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Why new SAP Community is a big error and why I really miss the classic SDN!

Dear all,

Please not take my opinion seriously if you think in opposite way. However I can’t keep calm  anymore.

During 8 years of my SAP ABAP life SDN was a main tool for learning something new. I explored the certain topics I was intersted in, spent much time on reading and answering  different issues.

Just with a short glance of the community main page I saw featured info, top blogs and questions in the scope of the current context, for example ABAP or UI5.

However recently SAP decided to improve the UX and provided new community. I don’t say it’s bad. New material design looks modern and the overall expression is good but… they destroyed the community. Now it’s just a blog of SAP employees where nobody can’t find anything.

Instead of extening the existing tool SDN was replaced entirely!

Let me please give a feedback.

Speaking about positive changes to me it’s:

  • Fresh design ( not the UX )
  • Mobile support

I think that’s the all about good things here. Now what’s really important is a total regression in UX:

  • The navigation is terrible! You had to make rather more steps to find the information
  • The idea of any comminty is collaboration. You killed it. Yes, I can easily ask a question. But how can I see other questions? Almost impossible to read the list of problems in the scope of the theme.
  • Any comminity page now looks like some static SAP marketing slide. Let’s review as a example the following page: The UI5 community is supposed to be a central place where all UI5 developers meet together. And what we see instead:
  • Seriously! Is it what I want to see? The list of moderators in the middle of the screen? Sliced annoying featured content – that has nothing common with the real featured content!
  • But where are blogs? scroll down! Notice – you have to scroll! And to see the featured content every time. There is no control to navigate to the blogs section directly.
  • Perfect – we are here. What do we see? 3!!! 3 recent posts on the whole screen. There is no way to see really important and most liked blogs – If someone decides to say some BLA-BLA-BLA – everyone sees it and skips the important and most discussed topics!
  • If you are not satisfied  with the suggestion list you can click this magic button, that deserves a separete post. (
  • But where are questions? Do you remember? Community – people should help each other..
  • Of course you should scroll again! Do it!

As a result we have a useless page instead of dashboard-like sdn clasic page. Nobody never will use this version of the community to anwer questions. Now I understand why Stackoverflow becomes more and more important for UI5 developers to discuss problems.

That was SAP goal? To get rid of the flood discussions about the code issues?

If you agree with me and you wish to have the classic SDN back, please like my post and vote the idea: . Let’s fight for the real UX together, mates =)

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      Author's profile photo Timothy Muchena
      Timothy Muchena

      I agree 100%. #BringBackOurCommunity

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I was thinking to blog the same exact thing. I remember the SCN migration to JIVE and it was hard at first to get use because all of the new features that it has, terms like forums to “spaces”, etc. But this one is missing the concept of community. Explore new community content it is almost impossible, an as you mention the design is pretty but for me is not useful.

      Author's profile photo Jun Wu
      Jun Wu

      cannot agree more.

      Author's profile photo Nils Rebhan
      Nils Rebhan

      You are absolutely right. I have to add one thing I really miss the connection to my RSS reader. In the old world I got notified whenever a new blog (of my interest) was released now I have to proactively look for new content.

      Author's profile photo Johannes Schnatz
      Johannes Schnatz

      Got the same problem with my RSS feeds.

      Author's profile photo Dirk Jaeckel
      Dirk Jaeckel

      I totally agree. To make things even worse it is quite hard to find answers to Problems in other Topics like ABAP, Portal Development etc. All the knowledge of the past 10 years is gone and hard to find. 

