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Welcome to the central blog of SAP Analytics Cloud content. Follow this blog to stay updated on content related information.
This includes latest releases, hot news and links to further resources and blogs.

Covered in this blog

Latest Updates

2018/10/02: For TechEd 2018 we have released the second wave of partner content. Please check our dedicated blogs (see links below).

2018/09/11: We have by now added direct links to videos showing and explaining the content. Please find the links next to the packages in the section.

2018/08/20: Content innovation 9, has been released. We had a split release, with the first set of packages released Aug 6 and the remaining packages beeing released on Aug 20.

Content innovation 9 is available in the content library.

Please also read the “What’s new CI9 blogs” to learn about the new packages and enhancements including videos showing highlights:
SAP Analytics Cloud content: What’s new with CI9 (Line-of-Business)
SAP Analytics Cloud content: What’s new with CI9 (Industries)

2018/03/21: The package “SAP Public Services – Higher Education & Research” can be imported again. Please follow the instructions in note 2621358 to import this content package. If you require further assistance please reach out:


What is SAP Analytics Cloud content?

The free business content for SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom provides a quick and easy starting point for your individual analytics scenarios. It includes predefined Stories, Dashboards and Data models that are tailored to existing SAP Data sources. The packages are industry and line of business (LoB) specific.

You can easily connect the content to your own data and get started with your Analytics Journey in SAP Analytics Cloud. We provide a detailed documentation of KPIs, models and data flows which enables you to understand how the dashboards are built and adjust them to your specific requirements.

Most of our content is ready to run with sample data

It will help you in finding meaningful examples to explore the tool’s functionality and get inspired for your own reporting featuring technology highlights such as planning, Smart Assist, value-driver trees, and mobile design.

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Which lines of business and industry packages are offered?

Please vist for details of what is included in each package.


  • Banking
  • Big Data Margin Assurance (Telco)
  • Chemical
  • Consumer Products
  • Engineering, Construction and Operations
  • Health Care
  • Insurance (enhanced: IFRS)
  • Mill Products
  • Mining
  • Oli & Gas
  •  Professional Services for SAP S/4HANA Cloud (SAP Best Practices)
  • Public Sector
  • Public Services – Higher Education and Research
  • Real Estate
  •  Retail (Model Company Core Retail)
  • Retail for SAP S/4HANA (SAP Best Practices)
  •  Rural Sourcing Management
  • Utilities

Lines of Business:

  • Advanced Complicance Reporting (ACR)
  • Business ByDesign (Finance and Procurement)
  • Environment, Health and Safety – enhancements
  • Finance
  • Finance – Live based on Semantic Tags.
  • Financial Consolidation for S/4 HANA Cloud (Best Practice)
  •  Financial Planning & Analysis for S/4HANA Cloud (Best Practice)
  • Finance: Operational Expenses Planning
  • Human Resources – Watch the video
  • Human Resources Salary Planning
  •  Marketing On Premise and Cloud
  • Manufacturing for S/4HANA Cloud (SAP Best Practices)
  • Procurement
  •  Procurement for S/4HANA Cloud (SAP Best Practices) – Watch the video
  • Product Cost Planning
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Project Budgeting & Planning for S/4HANA Cloud
  • Project Staff Planning
  •  Real Estate
  • Sales and Distribution
  •  Sales Performance and Target Planning (SAP CRM) – Watch the video
  • SAP Solution Manager IT Service Management
  • SAP Solution Manager Test Suite Analytics
  • Trade Management
  • Travel and Expense (Concur)
  • Vendor Management System (Fieldglass) – Watch the video

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Which content packages are offered by partners?

Not only SAP offers content, but we are also very happy to provide you with more SAP Analytics Cloud content from our partners.

Please check the following blogs for all details on the partner content packages:

SAP Analytics Cloud LoB and Industry Business from our Partners (wave 1)

SAP Analytics Cloud LoB and Industry Business from our Partners (wave 2)

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How to import the content?

SAP Analytics Cloud content is available in the content library in SAP Analytics Cloud.

  1. Select Browse > Files from the main menu
  2. Choose Content Library > Business Content
  3. Choose your package and import

Now browse the Stories, Digital Boardroom or Models you have just imported.

Please also check the documentation or view the video.

