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Pages and pages of seemingly outdated or needless information about Moshe’s post:

All with timestamps from 30+ minutes ago, so that would be shortly before 11:00 AM EST, and seems like I got feed updates for every touch in this thread from all of the history…

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  1. Jeremy Good Post author

    I don’t know – just pointing out a [Status Update] on today’s observation in the activity feed, in case I wasn’t the only one running into it…

  2. Jerry Janda


    OK, here’s what happened…

    We found out that the question about questions had been deleted: (I’m not sure if that qualifies as irony.)

    I don’t know why the question was deleted, but we fixed it.

    And it seems that’s what triggered the activity updates.

    Obviously that’s a problem. Improving the activity experience is a big priority. I just need to find out if this particular situation is an example of a bug or something that should be covered with activity improvements.

    I’m looking into it.

    For now, sorry about the flood…

    Best regards,


    1. Jeremy Good Post author


      Probably should have been deleted before the launch – seemed like a test post and one that kept getting random attention.

      Thanks for investigating Jerry!

        1. Jeremy Good Post author


          I learned from the team that down votes do not give negative karma points (and can confirm the special moderator view of my own karma doesn’t show the down votes I scored on the people profile thread)

  3. Sajid Amir

    Hello Jeremy,

    Thank you so much for posting this. I do not think this issue has been identified or reported yet so I am very glad that you bring this up. I have reached out to my IT support to investigate further. So to reiterate the problem you are facing:

    “Republishing deleted content shows older activities associated with that content AGAIN to users subscribed to the content in their Activity Streams”

    Clearly this should not be the case. The expected behavior should be to NOT show all old activities again in subscriber’s streams and only show new activities since re-publish. I will update you once I have some more information on this.

    Again, thanks for your vigilance!

      1. Sajid Amir

        Checked with @Jerry. (I know we do not know have @mentions). Thanks for looking out Jeremy, I will update you both once I hear back from IT.

  4. Jelena Perfiljeva

    Activity Stream is like a landfill. Even if I filter it by “Blogs”, I still get 3 pages notifying me about updates in a single blog and separately about every single comment on every single blog. This is the whole page I see in 75% zoom:

    The “minor update” flag is badly needed, it seems.

    1. Jeremy Good Post author

      I couldn’t resist some enhanced imagery…

      So, the activity feed is a methane producer?  Am I one of the circling gulls?  Who’s piloting the bulldozer?


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