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Run Live & Grow!

Run Live & Grow!

Run Live & Grow is a series of themed episodes, that include short and to-the-point recorded sessions that help you, the small or midsize business, learn about your key growth challenges, how IT can impact your business, and how you can thrive in the digital economy.

Each episode is approximately thirty minutes long and broken out into shorter sections that are less than ten minutes in length. Each episode gets straight to the pain points you may be dealing with in your business, and illustrates how SAP solutions help to grow successfully.

The first episode describes how to “Manage your Business with next generation ERP solutions” through the following 4 parts:

“Increasing Business Complexity”
In part 1 you’ll hear, in an ever more demanding environment, what are the main drivers of change so you can decide on your business priorities. [Running time 7:22]

“The Data Revolution”
When the industrial age was all about physical goods, the new digital era is all about data. Part 2 describes how everything which can be digitized will be digitized. [Running time 6:50]

“How to Win in the Digital Era”
In part 3, you’ll discover how organizations that really want to leverage digital processes need a digital core to help them make use of the enormous amount of data. [Running time 8:33]

“Next-Generation ERP solutions for SMBs ”
In this final part we explains how SAP S/4HANA is SAP’s technical and conceptual answer to the global digitalization trend. This digital core will allow you to successfully grow. [Running time 9:37]

With this session you’ll better understand the dynamics of the digital economy and how your business can run better with the SAP next generation ERP for SMBs.

Did you know the 80% of our 320,000+ customers are SMBS?

Most people think SAP is too big. But as you can see we have many solutions tailor-made for small and midsize companies. We hope you take time to look through this series and inquire with us directly about SAP solutions for small and midsize businesses – you can reach us at

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