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Enhancements to Document Generation – Employee Central in 1611

Dear All,

in continuation to the previous blogs : blog1, blog2 , blog3 would like to share the exciting news related to enhancements made to Document Generation functionality in release 1611. I haven’t shared the enhancements done in previous releases after 1602. We enabled some minor features like image upload from local repository and made some minor enhancements in usability.

Additionally, in 1611, we have enabled the MDF Objects to be listed in Base Objects as well. Until now, you were only able to see the legacy objects. With 1611 as first step, we have enabled the user based benefits and advances objects as well to be listed in “Manage Document Generation – Document Template Mapping”. In future more objects will be enabled here to be used for creating the documents.

Sample documents can be seen below.


Its been a great experience to share the features for Document Generation with you. As I move to another team, so you would hear more on Document Generation from my colleagues.

With promises of more exciting stuff to come.

Best Regards,

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  • I need to generate Promotion Letter with the following data.

    Minimum Pay

    Maximum Pay

    Mid Point

    I am unable to directly map Base Object 'Pay Range' through Document Generation Mapping. Hence I created a rule to set these values and mapped the rule back in Document Generation Mapping. However when I try to generate the document I receive the error message, "You do not have permission for the following Placeholders". I am using the system as the Super Admin with access to all FO.

    Has anyone else faced this issue before? Is there any restriction that we cannot use Parameter 'Pay Range' or any Model Objects when creating a rule with Base Object 'Document Mapping Rule Result'?


    • Hello Nithya,

      apologies, somehow I didnt get the automated reminder.  Sorry about my late reply. Do you still face the issue?

      Best Regards,



  • Hello Priyanka,

    We have a scenario where we are not able to proceed further with document generation. Please have a look.

    I have added 2 custom fields in the employee time object which appears on the screen while requesting time off. Now I want these 2 fields to be picked up in document generation. Unfortunately, these 2 custom fields not being picked up.

    I also referred the KBA “2424534 - MDF object permission-EC-Document generation”. From this KBA, I learn that b1611 release onwards custom mdf objects are supported. Please investigate.

    Employee Time Object (custom field created as highlighted):

    Requesting time off:

    Template Mapping:

    Document generation:




    Need assistance!


    • Hi Rohit,

      it would be better to raise issues via the customer support. Unfortunately I was not active on SCN for some time. Hopefully you would have got solution by now.

      Best Regards,