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Overview of Rapid Content Delivery in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Rapid Content Delivery – An Overview 

Solution Manager delivers a number of functionalities to the customer in the form of content. This content is delivered to customers along with the Support Pack and Enhancement Pack of Solution Manager.

Rapid Content Delivery (RCD) tool allows customers to import the latest content updates for various SAP Solution Manager Functions, such as Monitoring and Alerting, Guided Procedure, and Customer Usage Provisioning. Content updates are available in the form of Support Packages (content package) in SAP Service Marketplace. Each content package contains the latest content updates for various Solution Manager Functions.

A typical set of activities that followed for a content update using RCD are as follows:

  1. New updated content is released from SAP(ST-CONT 200) and is available SAP Support Portal.
  2. Notification is send from SAP to Customers’ Solution Manager system regarding the availability of the new content. The customer can read the notifications either via Automatic or Manual options.
  3. Customer downloads the content from SAP Support Portal. Automatic and Manual Download options are available.
  4. Content is uploaded to Sap Solution Manager System.

With SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SAP introduces a new infrastructure and new data communication channels. And this new framework builds the foundation for all future applications exchanging data between SAP Solution Manager and the SAP Support Portal in a secure, reliable, and controlled way. RCD is using this new Infrastructure SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS03. This document covers the main setup steps that are required to be executed to configure RCD in Sap Solution Manager 7.2 SPS03. It also provides an overview of the RCD Application.

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