      Author's profile photo Jürgen Lins
      Jürgen Lins
      Why should I not take your opinion seriously if mine is different?
      It is at least an opinion that was spelled out to be heard instead of leaving calm or hiding behind what others say.
      It also shows that you have trouble with the new UI, where your experience is probably shared by many others.
      If it just had not so many mistakes it could have been taken more seriously 😉
      Do you really want SDN back? SDN was the forum that was replaced in 2012 by SCN.
      And there are many other mistakes or was this just meant as evidence that it was a mistake to remove the spellchecker?
      I actually do not like this new clean design which everybody likes and liked  who is not here anymore.
      I just took the chance to lookup the participation of some of those who liked it (for the sake of a badge?)
      It hurts my eyes, it is pale and without any contrast with these small and light gray letters. Fortunately Google Chrome remembers the zoom factor for any URL
      and I can access this site with a zoom of either 125 or 150% which also makes the white space left and right going away, but I have to scroll even more, which I don't like either.
      I even agree that it looks good on a mobile device, but I actually use a PC 98% of my time and I want it to look good here too.
      Can you imagine to go to a cinema just to watch the movie in a smartphone format?
      And I don't like this black banner on top as it leads to an ugly noise with my old graphic card and it reminds me a bit about mourning bands as if they expected the dead of the community.
      But back to your blog.
      It looks as if you have not yet found a way to get what you want and what the site actually offers.
      Did you really have the SCN hompage as your one an only landing page? Did you then use the menu to navigate further to your SAPUI5 space?
      If your answer is yes, then I agree that it is awful to navigate from here to something that can be compared with the spaces from SCN. (But I also have to say that it was not really self explaining via the menu in old SCN either)
      If something is new, then we have to get used to it, who else than we as IT guys know this better. Which does not mean that we should accept and excuse everything.
      On the other site we had 5 months to test in Beta, I just wished some had tested a bit more seriously than just "oh nice design" and  posting blogs and questions with a single sentence and never cared about how they could find questions of their interest or even their own question a few days later.  I wished they had more looked at the overall design and usability instead of missing smileys in an externally bought applications  (Word Press and Answer Hub)
      Already drifted away again, just an evidence how emotional this change is.
      What I wanted to say is that SAP has given us an option to early see whats going on (if they just had more listened to the critic constructive feedback)
      And we have the Getting started link on top right with instructions on navigation and the tag concept etc. They even provided videos explaining navigation as well as some  tips and tricks shared by community members as answers or blogs.
      But we are men we do not look in manuals and we do not ask for direction if we are strange somewhere (this is what women do). Probably I have some female genes, as I read the Getting started section and watched the videos.
      I give you here 2 links that represent your area of interest (UI5)  from 2 angles:
      These views are available for any tag and come closest  to the space content page from old SCN.
      The first shows blogs and questions based on its posted dates with the info who created it and when and has even a preview.
      The second has just questions and no preview, but you see always the last action on top and from whom it was. You also see the number of replies and views and votes. This is actually my preferred view as I am in the answer business.
      And finally if you follow this tags then you have the activity stream where you can see all actions for your areas of interest. (not really efficient and good yet)
      I wished I had a combined view of the 2 links that I mentioned first, but better this way as an even more unusable combined view.
      The bad thing is that it seems still to be a kind of secret to find those views.
      You have to start from the Excel file that can be found in the Getting started section which gets you to the view that has blogs and Q&A (like the first link of my example)
      You then have to click the tag of a new question to get to the other view, and finally you have to add this as browser bookmark to easily come back.
      Certainly an evidence for a bad UX.
      But at the end it is not so complete negative as your blog sounds.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Jurgen. Great reply, I appreciate your points about positive moments of course! Meanwhile - I have a fact. I asked a question about Web IDE -and you know I'm not happy that nobody replied, I'm disappointed that nobody even viewed! That's the clear fact that SDN ( I'm a developer and use only this URL) is critically loosing community members.

      Now I figure out the fact that everything we had is destroyed by a bad designer, who placed newbie user story above gurus one.

      this is not a professional community - it's just blog now

      Author's profile photo Eli Klovski
      Eli Klovski

      UI bugs will be fixed sooner or later. Similar glitches were reported back in 2012 during SDN-to-SCN migration and, eventually, most of the things got back to order. But, I couldn’t agree more with Petr: the community, as it was before, was seriously damaged and there are only few week signs of recovery on the horizon. Actually, I’m happy for ABAP domain, where there is some traffic left. I don’t know what it was before October, but, at least, it does show some life going on. But, for financial domain (FI, CO, PSM-FM, AA) there is a clinical death. 5% or less of questions asked from the level of old SCN and even less question answered. All top contributors, those which were visible in top-10, have gone and don’t take part in Community’s activities any more.
      That’s the BIG difference between 2012 migration and that of 2016. In 2012, a drop of activity was reported in first week, and already in the second week everything was back on track. Here, we are after 5 weeks of operation under new regime… ?

      Author's profile photo Osvaldo Lopez
      Osvaldo Lopez

      Another BIG (or HUGE) difference with 2012 migration, I thought that SAP had a real PLAN. I mean, they migrate SDN "forums" to "social spaces", Jive platform, and JIVE had they "history" (community meaning). Now, SAP migrate from "social spaces" to... WHAT? Tag cloud? Really?

      I feel that SAP does not have a plan.
      Only migrated (if you could say that this is a migration, although I feel that only redirected the old content to an "archive" domain, the rest lost it), and now the rest of the people (readers and users), we have to get used it, I do not see responsibility for migration responding, nor reassuring...

