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HTMLB and its main consumers, EP and KM are now officially standards mode enabled!

HTMLB has joined the big list of UI technologies that currently provide support for Standards mode enablement (the complete list is available in PAM). The support is released for NW731 SP 19 & SP20, NW740 SP14 & SP15 and NW 750 SP05 & SP06. For further details, please refer to Note 2249367.

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    • In general all standards mode enabled applications can be opened inplace in FLP on EP, so HTMLB applications (based on Note 2249367) should be opened inplace as well.

      As for the supported themes, unfortunately, HTMLB is based on UR classic, which does not support new themes, such as sap_Corbu, sap_blueCrystal and sap_belize. Therefore HTMLB applications like KM, portal IView Trays and other portal admin scenarios cannot support the new themes.

      • Thanks for your response Orit.

        is there any future enhacement about HTMLB applications and new themes?? we are planning to upgrade from 7.0 to 7.5 but we use a lot of km iviews and if we can´t use the FLP with km views making the look and feel consistent we won´t upgade.

        thanks again.


        • Currently no future enhancements are planned. Nevertheless, you can improve the theme by creating a custom fallback theme. You can find details about fallback theme in this link.