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Introduction for tcode MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT

Some customers always ask how to use MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT to synchronize the BP and customer/vendor. In this blog, I will introduce the steps for this program.

1. Run tcode MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT.
2. In the top-left part “Synchronization Process”, you could choose the synchronization destination.   
The customizing is in the following path:
Cross-Application Components ->
Master Data Synchronization ->
Synchronization Control ->
Synchronization Control

Only the activated synchronization process can be seen in this part of MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT.

3. In this sample, I choose destination BP -> Customer.
Source object is BP and target Object is Customer.

4. In the Processing tab, you can set the block size. Default block size is 50.
Once the “Background Processing” flag, the job will be run as the background job. If you want to debug the synchronization process, you could remove the flag.
In “Synchronization scope” session, you have the following options and you could decide which you need to synchronize.
– Business partners and relationships
– Business partners only
– Relationships only
Then you could add which partner you want to do the synchronization. Here I add one BP as an example.

5. Now you could click on the execute button in the top-left corner to start the program. Afterwards, you could click on the “Monitor” tab to check the queue status. Once everything is OK, the program and status light will be green.

6. If you want to know whether there is any error in the synchronization process, you could check in tcode MDS_PPO2. You can check in my blog about how to use this tcode MDS_PPO2.
How to use tcode MDS_PPO2

Hope this blog helps you.

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  • other transactions  make use of the "i" icon to explain the programs - (e.g. in MB5B) -  you should suggest this to the developers -would certainly be a relief for customers and the Support Desk 🙂

  • Hi,
    I am trying the other way around.
    I already have created a customer and would like to create a corresponding BP.
    Postprocessing Office not activated for synchronization process (this is the error message that I always get).


    • Hello,

      You would need to make sure the PPO is activated in your system.

      Please check the steps in my KBA as below to activate PPO.
      2351694 - How to resolve ASSERTION_FAILED dump during synchronization

      Thank you.
      Best regards,
      Julin Xin

          • Hi,


            What else do you want to configure? If the view is the same as this blog, you could do the synchronization.


            Best regards,

            Julin Xin

          • I’ve configurated to BP and Vendor/Customer Accounting.

            I did those :

            • Maintained to vendor account groups and number ranges
            • Maintained to BP

            But I’m in mistake anywhere and I couldn’t find where I’m in mistake

            When I create a vendor by BP tcode, I can’t see Company Code info so I have been taking DUMP



            i_object_name is not initial,
            i_object_key  is not initial



            Can you help me ?


            Best Regards.

            Hidayet PERASAN

          • Please refer to the following note to resolve the dump:

            2009887 - BP_OTH: Short dump ASSERTION_FAILED when editing business partner in FS role

  • Hi Julin Xin

    I am not able to see EXECUTE button enabled for my ID but it comes enabled for my colleauge. The security team checked the role and we have same roles. is there any user specific setting somewhere to enable the EXECUTE option. We are using MDG 8.0.  I am able to go in MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT but the button or anything for that matter is disables. Please advise.

  • Hi Julin,

    Thanks a lot for your step by step explanation ! Very useful !

    I’m using it to synchronize a Vendor –> BP .

    I would like to synchronize in the contact person of a vendor to create it’s corresponding BP. But unfortunately I only get :

    You can see the option is greyed out “Vendors Without Contact Persons”.

    Do you know how to synchronize the contact person of a vendor to create a new BP ?

    Thanks a lot in advance,

    Best Regards,

    Thibaud LOYRIAC.

  • Hi Julian,

    We are on IS-U and trying to upgrade to S$HANA. I have have customers created with the BP's in my system with Role MKK and FS. When I am trying to convert them I get the error BP already exist in the cockpit. I tried manually converting them using FLBPD2 and I get the error 'Do not link an IS-U BP - Note 1123452. It seems we should not convert and link them, can you suggest what needs to be done with these BP's/Customers.



    • Hi Ish,

      As pointed in the note 1123452,

      • The business partners must still be kept separate.  In other words, you must not create a business partner in both: in a FS role and as a contract partner (role MKK).  The duplicates that are created in this way can be linked using a relevant relationship.  After you implemented the attached correction instructions, the relevant check is performed.

      That is why the error is raised.

      Thanks and best regards,

      Julin Xin

  • Hi Julin,

    Nice blog, thanks.

    Would you know if there is a way to filter/restrict the records based on additional criterion/fields other than the ones displayed in the drop-down ?For example if we require to run the synchronization only for a particular combination of Account groups + Purchasing Organisation how can this additional filtering be done ?

    1) How can purchasing group be added to this filtering criterion ?

    2)Is there a BADI available to achieve this ?  I came across the BADI BUPA_FURTHER_CHECKS but I am not sure if this is the correct way to do this.

    Could you please share some information on this ?

    Best regards,


      1. It is not possible to achieve that. It should (somehow) be possible to add a select for LFA1 fields, but not for LFM1-EKGRP. EDIT: try to select the vendors beforehand and upload the selection for MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT via Button "Read File" in the bottom right corner.
      2. No, this BAdI is used to check BP data, and not for selection of vendors to be synched.



  • Hi Julin,

    I check the block size, i can enter 99999 number of customers and vendors. As i am having huge data to synchronize (1.8 lakhs vendors and 1 lakh customers), Can i use 99999 number of customer vendors at a time. what will be your suggestion. Thanks in advance.





    • This is not recommended by SAP according to the F1-help. However, you could set a breakpoint in Include MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT_F0100 line 856 and change value ls_sync_param-data-block_size, as this is of type INT with 10 places.

  • Thanks Julin for the helpful blog. I am trying to schedule the batch job of this program however can't create variant . as we don't want to execute any  T code due to high volume of data . can you please suggest how to schedule batch job of this program. I understand there is background processing button in this T code . but per my understanding everyday we need to run this. rather this batch job scheduling will help us.

  • Hey Julin,


    got some questions:

    1. how to enable the test checkbox? it is still grey. SAP Note 2326024 from Cookbook is not to find in Helpdesk and SNOTE to fix it. We got ECC 6.0 EHP8
    2. Im getting dump during conversion by the cockpit, when i select more then one customer/vendor. The dump occurs in include LBUPA_INTERFACE_OUTBOUNDA62;  ASSERTION_FAILED in CHK_REL_ADDRESS_MEM_1
    3. And i cant generate BP in backround no error to find in PPO. Tried already Note 2448409 - Background Processing in MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT does not work


    thank you in advance

    Kind regards


  • I am trying to activate the "Test Run" field in Cockpit, but I cannot find this SAP Note anymore, why?

    SAP Note 2326024 - Enablement of test run for customer/supplier to BP in MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT transaction