      That is, where is the "team" responsible for this migration?
      A few weeks ago I reported in "using" that there was no link to ABAP in the header! Just imagine, and guess what ... the link is not there yet. Do not decide it? Do not know if to put ABAP as a link in the developer side? Do not have a plan of action? What's going on? Do you expect us to settle down? That we accept what there is?

      I'm so sad...

      Author's profile photo Jamie Langskov
      Jamie Langskov

      *wave* Hallo!

      I am a member of the team you're calling out for responsibility of the migration.  Firstly, I want to give a shout out to the rest of my team who has been working long hours responding to questions and comments, building content out (like the training and getting started materials Juergen mentioned), and turning all that feedback into actionable plans for the development team.  You are not fighting against resistance from us to implement the changes you're asking for.  We are listening and working as fast as we can to implement the improvements that fall within the strategic scope of the Community (e.g. I'm not sure of the details of your request for ABAP being added to the header, but I suspect that doesn't align with the rest of strategy).

      You must understand that a decision to move forward with a migration like this is...well...complex.  There were quite a few business reasons for the move (primarily technical), which have been detailed out in a variety of blogs by my team over the past year.  What I would ask that we can agree on is that regardless of the decisions made, this is where we are now, so the only thing we can do is move forward from here.  My team agrees completely that resolving the navigation issues is a huge piece of fixing the usability of the site; and we are working hard to build and implement the right fixes to solve the problems.

      The bottom line here is: No, we don't expect you to accept things as they are.  This was essentially an MVP at rollout, which we continue to mold into the Community we all want to see - one we can be proud of and that exceeds our expectations. We are not there yet, but we will be.  We have releases every two weeks that implement bug fixes and new features/enhancements into the system.  You should also check out Oliver Kohl's blog on roadmap/future of Community to get a better sense of where our priorities are going forward.  I can tell you now, navigation is one of the big ones.

      I hope you can find patience to work with us, continue to submit constructive ideas to IdeaPlace, and help us build something you'll love.



      Author's profile photo Ricardo Jasso
      Ricardo Jasso


      I just browsed the link about the beta mission and you are right. Most people commented on how nice and modern the new UI design looks (“Cool new design!”, “Modern look&feel!”) but gave little or no useful feedback. I’m surprised the mission got almost 600 comments but mostly by people uploading their profile to earn a badge.

      About the opportunity you mention of testing the new site please pardon me for repeating a comment I made in another question: (

      “There appears to be a misconception in the intention or objective of a beta release or beta phase of a software product. A beta phase is started when the product is almost done with almost all its features completed but which still is prone to errors due to known or unknown bugs. At the time of a beta release there’s not much a user can do to influence the shape of a product. All that is required of her/him is to test it as much as she/he can and report all bugs encountered in the phase. So, blaming it on the users is IMO unfair.

      Maybe the team intended to use such a “beta” phase to gather missing or unknown requirements from the community and work on the given requirements using an agile development process. But this clearly didn’t work and again, blaming the users for doing a poor requirement gathering and design job when they have no control over the process is IMO unfair.”

      Having contributed in the past answering questions about a topic I feel I have some experience with I have relegated myself to just browse this tag (Using and amuse myself with all the negative comments about the new site. The good part is that now I can do it anywhere I am using my smartphone.

      Author's profile photo Jeremy Good
      Jeremy Good


      Hi Ricardo (and Jürgen) - thank you for the trip down memory lane as I reviewed my own badge earning submission.  I guess with my ability to predict the future a little, I should have also played the lottery...

      Author's profile photo Ricardo Jasso
      Ricardo Jasso

      Ok, ok, so people did give useful feedback. Then why there are so many negative comments after the new site went live? Why people are complaining so much? My only answer is that the requirements definition job was not sufficient and/or flawed and that the functional and aesthetics design was also flawed, and when the dev team realized this it was too late. Changing the features at the beta stage is just not possible especially when you have a mandatory release date. So I guess they had to put all those comments aside and release the product as is.

      Author's profile photo Jeremy Good
      Jeremy Good


      Yes - quite a few useful points of feedback and design challenges were offered from May-Oct (

      Author's profile photo Petr Plenkov
      Petr Plenkov

      I've just tried to find the tag cloud - pretty old control available on most pages. Didn't find, but found a page:

      With amazing information:


      It's 2017 and the software giant suggests excel file =)

      Also I'm really disappointed in the way they decided to do this mapping:

      Why not to provide some normal parameter like: which can be typed directly at least.




