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Hi forum,

That topic is use to be for old CRM and old PPM outside solman but now we have to use it…; to test the new solman forums blog pots i save that tip to hide or edit layout elements in any solman webdynpro, the example if for PPM but the process will for for other solman ABAP webdynpros.

info: used in solman 7.2 and it work in the same way for solman 7.1

1.- Click on project table dashboard to open your project in a popup window.

2.- Use the button add favorite link to Internet Browser ( bookmarks, etc… ).

3.- Copy the url.

4.- Paste the url in a new Internet browser tab/window and concatenate with “&sap-config-mode=X”.

5.- You will see a banner in the top of page showing that the config mode is enable.

6.- Select any element of the screen and click on the right button of the mouse and click on “setting for current congiguration”

6.1.- option menu after righ click on a payout element

6.2.– current configuration for the element

7.- In the configuration poup you can select the options of the field, hide it, change to read only, etc…

save and close and the system wil ask you for a transport request to save your changes.

P.D. that it’s my firs blog post in the new scn forums… I have strange feelings using it 😉


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  1. Fernando Gil Otero

    Great article! Really helpful. Thanks.


    PS: as it’s now difficult to get the URL even when adding to bookmarks (due to the unified URL), here’s another way to get it:

    1. Open the project you want to customize
    2. Right click in the new window somewhere below the bottom-most object (usually, the project hierarchy) and clic on “Technical Help”.
    3. Copy the URL from the URL box, paste it in a new window and add the &sap-config-mode=X parameter at the end.


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