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ABAP News for Release 7.51

This blog summarizes the blogs where I have introduced the most important ABAP language and ABAP CDS news for release 7.51.

A very small picture of ABAP 7.51 can be seen in this blog, while the big picture is introduced in this article.

The most important ABAP language and CDS news for release 7.51 are:


Even more news can be found in the news section of the ABAP Keyword Documentation.E.g., there are some new special features in Open SQL, for example an extended result, or some extensions for transformations that you can look up in the documentation directly.

You might also have a look at Wolfgang’s blog series about the 7.51 news in ADT.

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  • Hi Horst,

    Thanks for making this..
    Actually... I am wondering because, SAP has announced the new release of SAP HANA ( SAP HANA 2 ).

    What are the impacts on ABAP Development with the new release of SAP HANA ?


  • The developments on the abap language are incredible! One thing that is on my wishlist for a long time is method overloading…

    I can imagine that optional parameters might make it difficult to implement this, but what if there are only required importing parameters ( combination of types should be unique, off course) in an overloaded method, no changing parameters, and 1 ( type of )returning parameter?

    Best regards, Robin Fillerup.


    • Using different Interfaces won’t bring me the goal for this Wish:

      LO_AIRLINES_MODEL->Read_By_Association( Lo_Bookings_Model ) .

      LO_AIRLINES_MODEL->Read_By_Association( Lo_Flights_Model ) .

      Of course I can build( and I will)  this behaviour via typing IO_MODEL to ZIF_RF_MODEL and some basic RTTI, but I would like it to be in the language, like it is in Java.. Nevertheless: Thanks for your reply!


  • Horst;

    Are there any plans to allow joins to pool and cluster tables?  Alternatively, are there any plans in future versions to eliminate pool and cluster tables and go to 100% transparent tables?


      Dear Bruce, in den meantime while exporting ORACLE 11.x to 12.x you will be forced to Switch Cluster tables to transparent tables. We were forced to do so in BW-upgrade Project or to skip this steps. Guess this was all done due to HANA prerequisits.

  • For the next release, a minor change would be nice - allowing

    PARAMETERS: rb_tx TYPE abap_bool RADIOBUTTON GROUP txa DEFAULT abap_true.

    Seems a bit odd that we can't have this and are forced to use 'X', since it works with check boxes. And additionally... long names for parameters and select options?