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Author's profile photo Daniel Koller

What will happen at the Learn, Hack & Play Day at #SITWDF?

For the upcoming SAP Inside Track in Walldorf (link to registration) we thought of a special program for Friday (link to registration).

While the Saturday will be a regular inside track, Friday is there to allow you to play around with technology and gadgets, such as IoT technology. With presentations of your projects works and a jury, Friday has also elements of a hackathon.

SAP supports the day with rooms, catering… but also with some gadgets from the d-shop (which is  SAP’s approach to let employees play around with new technology inhouse) Please find below a list of what the d-shop has already in stock to play with.
However please feel encouraged to bring your own IoT gear with you…devices with which you worked already…or stuff, which wanted to try out all the time.

We invite you to come up with your own projects ideas: the main criteria for these ideas are:
– you can learn something new,
– you can deliver some initial functionality until friday afternoon and
– you’d have fun doing it!
In case you have project ideas right now, please comment in this blog entry.

In the morning: we invite the participants do a barcamp-style ideation session & build teams & decide on a small scale IoT project to work on. Teams should be 3-5 people. Even preforming teams is good!

Essentially the whole Friday (until 4:30pm) gives you time to work on your projects or to mingle with your colleagues.
Until lunchbreak, different speakers offer ~1h intro sessions into specific aspects of IoT & idea visualization. (e.g. using HCP for IoT). Especially we will have a Sketching for IT session, which helps every to easier draw a summary of your ideas and market it to the right people.

You can even join if you have no technical background!

Later mentors are available to help you when you are stuck implementing your idea during Friday afternoon.

Starting from 5pm, teams present their prototypes, both what the original idea was, and you achieved on this day. A jury evaluates the projects and awards the winner. 

Party & (Winter) BBQ starts around ~6pm.
The d-shop has the following IoT related materials already available:

  • Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano development boards
  • Collection of various sensors, actuators and small electronic parts needed for IoT prototyping
  • Raspberry Pi (with cases, power supply, keyboard, mouse, cables, etc.)
  • A couple of small PC monitors for setting up the Raspberry Pi
  • GrovePi+ sensor kit for the Raspberry Pi
  • TI SensorTag
  • MakeyMakey sets
  • NodeMCU development boards
  • Google Cardboard devices (requires iPhone or Android phone)
  • Makeblock programmable robot
  • Set of Lego Mindstorms EV3

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      Author's profile photo Holger Stumm
      Holger Stumm

      My contribution for the  Learn, Hack & Play Session:

      Hack the Makers

      I will bring my favorite hack tools (rubber ducky, hak5 Pineapple, pwnStick, Armory, MiniChamaleon CardCloner etc) and try to hack the makers. At the evening event, I can give a brief presentation of what I found out and how IoT and makers can protect themself against these hacks. Also a brief explanation how to protect IoT devices by design (for example against side channel attacks) . Of course I can show all day my tools and how they work. .

      Hack the Planet SAP and fix it afterwards !!..

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I would love to maybe work with you in creating a couple of protected things vs unprotected things ? If this is something you would be interested ?

      Author's profile photo Witalij Rudnicki
      Witalij Rudnicki

      Hello Holger. So, what was the result of your hacking? Have you done it?

      Author's profile photo Andreas Huppert
      Andreas Huppert

      I will bring my own mBot with additional sensors and servos and a Android phone which could be connected to the bot (still need to figure out how that works).

      My project idea: build a mobile monitoring unit consisting of bot with sensors and the smartphone with camera. The unit could send sensor data and pictures to the HCP IOT.
      Feel free to come up with other ideas for that hardware 🙂

      Author's profile photo Volker Stöffler
      Volker Stöffler

      SAP HANA Remote Data Sync aka MobiLink is an element in the SAP IoT infrastructure. It can be used to collect data from embedded lightweight databases on smart sensors into a state-of-the-art RDBMS and / or to build roll-up hierarchies to propagate locally collected data into a corporate level Analytic infrastructure.
      I offer to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of the RDS / MobiLink occasionally connected data movement technology with an SAP SQL Anywhere sandbox that everybody can run on his or her notebook computer, optionally together with devices from the d-shop like RasPis (if time allows).
      Attendees who want to hack & play with me should prepare their environment by installing SQL Anywhere Developer Edition on their machine (free, requires registration). You may or may not be able to get the license key in time when registering on the spot. For those who want to join last minute, it's always possible to install the software in evaluation mode, but that will only work for 30 days.
      For a deployment to smart devices, you should make sure your platform is included and have a development environment for it prepared (that's why it's called "embedded").
      Feel free to ask if you need any support on the suggested preparation or have any suggestions