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Troubleshooting: SDS project logs

When you go to compile and deploying a streaming project on an SAP HANA smart data streaming server, if you get an error saying that the project can’t be started, here are a couple of things to check:

1. Read the error message closely.  It may be a compile error.

If so,  it’s usually easiest to spot and fix compile errors in the CCL editor.  So open the project in the CCL editor in the authoring perspective.  Now compile the project.  Any errors will be flagged with an error symbol at the beginning of the line – hover over the error symbol for a description of the error.  (Errors are also summarized in the “Problems” view).

After you have corrected all the compile errors, compile again – sometimes additional errors will be flagged.  Keep doing this until you can compile without errors

2. If it’s a run time error: Now that you have a clean compile, try to run the project. If you get an error now, it will most likely be fairly cryptic, just saying that the Cluster has encountered an error and “Application wait for status is started, but application current status is not started.”

Here’s where you will want to check the project log for more information on the nature of the error.

To view the project log:

1. In SAP HANA Studio, go to the SAP HANA Administration Console perspective

2. Right click on the SAP HANA system you are using and choose “Configuration and Monitoring” and then “Open Administration

3. Now click on the “Diagnosis Files” tab and the in the list of files, find the “…trc” file for your project.  The file name will start with “streamingserver…” and will include the project name.  See the screenshot below for an example.  Double click the file to open it, and then scroll down to the bottom.  The cause of most run-time errors will be pretty obvious from the log file entries

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      Author's profile photo Mantri Shekar
      Mantri Shekar

      Hi Jeff Wootton,

      I am facing the similar issue Cluster error.
      I followed the path to see the trace.
      Could you please let me know how to resolve this issue.
      In the Data Services view iam creating new Workspace and adding a new service and creating my data streaming project in Project Explorer


      Author's profile photo Jeff Wootton
      Jeff Wootton
      Blog Post Author

      I suggest you post a question in the Q&A forum.  You've posted this as a comment to an overview on how to troubleshoot.  If those steps don't get you far enough in troubleshooting, then if you post a specific question (not here as a comment to a general purpose how-to, but as a question) someone can help you.  When you post your question, please provide specific details on what you've tried to do and what failed