      Author's profile photo Jürgen Lins
      Jürgen Lins

      Since a few days you can get to the tags via the menu Community > Browse the community  (

      Not a tag cloud - but the most used tags are listed and the rest can be added by the famous "+ show more" button (after having clicked all content button)

      Author's profile photo Jens Knappik
      Jens Knappik

      full ack! the switch from scn to the new community site brain dumped me really hard. On the one hand I have lost hundreds of bookmarks and on the other hand It is a pain for my bad eyes to use the site on my smart phone because of missing zoom functionality. Hope this two feature are still in the backlog and will be content of one of the next releases.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      You are Correct Petr Plenkov ,Classic SDN was really good and feeling much comfortable, to learn many new lot of things very easily.To be honest, it took form me a week or understand this new sdn. 🙁 

      Author's profile photo Paul Hardy
      Paul Hardy

      I also blame myself for not take part in the beta because I was "too busy", despite being asked by some top SAP people to do so to see what i thought.

      It was very flattering to be asked, so i should have taken the time, as I am always 'too busy" and always will be.

      I bitterly regret this now, but oh well, can't change the past. So in the first week I worked out how to provide feedback about what was wrong, and posted a whole bunch of things or voted up people who had already mentioned the same thing I wanted to mention.

      You don't want two posts about the same problem - it would be like the last general election here in Australia where there were three different Fishing related parties. That would have split the fishing vote which is obviously why none of them won.

      I thought to myself that there were so many people mentioning the same sort of thing - wasted real estate, huge pictures or colourful squares instead of content, having to scroll to find anything, no more email notifications, bizarre unexpected behaviour from clicking on links and icons and such forth - that SAP would put them all on a big list.

      As I understand it there is a "sprint" every two weeks, and the new SCN has bug fixes and improvements put in. So I was looking forward to coming in every few weeks, and each time it would be better than the last, until I much preferred this new community site.

      This has not happened. The obvious flaws still seem to be there, I cannot spot any ongoing improvements.

      I would say that wishing for the old site back is futile - many people did just that when the moved t Jive was made. As Thomas Wolfe said "you can never go home".

      I just wonder what to do so this new site can escape from the "trough of disappointment"

      Finally as mentioned above the amount of "views" on virtually anything has reduced dramatically since the changeover. It used to be that if I posted a blog about OO ABAP on the SCN and then ten minutes later posted a picture of a Turkey I saw walking down my road on Facebook, the SCN views would be several orders of magnitude greater than the Turkey views. After all there are more people on the SCN than are on my Facebook network.

      Now however the Turkey will win hands down.

      Author's profile photo Jeremy Good
      Jeremy Good

      Hi Paul - I don't think you should feel bad about being too busy, as there were plenty of feedback points raised during the beta period, and we see many of the same items being raised again in Idea Place.  I also agree with you that there is no Ctrl+Z for launch undo, or a return to Jive, so we have to keep pushing forward to build the community together (a phrase I heard from afar during TechEd last week).

      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Paul, if it makes you feel better - I tried to highlight your blogs (among others) in a digest, but it got even less views. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Paul Hardy
      Paul Hardy

      What I find one the strangest things about the new environment is the "primary tags". On the old system you had categories like "ABAP Development", categories which were in my opinion at least reasonable groupings of the topics people were likely to be interested in.

      Now you get a gigantic list of SAP products. That is insane for all sorts of reasons, an individual product is far too granular, and in the unlikely event you did want to tie your blog to a very specific product, the names of the products change every week.

      It is just like the acres of white space on the sides of the screen when viewing the "community" on a desktop. That is the opposite of "responsive design". Surely somebody must have noticed?

      However as I mention above I do not have much of an issue with a new piece of software which is crawling with flaws. i have written many such beasts myself. What i have to do however is fix it up in a hurry when the users start moaning.

      In this case this just does not seem to be happening. I have no doubt there are in fact a big bunch of changes and fixes being made every two weeks, but I am having great difficulty spotting any differences from week to week, or even month to month.

      What is needed is the ever popular "quick win" such as re-enabling the email notifications. The community team at SAP need to find something trivial they can fix which is very user facing e.g. reducing the size of the stupid pictures and putting more entries on a screen before you have to scroll or navigate away to try and find what you are looking for.

      Nonetheless I wait with baited breath for the day i log in and find an improvement..... that day will dawn, I have no doubt. in the interim, as many people here have said, the oxygen has been sucked out of the SAP community room, and what is left is very similar to the Marie Celeste.....

