Some customers always ask how to use MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT to synchronize the BP and customer/vendor. In this blog, I will introduce the steps for this program.

1. Run tcode MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT.
2. In the top-left part “Synchronization Process”, you could choose the synchronization destination.   
The customizing is in the following path:
Cross-Application Components ->
Master Data Synchronization ->
Synchronization Control ->
Synchronization Control

Only the activated synchronization process can be seen in this part of MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT.

3. In this sample, I choose destination BP -> Customer.
Source object is BP and target Object is Customer.

4. In the Processing tab, you can set the block size. Default block size is 50.
Once the “Background Processing” flag, the job will be run as the background job. If you want to debug the synchronization process, you could remove the flag.
In “Synchronization scope” session, you have the following options and you could decide which you need to synchronize.
– Business partners and relationships
– Business partners only
– Relationships only
Then you could add which partner you want to do the synchronization. Here I add one BP as an example.

5. Now you could click on the execute button in the top-left corner to start the program. Afterwards, you could click on the “Monitor” tab to check the queue status. Once everything is OK, the program and status light will be green.

6. If you want to know whether there is any error in the synchronization process, you could check in tcode MDS_PPO2. You can check in my blog about how to use this tcode MDS_PPO2.
How to use tcode MDS_PPO2

Hope this blog helps you.

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  1. Jürgen L

    other transactions  make use of the “i” icon to explain the programs – (e.g. in MB5B) –  you should suggest this to the developers -would certainly be a relief for customers and the Support Desk 🙂

  2. Ryan Quejano

    I am trying the other way around.
    I already have created a customer and would like to create a corresponding BP.
    Postprocessing Office not activated for synchronization process (this is the error message that I always get).


    1. Julin Xin Post author


      You would need to make sure the PPO is activated in your system.

      Please check the steps in my KBA as below to activate PPO.
      2351694 – How to resolve ASSERTION_FAILED dump during synchronization

      Thank you.
      Best regards,
      Julin Xin


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