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How to customize?

We are well aware of the fact that even within a single industry there is no one-size-fits-all:  Not an issue, just combine the available content according to your needs or extend it based on the deep understanding of the data sources that we provide.

In addition content provided by SAP, our partners have also picked up this topic already. For more details, please explore the SAP App Center (

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SAP Analytics cloud content blogs

Next to the exisiting offerings like this blog and documentation we are also providing additonal blogs to support you with SAP Analytics Cloud and content for SAP Analytics Cloud.

Please find all blogs here:

We are adding further blogs over time, so be sure to check the above periodically.

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How to give feedback?

We have already seen great interest in the content – Thanks!
If you have any feedback or comments please don’t hesitate to either use the comments functionality in this blog or sent us an e-mail.
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Update history

Content innovation 1 released.

Content innovation 2 released.

Content innovation 3 released.

Content innovation 4 released.

Since October 9, 2017 SAP Analytics Cloud content is available in the SAP Analytics Cloud content library. You can now import a content package directly in SAP Analytics Cloud. A dedicated file download is not needed anymore. Find more details in the blog below “How can I get the content?

Content innovation 5 released.

Content innovation 6 released.

Content innovation 7 released.
Please also find more details what is new with CI7 in the following blog.

Content innovation 8, has been released.
Please also find more details what is new with CI8 in the following blog.

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All information at a glance about SAP Analytics Cloud content:


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  1. Henry Banks

    Fantastic, thank you Guido. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing this very important piece of work come to fruition. Keep up the great work! Regards, H

  2. Guido Eichmann
    Post author

    Hi Ronald,

    did you access the page/link from a mobile device? In that case there seems to be an issue accessing the store – please try again using a PC/laptop.

    In case the error occurs on a PC/laptop please share with me further details through a personal message like used browser, OS etc. and I will forward this informaton to the colleagues.


  3. Toni Saarela


    I’m studying the functionalities of BOC at this point with the Trial version.

    Is it possible to upload the content to trial BOC?


    In my trial version, there is no button for “Deployment” so at least at the moment I cannot upload the content to the Trial version of BOC.

    Many Thanks!




  4. Former Member



    I got the same issue as Toni mentioned previously, can you please advise where to find the button for “Deployment”.
    Many Thanks!




    1. Guido Eichmann
      Post author

      Hi Daniel and Toni,

      it’s true that it is currently not possible to upload the content into a trial system as the “Deployment” option is not available.

      We are currently working on a setup so that the content can be studied without having a full licensed system yet.
      Any update on this topic will also be posted on this blog. So please revist our blog for further updates.

      Thanks and best regards,


  5. Former Member

    HI all,

    Thank you  for the content which is very valuable/

    In addition of the technical documentation. Is there a functionnal or a demo documentation explaining the links and possible naviguation between the pages ?

    Thank you in advance for your answers.


  6. Marian Canciu


    According to the release and compatibility matrix AO SAP BusinessObjects Cloud /  SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Content this Content Release SAP_BOC_CONT_2016_24 is valid for SAP BusinessObjects Cloud version 2016.24.x and 2016.25.x

    Is the conted valid for release 2017.2.2 ?


    Thank you and Best regards



    1. Guido Eichmann
      Post author

      Hi Marian,

      no the current content release is not valid for BusinessObjects Cloud release 2017.2.2. But we will for sure have a compatible release available when customer system are updated to 2017.2.2 (which is currently not the case yet).
      And this will be true for all releases: so you could always expect a compatible release of the content for the offical release customer will have in their BusinessObjects Cloud system.

      BR Guido


  7. Former Member

    Hi all,

    is it possible to use this BOC content, in an environment where the source is not SAP?

    This is an EC&O customer, which uses a niche ERP, called EnKontrol,runs on a Sybase database.

    1. Guido Eichmann
      Post author

      Hi Edgar,

      as you could imagine we best integrate with SAP sources for the content and built the content for SAP sources. But in case you find the content or parts of it useful also for non SAP sources you could of course use it for your scenario.

