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Author's profile photo Arun Santhanam

SAP CodeJAM Exclusive Edition -TechMahindra

SAP Code JAM Exclusive Edition –TechMahindra Chennai

Hi, in this blog I’ve penned down the learning experiences of a 2 day workshop by SAP CodeJam Exclusive Edition in Tech Mahindra (10 & 11th Nov 16). The workshop was all about SAP HCP & IOT.

SAP HCP itself provides flexible subscription models and services for infrastructure, database, and apps, this along with IOT services provides a world class solution to the digitization of the customer(consumer) needs.

We were led under the guidance and expertise of three technology analysts from SAP. Mr.Vasu Kesiraju who is a Product expert in HCP, WebIDE and UI5 from SAP Technology RIG, Mr. Manjunath Gudisi is an expert in HCP, IoT, and iOS from SAP Technology RIG and their team was strengthened or accompanied   by Mr. Manjunath Baburao who is the Product Manager of HCP in India.


To get into the details of the workshop, we were a group of mixed crowd, meant to say that our audiences included of people who were well-versed in HCP as well as people who were new to this platform, so to address everybody who have gathered for session, Day-1 started with familiarising ourselves on connecting Eclipse with SAP HANA Cloud Platform. After huddling through various infrastructure issues we started by creating a Java app in SAP HCP. The below site is an entry point where one can find various step-by-step tutorials on various topics under Developer tab inside Tutorial Navigator.

We followed the tutorials namely

  • Java Group 1: Creating a basic Java app in SAP HANA Cloud Platform and
  • Java Group 4: Basic Java app with HCP and Eclipse

to create a simple Java application to demonstrate the basic drill of developing applications and deploying them locally and to the cloud.

Later Mr. Manjunath babarao and Mr. Vasu Kesiraju  gave us a detailed description of SAP HCP services, what are its capabilities and benefits, and they even shared a piece of  information like for every 15 days SAP comes up with a new release of service in HCP and other updates which was not possible in the conventional solution. They also shared some of their success stories on how these services proved to handle even the toughest of tough challenges faced by their customer in various business aspects at ease.

Following which we discussed about JPA based development paradigm which helps us to consume data from Non-SAP source which was a new concept for us. This has opened several opportunities for us to work with various other backend “System of records”. This course also covered about multitenancy where the application can be accessed from different source

To much of people’s interest, the success stories of SAP can be read from the below link

After having a quick lunch at our premises the second half of the day resumed with completing our day’s activity of connecting our Java app with SAP HANA cloud platform.

The day ended the enlightenment of developing applications and deploying them locally and to the cloud and with the excitement of getting our hands dirty with the IoT devices and coding for the next day. We even had a brainstorming session where the experts Mr.Vasu Kesiraju and Mr. Manjunath babarao  clarified the various doubts and misconceptions we had in the technology. After ending the day with high tea, and with the help of some of our colleagues we made sure that the necessary Hardware and Software pre-requites has been checked for Day 2 to start with.


Day 2 started with a briefing on IoT devices and the services related to it. Mr.Manjunath Gudisi gave us simple illustration and coined IoT and its services in a nutshell as


And so the mantra of any IoT related scenario is to Sense the data through a medium such as Wi-Fi, BlueTooth (BLE) or Zigbee, then Analyse the data on how can it address the business requirements and put the solution into Action by using the services provided.

Day 2 was very much exciting as we were actually given a chance to play with IoT device. A microcontroller called Tessel, were given at our hands to experiment. It runs on Javascript and collects the data based on the sensors attached, which is referred to as a module.

We started with learning IoT’s initial commands followed by connecting the Tessel devices to Wi-fi medium through a mobile hotspot. We started to run a few basic commands from the site  in the npm environment and made our devices ready to receive the data from the core microprocessor.

We were given 5 different use-case scenarios in which we were expected to derive a solution by using 5 different modules or sensors namely

  • Ambient,
  • Climate,
  • Accelerometer,
  • Camera, and
  • Gyro meter

Now as a part of the workshop we were assigned the activity of capturing these output values by using the sensors and converting it into HCP-IoT interpretable format so that the same can be uploaded into our HCP servers.

To guide our way, at first we were asked to follow the steps in Developer tutorials

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Setup the Tessel
  • IoT Group 2: IoT with SAP HANA Cloud Platform IoT Services

After setting up our devices we paused the session and had lunch with our delegates at our premises, later we proceeded with our hands-on activity.

