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SAP Analytics Extensions Directory 2.1 is live

SAP Analytics Extensions Directory version 2.1 has just been released and it’s packed with new features. While it’s hard to focus on a select few enhancements (to spare you an exhaustive deep-dive) I’ve cherry-picked just four for this short blog.

  • Success Stories link
  • Feedback link
  • Subscriptions to email alerts
  • New filters

Success Stories link

The directory now has a Success Stories tab on the home page. Simply click this link to display a wall of customer logos. To reveal success stories associated with a given customer, just click their logo, and learn about their experiences with extensions showcased on SAP Analytics Extensions Directory.


Feedback link

There’s also a new feedback form, where customers can share their comments and suggestions about SAP Analytics Extensions Directory and where customers can tell us exactly what their whitespace requirements are. To display the feedback form, simply click the new Feedback link on the homepage. Once you’ve done that, you can enter your name and email address, add your comments, and then submit.

Step 1: Click Feedback.

Step 2: Enter your name and email address plus your comments, and then submit.

Subscriptions to email alerts

Another new feature lets you subscribe to extension alerts. After you log in, click Settings in the menu bar. This generates a new window where you will be able to see all five subscription options – news, new extensions, updates, updates to favorites, and info about partner tests. Then simply choose the frequency you want – instant, weekly, monthly, or none.

Step 1: Click Settings.

Step 2:  Choose between the subscriptions. Mouseover tool tips clarify the options for you.

New filters

We’ve also added a variety of filter options, so that when you’re searching the SAP Analytics Extensions Directory you can specify:

  • the SAP Analytics product or products (for which you require an extension)
  • type of developer (meaning the source vendor – whether you require something from SAP, a partner, a community member, a contributor, or a combination)
  • type of payment (whether you want an extension that’s free of charge or one with a price tag)
  • the function you want to use the extension for (whether it’s data access, visualization or export)
  • others (this category of filters lets you determine if you’d like to search for extensions that are featured, certified, or favorites)

If you’d like to learn more about SAP Analytics Extensions Directory, or if you want to give me some feedback, please comment on this blog.

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  • Oliver, congratulations on the timely delivery of 2.1. Olivia Sedant was singing the team's praises when I spoke to her recently. Very impressed with the revamped directory from a partner perspective. Seems it's much easier for customers to discover the right analytics tool for the job. 

  • This is very good channel for partners to get visibility in the market about their solutions and for customers, to fulfill their requirements very fast.

    • Vinay, I’ve seen the directory and spoken to a few people about its benefits, but I understand you were deeply involved in the requirements gathering and evolution of the site. Above, Oliver talks about several new features which seem to be customer-oriented. Are there new features available for partners? What’s been done, as you put it, “for partners to get visibility in the market about their solutions”?


      • Hey Kieran,

        You are right. Directory brings lot of advantages to partners and also as mentioned this is one of the channels to get visibility in-front of analytics customers. Below i am listing few features which help our partners :

        1. "CATEGORIZATION" : Partner can tag their solutions to different categories like visualization, Tools, Data access, RDS etc. This will help them to list their solutions when customers are looking specif type.
        2. "FEEDBACK" : When customer did not find what they wanted to look/buy, then leaves us a feedback. We will take this feedback to our partners.
        3. "LISTING" : Certified extensions and highly rated extensions are listed on top. This provides immediate visibility to users.
        4. "MAIL SUBSCRIPTION" : Partners can subscribe partner test and directory related mails. This will help them to say connected with our team.

        Anyone interested in this program then they can send us a mail :


          • Sure Kieran,

            Consider I am one of the partner and I have developed several extensions using SAP analytics SDK’s. I have created these extensions to fulfill  my customers requirements. i also understood that these extensions will solve many other similar customers. But how can i reach them? one of the old and traditional way is to make advertisement in my own portal or hire some 3rd party portal and pay them.

            Instead of that why can’t i go with SAP extensions directory which will host my extensions FREE of cost. Also directory portal link is embedded in SAP analytics product directly. isn’t it cool!!! I need not to search for customers rather customers will jump from products to directory and search available extensions. I just need to upload my extensions to directory in a systematic way so that it caches customers eye.

            Next question is how can i catch the customers attentions out of several hundreds of extensions from several  partners ?? This is what i have listed in above thread.

            While publishing extensions to directory i need take care of below information:
            1. Need sharp thumbnail image to attract users.
            2. Need two detailed images which depicts your extensions work flow.
            3. Minimum 4 features description on your extensions
            4. Video link which will show the short demo on the extensions.
            5. appropriate link like: Buy, trial, contact and  your website links.
            6. Ratings & success stories to your extensions to prove that you are already having customers
            7. Optional SAP Certificate for your extensions.

            Suppose think that I  have all the above information then what else i can do with new directory??
            As our directory has self service feature, one can login with their S/P user details. after login, they need to register with us. On after approval they can start adding their extensions details. While adding extensions details they can tag to multiple products if the extensions work with more then one products. after tagging they have new capabilities to tag CATEGORIES like visualization, tools, rds, templates, data access extensions etc…  This categorization helps customers when they filter the extensions by categories. This feature was not there in first version of our directory. We heard from our customer that they want categories to quickly filter extensions and get the details. So we implemented it.

            Other nice feature for partner is subscription. If they want to know how to develop extensions, how they can publish in directory, about SAP’s upcoming product features then they can subscribe our news lattes. once we publish any new workshop related info then they will get notified automatically. With this they will not miss news on SAP analytics.

            Suppose customers did not find what they wanted to buy then they can leave us feedback. we will consolidate their feedback and take this to partners door for development. if any partner is interested they can develop BETA extensions and show it to customers. if customers likes it then partner can directly deal with respective customer and publish the productin ready extensions. This is also added as new feature in directory 2.1 release. This will definitely bring value add to our partners and customers.

            Kieran,  there are more features and advantages about our extensions directory concept. If anyone is interested they can directly mail me: or put a note on this blog post. I will get in touch with them.


  • This is an excellent platform to drive the values to the extensions created by the Partners and for the Customers it is the best way to fill the white spaces in their requirements.