      Best regards,



  8. Former Member

    Hi everyone,

    I installed what I think is the most recent content in my BOC tennant (SAP_BOC_CONT_2017_01.tgz release date Feb. 23, 20017) but I’m getting some errors for the SAP_FI_Agenda (Boardroom agenda)

    dberror($.hdb.Connection.executeQuery): 0 – Server plugin error: Connection timeout!

    and for the Chemicals Porfolio performance growth products, which might be related because its related to FI as Well.

    Object SAP__CHEM_PRT_IM_MATERIAL imported and created
    Data was imported to object SAP__CHEM_PRT_IM_MATERIAL.
    dberror(PreparedStatement.executeUpdate): 494 – invalid EPM Query Source definition: 43253: implicit mappings: field _changeTime_ does not exist in actualDataSource “_SYS_BIC”.”t.J.t.S.SAP__FI_GEN_IM_GENERALLEDGER/SAP__FI_GEN_IM_GENERALLEDGER”

    Anyone with the same problem?



    1. Guido Eichmann
      Post author

      Hi Sada,

      Thanks for your post. The error 494 – invalid EPM Query Source definition….is known but it is not an issue for the content. In case you would use a Value Driver Tree (VDT) with this model there might be an issue or an unexpected behaviour. It is planned to fix this issue with 2017.4.

      We have also included this information in the documenation as a know issue. The updated documentation will be available with the next release which is planned to be available on Friday March 10th.

      The connection timeout issue seems rather like a temporary issue on the SAP Cloud Platform. It does not sound to be related to the content – does this error still occur?

      Best regards,



      1. Former Member

        Thanks for your reply Guido,  I tried a couple of times and still got the timeout error, but I haven’t tried again ever since. I will do a couple more attempts and post back here.


  9. Former Member

    Hi There,


    I use SAP BOPC version 2017.5.0 and found the latest content download not working with that version. What can I do about that? Any news on when the content is refreshed?


    TIA, Dirk

      1. Guido Eichmann
        Post author

        2017.5 compatible content is planned to be availbale this Friday (March 31st) when all regular instances will also get the corresponding BusinessObjects Cloud release.

  10. Former Member

    Downloaded and installed content today; only errors warnings about Connections for Marketing data and for one other datasource. Nice piece of demo data :).

  11. James Longstaff

    Dear Guido,

    This content sounds great!  The only problem is I seem to be stuck in a loop with respect to the ZIP Code field in the form to update my account to SAP Store.

    I get the error ‘ZIP/Postal code must match country’.

    I am using our only similar code for this which is called “apartado postal” in Spanish, the country is Panamá.  I have tried some dummy codes also (all spaces, all 0, all 1) but nothing works.  Perhaps SAP can review the conditional that this field uses so that we can get access to this content.


    Kind regards

    James Longstaff

    Integrated System Technologies, Inc.

    Panamá City, Panamá.


    1. Henry Banks

      hi, just a suggestion but i can confirm that in Spain the zip code is 5 numeric characters, such as 30590. could you use ‘Spain’ as your country and complete? regards, H

    2. Guido Eichmann
      Post author

      Hi James,

      thanks for you post and sorry to hear that the ZIP/postal code seems to cause some issues for you.

      But as this Postal Code is not a mandatory field it can be left empty. So the only mandatory fields you need are your first and last name, your company, your company e-mail, phone and country.

      Could you please try again? In case the issue still persist, please write a personal message to me.

      Thanks and regards,


      1. James Longstaff

        Hi Guido,

        Many thanks for your reply.  The form still insists that a street address and postcode are required.

        I was able to get past this by putting my home address in the UK (cheers Henry) but as the account is for my company in Panamá I don’t see this as a permanent solution.  I think these fields should be optional as you suggested.


        Kind regards



  12. Former Member


    we love the content and we are preparing big workshops for our customers, based on Concur Travel demo.

    Unfortunatelly, today we discovered that all charts based on Concur_travel model suddenly stopped working! We are getting authorization errors.

    However, when we are creating a new story based on Concur_travel model, everything works fine.

    Could you please help? The show is on Tuesday, so there is very little time to create a whole new story.

    1. Guido Eichmann
      Post author

      Hi Dorota,

      sorry for the late reply – I hope you could resolve the issues and had a good customer workshop.
      Without knowing details it is hard to provide a solution for that authorization issue.
      We have not seen such a behaviour to date.

      Please send a message to in case you need further assistance.

