Srinivasan Kanniwadi Hariharan
      Srinivasan Kanniwadi Hariharan

      A special thanks to you and to your team Bob! Looking forward for the next IoT Course 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Awesome projects!, congratulations to the winners, I liked to much the ImagineIoT course, I'm awaiting for the next it will be my rematch 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you openSAP team !  Enjoyed  this course over the past 7 weeks.  The peer review process was a gateway into others' imagination and thinking.

      Wonderful experience overall !

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Adriana Cerutti
      Adriana Cerutti

      I'm happy, I'm among the finalists "Smart Cities -> Jose Luis Bossio | Smart Waste Management"

      Congratulations to every one and 'Gracias Totales' to @OpenSAP Team!

      Best regards

      Author's profile photo Keith Fischer
      Keith Fischer

      I'm Keith Fischer from the BUILD GTM team.  We're VERY impressed with the diversity and quality of prototypes created within this course.

      If you're interested in helping share your passion around BUILD with the larger community, please send me an email at  We'd love to have you write or video your story!

      Author's profile photo Stani Baxter (LH)
      Stani Baxter (LH)

      Thank you and will do. I'm so so happy my "Shop MyWay" idea is one of the winners. ?

      Author's profile photo Ana Marie Neis
      Ana Marie Neis

      Thank you to the openSAP Team! Congratulations to all the participants!

      Author's profile photo George Hayes
      George Hayes

      Excellent recap of the course! Big thanks to the OpenSAP team. Amazing work / congrats to everyone who made a submission!

      These prototypes are fantastic. To learn more about BUILD, head to our SCN page or visit to try prototyping for yourself today!

      Author's profile photo Niladri Bihari Nayak
      Niladri Bihari Nayak

      Thanks to all Speakers,peer group,  in this entire IoT2 openSAP Course. The course was pretty engaging . Though my entry was not in Top 150, I loved this course very much and entire Learning Experience was very unique . I wish Universities of Future should follow this structure.

      Looking forward to next Sequel of this IoT Series 🙂


      Author's profile photo Radina Pangelova
      Radina Pangelova

      Just wanted to share yet another example of SAP’s thought leadership in the area of Internet of Things (IoT). Elvira Wallis – SVP and Global Head of IoT at SAP has been shortlisted for the IoT World “CxO of the Year” award and we all have the opportunity to support her with her nomination: