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Innojam, Behavioral Reflection, Big Data and (Higher) Education and Research

In 2 days from now, we will be in Barcelona with my colleagues to coach and to inspire teams that will have 30–36 hours to conceive of and build a real, working solution using specific SAP technologies.

This year’s focus wil be … Education and Research .. .and I was appointed as an industry expert (oooohhhh yeeeessss :)).

¿ Is it because I spent too much time at the universities or within research institutes ?

Flash back ….

19 years ago,  I was indeed working on my PhD with two jedis LActe/R Jean-Pierre and Claude studying how to use Behavioral Reflection in Object-Oriented Programming Languages. As with all (decent 😉 ) PhD topic, the large majority of the reader will wonder what exactly means  ‘Reflection’ in this context .

¿ Why am I telling you this ?

Will Behavioral Reflection be one the ‘top secret’ challenges proposed by Silke, Keith, Malcolm, Rob,  and myself and mixed by Iain?

Or may be  is it to simplify the Erasmus administrative process as shown in Cedric Klapish movie ‘L’Auberge Espagnole’? (I hope this one changed a bit)

It is more than that, Reflection ultimately paves the way for programs to self-adaptation.

¿ But why should a program adapt itself and when?

Programs should adapt their behavior to best take into account the context of the execution to achieve their goals. However, 20 years ago was the era of the Mega (eg. Megahertz, Megaoctet), Programs were mainly autistic barely communicating limiting de facto their reification (perception) of the world.

20 years down the road and since some time now, we entered the Petabyte era, Social data, Things, Machine and Wearable are making the digital version of the world closer to the reality. Data and Algorithms enable to predict trends and Machine learning is leveraging experiments to take informed decisions. This is what we call Digitization.

This is exactly what we need to support Parents, Students, Teachers, Staff, Pedagogues, Researchers, Mentors to make the Education and Research world more effective.

Programs should adapt and leverage Big Data and associated (SAP!) technologies to buy us time,
the time to do something interesting …

Time to Learn, Time to build Knowledge, Time to make Discoveries 

It isn’t what Education and Research is all about ?

¿ So what your PhD will be about ?

And for our contenders Os veremos dentro de dos dias in Barcelona, this is the type of solution that we will love to see !


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