      Thanks and regards,


  13. Former Member

    SAP Business Objects
    Hey experts! I hope you are fine !!

    I have a doubt:
    For users to create models by hana calculations views (BOC only) is it necessary to register the user’s P-USER (or S-USER) also in HCP or just in the BOC ???

    I believe it is only in the BOC, but I would like the opinion of our specialists. Can someone fix me?

    Thank you very much in advance.


  14. Roberto Müller

    SAP Store not working  🙁

    Click on the download link and it stays on “Activating Your Account…” page.

    Anyone else with login problems?




    1. Guido Eichmann
      Post author

      Hi Roberto,

      We had some issues last week with the store but they should be resolved.

      I just tried to it on my own and had no problems accessing the store and receiving the confirmation e-mail with the download link. Could you please re-try?

      In case the issue still exists please sent an e-mail with screenshots and a step-by-step description to

      Thanks and regards,


  15. Former Member

    Hi Guido,

    I tried downloading the cloud content too. But I just receive a download request confirmation mail

    “We are currently processing your request to download the solution SCN – SAP Analytics Cloud content.

    We will contact you shortly with the instructions on how to get the solution.”

    . But n.o link to download.

    Thanks and regards,


  16. Priten Sikotra

    Hi Guido,

    Just downloaded the latest content package (SAP_SAC_CONT_2017_11) and tried to import into my system which is on version 2017.12.1 (build date Fri Jun 30 2017 15:09:21+0200)  which is supported according to the documentation. However, it fails with the unsupported message:


    The content you are importing is not supported in this version. Please delete this package.


    Any ideas? Also, the email address yu specified above is bouncing back.


    Thanks in advance,


    1. Guido Eichmann
      Post author

      Hi Priten,

      sorry to hear that the import into your system does not work.
      I just tested the import on a 2017.12 release and could not reproduce the issue.

      Just the other day we have also change the email adress to reflect the name changes of the product. Please contact us using the following e-mail: SAP Analytics Cloud Content.




      1. Dominic Bayer

        The SAP store provides me a new filename:

        With the normal Windows-ZIP view, i still cannot open this file. But with 7-ZIP it works!


        Thank you for your feedback, that the file looks fine.

        1. Guido Eichmann
          Post author

          Thanks for your feedback. The file has been updated in the download and should now work again without any additonal tools or software

          Best regards,


  17. Thomas Kramer

    Hi everyone,

    I tried to access the ByDesign content with a trial demo – but not successful.

    Is it possible to setup a ByD demo connection in trials?




    1. Guido Eichmann
      Post author

      Hi Thomas,

      Are you refering to the trial offered on In that case it is currently not possible to install SAP Analytics Cloud content here. The trial also only supports a local file upload or a connect to Google Drive.

      Please get in touch with your SAP contact who will be able to help you with your request. In case you currently have no contact person please send us an e-mail with your contact information and we will connect you.



  18. Vijaya kumar


    What are the Roles require to import content.

    I have following Roles but still I’m not able see business content option.

    BI Admin

    BI Content Creator,

    BI Content Viewer,

    SAPCP Content Creator,

    SAPCP Content Viewer

    Predictive Analyst.



    1. Guido Eichmann
      Post author


      with these roles you shoud be able to see the content library. Could you please send an email with screenshots of what your are seeing within SAP Analytics Cloud? How does the Browse –> Files screen look like? Are you seeing the content library icon? If yes what is shown once you click the library icon?

      Thanks  and regards,

  19. Thomas DELALOY

    Hi Colleagues,

    This content is really nice – I’m interested by the Successfactors part and I have imported it.

    Nevertheless I see how to connect the models with the successfactors connector by ding the data import but the upload of public dimensions is quite difficult.

    Do you know why we do not have the possibility to import data from Successfactors in the dimension editor – we have some data sources but not SF ?

    Best regards,



  20. Former Member

    Dear Guido,

    This content sounds great! I have imported the Utilities standard content, however, I cannot see the data in the Finance story (“No data is available for the chart to render” for some charts). Is this because of the S/4 HANA live connection? The help document (page 15) says “The CDS query 2CCFIAP_DPO is currently not in released state. The current timeline for the release of this CDS query is 201805”.

    Is there a way to update some test data to the model, I am unable to upload sample data to the model.




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