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DI API and UI API Change List

A common question I get asked in SAP Business One Support is, what changes are made in the new patch release of SAP Business One DI API and UI API. The answer here is an easy one!

SAP Business One Support have created an SDK COM Objects Change Report that is updated with every patch release and is available for our partners to check the changes for themselves.

In this blog post, I am sharing the DLL change document which shows the differences in DLLs between two patches.

Use the link below to access this document:

Access Change List Document (SAP Business One Version 10.0)

Access Change List Document (SAP Business One Version 9.0)

It will provide you the following information:

  1. Contents removed in a patch.
  2. Contents added in a patch.
  3. Contents modified in a patch.

Document contains the information as below:

  1. Namespace: It will tell you a scope that contains a set of related objects. This will include SAPbobsCOM and SAPbouiCOM.
  2. ClassName: A blueprint which defines the data and behavior of a type like: BusinessPartnerClass, ChartsofAccountClass etc.
  3. MemberType: A property that can be used to determine the member type of any given member. It will simply describe whether it is a method, property, enumeration or TypeInfo etc.
  4. MemberName: Gets the name of the current member like ‘Add’ , ‘SetCurrentLine’ , ‘Choose’ etc.
  5. BaseType: Gets the type from which the current Type directly inherits like System_COMObject, System.Void,System.ValueType,System.Object etc.
  6. PropertyType: Gets a Type object that represents the type (the class or structure) that contains the property like System.String, System.Int32 etc.
  7. Read/Write: Specifies whether a property is read only or read/write property.

Note: Changes in existing methods/property/Enum shows the comparative changes with previous patch level.

Update: (July 26, 2023) SAPbouiCOM and SAPbobsCOM DLL difference for Feature Package 2305 for SAP Business One Version 10.0 (10.0 PL11) has been updated.

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      Author's profile photo ANKIT CHAUHAN
      Blog Post Author

      Hi all,

      There were some issues while commenting on this post!

      Since the issue has been resolved, your comments are most welcome.

      Kind regards,

      Author's profile photo Ad Kerremans
      Ad Kerremans


      Good usefull document



      Author's profile photo Barrer Araceli
      Barrer Araceli

      How can I use ElectronicProtocols.GenerationType to update an Invoce from GenerateLater to Generate?

      Actually I just use:


      oINV.ElectronicProtocols.GenerationType = ElectronicDocGenTypeEnum.edgt_Generate

      oINV.ElectronicProtocols.ProtocolCode = SAPbobsCOM.ElectronicDocProtocolCodeEnum.edpc_CFDI



      But with SAP B1 10 FP2208 doesn't work anymore 🙁

      Author's profile photo ANKIT CHAUHAN
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Barrer Araceli,

      Why it does not work? Are you getting any error?

      Which Localization is being used?

      Kind regards,


      SAP Business One Support