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Debug Fiori Apps on iPhone/iPad with Safari and Mobile Safari

Have you ever needed to debug a specific issue on a mobile device rather than the desktop? Have you been stuck trying to pull logs from XCode but would rather have debug access?

Safari on OS X allows you to debug Mobile Safari on device or iPhone Simulator via the desktop.

My iPhone “Big Yin” is connected to my Mac via┬ácable. I can see Big Yin as an option in the Develop menu of Safari.

If I select the device I can see the web page that is currently open in Mobile Safari on the device. For this exercise I created a simple Fiori Launchpad in the Cloud Portal of my HCP trial account. I added two applications both built using WebIDE from template and connecting to different OData sources.

Selecting the page then opens the debug view.

I now have the developer experience I was hoping for when debugging on device with debugger support an not needed to rely on logs and annotations.

I can inspect the data, set breakpoints, see network traffic etc, just like debugging on the desktop.

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