By following the mantra of Sense, Analyse and Action in IoT related activities, firstly we Sensed the data and derived the necessary output through JavaScript coding in the npm environment. Secondly. now it’s time for us to Analyse the data. To serve this purpose we used our standard SAPUI5 based tools to fetch respective records for HCP so that it can be represented in a more human understandable form such as graphs or charts. This helps us to take the necessary decision whenever the threshold is breached.

Time simply flew as everybody showed their active and enthusiastic participation in sensing and analysing the data based on the sensors given to them. But unfortunately due to shortage of time we weren’t able to actually realize our analysed data into action, but nevertheless, the SAP Team explained us in detail on how to consume the data in our application and how to work on the Action front of it.

We were truly enlightened by the 2 day workshop which proved worthy of the time and effort spent by everyone of us. And we can’t thank enough our SAP team (Mr. Manjunath babarao , Mr.Vasu Kesiraju, Mr. Manjunath Gudisi & Dalal, Krishna (Event Organizer SAP Side) for accepting our invitation, giving us a greater insight of how IoT devices and HCP services are integrated and patiently attending to all our queries. A big thanks to the SAP team and to all the attendees for their kind cooperation to make this workshop serve its purpose and for making this event a successful one.

And to mention, the key takeaways of the workshop were

  • How to create a simple web application on HCP
  • How to apply authentication and authorization
  • How to expose business functionality as an external RESTful API
  • How to add JPA-based persistence to your web app
  • How to leverage the multi-tenancy features of SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • How to use the connectivity service to consume external services
  • How to add a mobile-friendly UI5-based user interface to the web application
  • Thorough hand-on experience on IoT devices
  • Data extraction using various modules such as
    • Ambient – which senses the ambience of the place
    • Climate – which senses the temperature of the place
    • Accelerometer – which senses the rotation or position of the device
    • Camera – which senses the motion or command and captures a picture
    • Gyro meter – which senses and measures the angular velocity
  • Analyse the data and extract it in a consumable oData service format or JSON, XML data format.
  • Derive various solutions to address the use cases using this data with the help of HCP

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      Author's profile photo Dhivya C
      Dhivya C

      Really had a great session , thanks to Mr Arun Santhanam for making this happen and spl thanks to SAP team for enlightening our ideas in HCP and IOT areas. 

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      An awesome learning experience which was filled with lots of fun at the same time with lots of

      information and enlightening session by SAP team. Thank you SAP team and a special thanks to

      Arun Santhanam for arranging eye opening sessions like this. Looking forward for more sessions

      like this.


      Preethi S

      Author's profile photo Adaikkalam Periyasamy
      Adaikkalam Periyasamy

      The fact is that the two days session has spurred us to embark our journey towards IoT.

      I'd like to personally thank everyone who were involved for your time and effort for arranging the session.

      Author's profile photo Jitendra Kansal
      Jitendra Kansal

      Happy to see that events went well and helpful for our developers. Thanks Arun for write-up and big thanks to SAP codejam crew.


      Author's profile photo Manjunath Baburao
      Manjunath Baburao

      Thanks to the attendees for an engaging and interactive code jam! It was great interacting with all of you!! Special thanks to Arun for the logistic and operational support.

      Author's profile photo aruna c
      aruna c

      Thanks to SAP Code Jam and Techm team for arranging this event.! It was a great experience and we got some stuff on IoT. Looking forward for more events like this.

      Aruna Chandrasekar

      Author's profile photo Vishnupriya Varadharajan
      Vishnupriya Varadharajan

      The event gave us a real insight on what IoT is!. It was great fun working with the sensors and seeing real time data getting updated on the screens. Thanks to the Code Jam team who made the sessions lively and interactive. Special Thanks to Arun for his initiative and all my colleagues who made it to the event.  

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks to SAP team (Manjunath, Manjunath ji and Vasu) for coming over and giving their insights on ioT and HCP services, how it can work for a better business and better world. Special thanks to Arun Santhanam for arranging such a great event and Vishnupriya for arranging all software logistics in short spam of time. Our team had a great time doing hands-on and working with real sensors 🙂 

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      We had an enlightening and fun-filled workshop and learnt much more on IoT and HCP services. A big thanks to SAP CodeJam team for the lively and interactive session and special thanks to Arun Santhanam, Vishnupriya Varadharajan and all the others involved in making this event a successful one. Your efforts are worthy of praise and appreciation. Once again, Thank you all for giving us a wonderful learning experience.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      This is very good session. We have learned lot apart from our regular SAP technical work. Thanks for SAP CodeJam team. Thanks.