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Augmented Reality – World Foresee a New Profitable Business Technology

Projected Market of 120 USD by 2020 gives an estimation of the valuation of Augmented Reality (AR) in the future Technology Landscape. All major industries are investing in innovative solutions using AR to bring in efficiency and customer satisfaction.  As per a research, 67% of the executives are considering adopting AR in their organization. This blog tries to understand this key concept and how different industries adopting it to enhance customer value.

In layman’s language, augmented reality is adding up a layer of digital information on physical world around us. With the rise of digital technology and digital marketing concepts, augmented reality is also coming up as a vision that brings people to life inside their virtual reality experience. One of the most common ways is through smart phone technology. With its attractive features like camera, sensors like GPS receivers, compass, smart phone uses augment reality to figure out where it is as compared to real world. Augmented reality might seems to be revolutionary but you will be surprised to know that this technology started in 1962 when Cinematographer Morton Heiig created Sensorama Stimulator with visual, sounds, vibrations and smell. The success of an Augmented Reality game, Pokemon Go, has brought in renewed vigor into the search for ideas of putting AR forefront in unlocking customer values.

Some of the Cross Industry application are as follows:

  • Healthcare: Physical presence is not a mandatory anymore. Doctors can instructed over AR compatible devices (i.e., glasses, iPod) by experts from remote location. This can enable effective affordable healthcare reaching more patients.
  • Aerospace: Boeing is using AR technology to build airplanes – It has resulted in reducing the error rates by half.
  • Logistics: AR can help warehouse operations and bringing in more efficiency and safety.
  • Automotive: Spatial Augmented Reality is harnessed by automotive majors to showcase new design architecture.
  • Services: Experts at remote locations help customers run through the product installations and videos.

These are some of the few areas. You can get the latest information and technologies related to all industries here: @sapindustries.

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      Amazing blog with lots of information On Augmented Reality from all Industry applications prospects.