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EP: Portal – Parameter “jsp.bigmode.delimit.size”


The Enterprise Portal as we know servers as the baseline platform and single point of access for end-users and their associated interaction with organizational data, applications and information.

With the NW Java Application Server & the Enterprise Portal there are a whole host of parameters all of which offer their own unique functional output and correspondence.

Portal Core

The Portal incorporates a   multitude of component areas which when combined together provide the Portal with its operational functionality. One of the core areas here is that of the Portal Runtime Technology (PRT) which is in direct association to the J2EE (Java) engine.Runtime Parameter

The jsp.bigmode.delimit.size is a runtime parameter which (dependent on the value maintained) officially is used to “Specify the use code optimization for JSP files larger than the specified number of bytes”.

Is this Parameter Important?

There have been queries surrounding the importance of this parameter in the “tc~epbc~prtc~core” services and whether it can be changed/disabled.

Firstly regarding the parameter setting itself let us remember the core functionality behind it i.e. centered around defined optimization for JSP files larger than the (user) specified number of bytes.

In older systems versions there were a few occurrences in which, the compilation of jsp files failed (if their size was very large) because the generated Java code exceeded the 65K limitation (per method) of SUN JVM or the system crashed when it tried to load a class file that was not correctly constructed (method size > 65K).

This property as you now know has a default setting associated to it (10000) and should be maintained unless otherwise required.

I have the parameter & notice its disabled?

If you encounter this particular occurrence a great source of reference is that of

  • SAP Note: 820282 – Portal JSP compiler fails when code generated is too long

If the property is defined without a set value within the and set it to “1”.


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      Author's profile photo Julio Alberto Martinez Real
      Julio Alberto Martinez Real

      Nice blog as always. It seems you are the only SAPs employee worried about portal.

      Author's profile photo Troy Cronin
      Troy Cronin
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Julio

      Many thanks for the response and feedback it is greatly appreciated.

      I intend to keep delivering consistent Portal content wherever possible 🙂 as I believe building a sound information base is a great source of help to everyone.

      Please if you ever have any queries or are seeking content on a particular topic feel free to reach out to me directly as I would be more than happy to contribute and help out!

      Kind Regards & Talk Soon

      Troy Cronin - Enterprise Portal Support Engineer