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Part 17 : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1 (+ SPS03) : SAP WEBDispatcher Configuration as Managed System

Hello Friends,

You want to configure SAP Webdispatcher as manage system in solution manager. You need to follow steps below in order to configure it.

You need information about availability and limitations of End-to-End Root Cause Analysis tools in the context of Solution Manager 7.2. Please go through SAP note below.

2248724 – Root Cause Analysis in SAP Solution Manager 7.2
What Version of SAP Solution Manager and Webdispatcher I have used?

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 03
SAP Webdispatcher 7.45 with Kernel Patch 300

Step 1 : SLD registration of SAP Webdispatcher

Login to Server with <sidadm>account and navigate to X:\usr\sap\<SAPSID>\SYS\global directory

Note: SIDADM is your SAP Webdispather account

Run following command : sldreg -configure slddest.cfg –usekeyfile

Provide all required information about your SLD connection and FINAL screen will be look like below


Now Restart Web Dispatcher Instance Service through MMC as below

Check your SLD for SAP Webdispatcher information through CIM Instances


Step 2 : Diagnostic Template Upload

Please read SAP Note :

2190760 – Product Instance SAP NETWEAVER 7.X : SAP Web Dispatcher has no    Diagnostics Template

2166834 – RCA Template for Solution Manager 7.10 SP13

In mycase I have downloaded “WEB DISPATCHER 7.45.xml”

Open Infrastructure >> Content >> Root Cause Analysis

Upload file pressing Custom Upload Button

Step 3 : LMDB Setup for Web Dispacher Instance

Open LMDB and make sure you have set Product Instance setting for your SAP Webdispatcher is correct.

Step 4: Manage System setup

Check Siagnostics – relevance

Check Prereq.

Assign Diag. Agent

Enter System Parameters

Note: Make sure you have HTTP and HTTPS port numbers available and they are working for your SAP Webdispatcher.

Landscape Parameter

Note: Make sure you have proper Installation directory set and save parameter

Finalize Configuration

Check Configuration


Now you have completed SAP Webdispather configuration as Managed system and system is available to configure for Monitoring.

My next document will be on how to setup web dispatcher for monitoring.

Thank you for reading


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      Author's profile photo D I
      D I

      I do not have the browse/upload option in my Infrastructure -> Content-> Root Cause Analysis -> Stores.  I see the EXPORT section, and the tree view of the stores.  I don’t see anywhere to browse and upload.  I am running SolMan 7.2 SP4.

      I also am unable to add the path in the Landscape parameter section.  I click on the object "installed on path <not defined>" on the left side of the panel, but the right side remains blank/empty.  In ABAP/Java system setups, I am able to enter the correct paths.

      Author's profile photo Yogesh Patel
      Yogesh Patel
      Blog Post Author

      can you share screenshot of screen?

      Author's profile photo Bart Salden
      Bart Salden

      Same problem. I want to upload an rca template but no buttons appear to upload in the stores tab. how was this solved?

      Author's profile photo D I
      D I

      Your prep steps indicate you did this with Web Disp 7.45 p300.  But your product instance details say Web Dispatcher 7.5.  My LMDB sync from SLD only pulled in the software component (7.45), but the product instance table is empty.   If I try to manually add it, the most relevant choices are 7.4 and 7.5.  There is no 7.45, so is 7.5 the correct product instance to use?


      Author's profile photo D I
      D I

      I don't see a way to attach a screen shot in the comments section of this thread.  But basically it looks exactly like yours, but under the 'stores extractors views URL Framework' tabs in the "change reporting template management' box, there is no upload option.  Instead I see the 'EXPORT' section.

      I have tried this with a user with SAP_ALL elevated auths, but the result is the same.

      Author's profile photo Yogesh Patel
      Yogesh Patel
      Blog Post Author


      Ask question in question answer section....


      Author's profile photo Jonathan Ma
      Jonathan Ma


      1. what is the relative path URL for the WD?
      2. LMDB keeps complaining about not able to find diagnostic template for NW 7.5 WD. Why? I already uploaded all of the xml or csv I found related to my WD version.
      3. I ended choosing the NW7.4 - WD which is the only version that works. But I found no option to edit the WD installation path in step 5.
      4. In step 6, I ran into the following error on the introscope adapter:On instance : d301amsdwd01w/W01 Failed to configure Introscope HostAdapter Agent for d301amsdwd01w !! Exception : while trying to invoke the method java.lang.String.endsWith(java.lang.String) of a null object loaded from field of an object loaded from field of an object

      Any idea? I dread working on solman 🙂


      Author's profile photo Steve Chai
      Steve Chai

      Thanks for sharing this useful information. Appreciate that.

      I able to follow all the steps as described on my solution manager system.

      Could you please share the link about next step, to configure system monitoring for SAP web dispatcher ?