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author


      Please vote my idea to return SCN back.

      Author's profile photo Eli Klovski
      Eli Klovski

      It should be more like a petition, rather than an idea 🙂

      Author's profile photo Ethan Jewett
      Ethan Jewett

      Nope. IMO, it’s not realistic to go back to the old community for reasons that the team has described. Effort would be better spent in reporting issues and pressuring the team to address the issues that are already reported.

      I completely agree that there is a lot to be done to make the community usable, especially around navigation and content density. If that’s important to you, I’d suggest making that clear, and where possible give examples of incremental improvements that can be made.


      Author's profile photo Jiaul Haque
      Jiaul Haque

      Hi ..

      I agree with you ..I have been in this community since 2007 ..This community has given me immense  opportunity to learn and contribute ..Now I am really lost when I try to figure out where to share my experience in  new business process which I have   in SAP implementation for larger community or how to search critical solution which could have hidden into archived.I am still struggling hard to bring back my tempo which I used to dedicatedly give in forum …I hope I have to learn how to use this new tool before anything I wanted to here !! GOOGLE is the Life Line !!..

      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      There has already been a similar question opened here.  But how would anyone find it? I only know about it from my own memory. And I only found this blog because I happened to follow Jeremy and he happened to post here in the last few hours. If I opened my activity stream few hours later I might have not caught this. (Oh gosh, how I hate f*g scrolling!) On SCN, this blog would be in Top Liked on the home page.

      I agree with all of the above. I'm a female, so I can RTFM and ask for directions. (Although we all know that saying about a UI that requires instructions. Spoiler alert: it means UI is not great.) We still have Google, tag list in a spreadsheet and such for basic survival. But the community spirit has been severely damaged. This site no longer feels like a community gathering place. It's more like a new SAP "McMansion" and we are the guests who overstayed their welcome.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author


      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens

      Hi Petr

      No reason you shouldn’t speak up about how you feel. It’s reasonable, there are still lots of issues that need to be resolved.

      I do want to throw up another perspective or idea even and that is that community isn’t defined by the technical platform (which might or might not have lots of issues still). I also agree with Ethan, back is not an option, the only way is going forward and we can chime in and help out for the better.

      The fact that you care about it, enough, to write a blog post, the fact that we see community members complaining, sharing and ideating means that they also do care so that’s where the spirit of the community is at.

      I felt a strong sense of community spirit going to SAP TechED Barcelona just recently, being at the evening event around empathy, being at SAP Inside Track events locally. I believe this community can overcome these technical issues and grow stronger again, increase it’s numbers again and thrive.

      Let’s all work together and help SAP achieve this, the people define the community in the end. Where the platform fails right now, we can find ways to overcome it.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tom!

      Thanks for the reply.

      Theoretically, you're absolutely right about moving forward making right things and so on. Working with other products like - I'm more than glad of having the new service and don't want to go back - but notice - the old site is still working - and new services migrate very carefully.

      Now please think about our concerns. Here we are professionals. We are paid for our performance.  Thousands of people built together a knowledge database that helped them to work better, to know more which helps to earn more money finally.

      What you did - you just took this tool from us and gave another one, which is not suitable for work - you see, that's not just my opinion. As a result it influenced on the overall productivity of every single person.

      Please answer a very simple question. Why did you switch off the old SCN site? Was it a technical reason or it's just a try not to leave us an alternative service?

      My opinion that SAP didn't have the right for such a decision if they were dictated by just some manager's desire.


      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens

      Hi Petr

      Just for the record, I don’t work for SAP. I am a SAP Mentor. SAP Mentors are top influencers of SAP. I like to compare it to getting knighted. You get awarded for what you’ve performed in the past and they hope to keep you around, protecting the kingdom but also knocking on the table when important matters need to be handled. More on my role and involvement on community down below.

      From a professional point of view, I started my own little company in the beginning of 2016 offering SAP consulting to SAP customers and SAP Partners. So from that perspective I’m no different than most community members in terms of leveraging the community network to help me doing my job when I have a need for information and the community can bridge the gap or avoid me having to go and create a customer message instead. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge in this community as well.

      So let me try to answer your question from an outsider’s perspective quick & dirty:

      What I got from SAP is that the old platform is not flexible enough, it’s not property of SAP nor open source so they cannot make changes the way they would like to and each time would have to go and ask (and pay) the vendor of the platform. This was one of the reasons why SAP decided to make a shift in terms of platform. A big project (1DX) revised all web entities of SAP which also includes SAP Community Network and SAP Service Marketplace. A decision was made to go for “best of breed” applications to serve the different causes (blogging, forums, …). That’s a piece of the history how this new community became reality. Of course there is more to it behind the curtains but we will never know all of the details why certain decisions are made.

      Despite the fact that I believe things will work out I do feel the pain many community members are expressing. It makes me sad because I really do feel strongly about the power of this community. I’ve personally experienced what it can mean to someone to step up and thrive. I would like to see this happen again to other community members.

      As a SAP Mentor, we have a voice towards SAP and rest assured that many of us have expressed concern (some surely go beyond concern) and have engaged in dialog with SAP around the focus and attention of SAP towards it’s one a kind community. It’s on my heart and I’m actively working on influencing SAP in this area, creating awareness of this up to the top of SAP. You can see multiple SAP Mentors active in threads that concern community, Jelena and Ethan who participate in this thread for example.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Petr,

      I highly agree with you and your point of view. However I also think is not a option to go back. I can understand and appreciate SAP effort to innovate and keep the track with technologies. Anyway I think and I really hope they realize this was not the best move and they make their best to enhance and fix new platform asap. It would be really big waste to lost tons of great content and people contributing as well. At the moment, the navigation and search is at least in my humble opinion really terrible. I haven't spent much time getting used to it yet, but anyway time I spend so far was bad experience and big disappointment. I cross my fingers it gets better soon.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Members,

      Just want to know why no response if asked question in this new sap that wrong site i am posted.Kindly assist.Thanks

      Author's profile photo Jürgen Lins
      Jürgen Lins

      you actually expect a lot from the community without investing much yourself. Just look at your discussion here.
      You speak to a very specific person while the post has no relation at all. You have not even added a link to the content that you found. Do you really expect the other people to search for this discussion to find out about what it was to finally be able to help you?
      Wouldn't it be much better to describe YOUR personal problem in bigger detail from your own point of view instead? Ever thought that the other question might not have got the right answers because it was lacking details?
      And a correct tag is at least equally important as the question itself. a tag with a persons name does not do anything for you. This person will not get notified and can't even follow or search such tags.
      I recommend you read this blog:
      and check this list if your tag is the best for your problem:

      Author's profile photo Trond Stroemme
      Trond Stroemme

      If anyone from the SAP Developer Community team is reading this: I challenge you to post a blog - or video - showing us how to find the last 10 un-answered questions within one specific area, like ABAP.

      In the old days, you could filter questions that were not answered, and then proceed to contribute wherever your skills permitted it.

      Now, this is - as far as I can see - impossible.

      A short blog or video will suffice.

      For the record: I've been a member of SDN since it was in beta, 20 or so years ago. It pains me to write this, as I've strived to stay loyal to SDN - without comparison the most important forum within the SAP realm - through questions, answers and blogs. But now, as far as I can see, the functionality that made SDN/SCN thrive has been broken. If complaining about it labels me a dilettante, or whiner, so be it. I'll stop, I'll go away. This space is dead.

      At the very least, give us something with easy-to-use functionality like Stackoverflow - before we resort to creating our own, new SAP network on such a site.

      Author's profile photo Jürgen Lins
      Jürgen Lins

      Why only 10 when you can have 953 for ABAP Development?

      You only need to find the right starting point.

      Lets assume you have a bookmark for this tag in your browser, then you just need to use the filter function on the right.

      The tricky part is to get to such tag, and this unfortunately not that easy and self explaining.

      Lets start from the menu Community > Browse the community
      In the menu on the left you navigate in case of ABAP to "Topic" and select their ABAP Development
      You get then just 1 so-called CTS Community Topic something. if you click that you will get a few blogs and Q&A's  and several links on the right, the last one

      See all content on

      you click this one an get ALL blogs and ALL question and answers
      which is as good as the tag which can be found in the famous Excel list with primary tags:

      here filter on the left to get only questions.
      Now open a question by clicking the subject line
      In the questions detail click the tag for ABAP Development. This is now the tag that has only the questions and not the blogs.
      Save this one as your bookmark.

      Alternative you can start from the menu Community > Question and answers
      and you can scroll until you find a question from ABAP Development
      where you can go into the detail to click the tag which you can save as your browser bookmark

      Are you now challenged? Wasn't that easy and innovative?


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      Ajeesh .s

      Please bring back our ols SAP SCN forum .