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SAP S/4HANA 1610 – Business Functions

This S/4HANA SCN Blog Post gives an overview about the ALWAYS_OFF and ALWAYS_ON Business Functions within SAP S/4HANA 1610. Similar Blogs exist for:



As a first step within the SAP S/4HANA, on-premise system conversion the customer will execute the Maintenance Planner. The Maintenance Planner checks the system with regards to business functions, industry solutions, and add-ons. If there is no valid path for the conversion (for example, the add-on is not released yet), the Maintenance Planner prevents the conversion.

  • For more details see Conversion Guide (SAP Help) or the related SCN Blog (The System Conversion to SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511 – Technical procedure and semantic adaption tasksSCN Link).
  • It is recommended to get familiar with the SAP S/4HANA system conversion basic information.
  • The following SCN Blog provides specific information about the role of Business Functions within SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511 and is based on the basic understanding of the system conversion process.


Business Functions

A business function is a building block of a business function set. From a business perspective, it represents a self-contained function that you can switch on. From a technical point of view, it is a set of switches that assign repository objects to the business function. Business functions are switched on at a system level. For more details regarding Business Functions see SAP Help: Link


Business Functions Sets

The business functions are grouped in business function sets in your ABAP-based ECC system. There are two types of business functions sets:

  • For most Industry Business Solutions, there is one business function set for each industry. You use this to change your clients of an ECC system over to the applications and solutions tailored for an industry. This business function set covers all industry business functions that can be used for an industry solution to be used exclusively on one system/one instance.
  • In addition to the industry-specific business function sets, there is a general business function set. This contains the Enterprise business functions and the Enterprise Extensions. These contain functions for the standard applications of Accounting, Logistics, Human Capital Management, and some additional industry-specific applications.

A business function set is activated when you have activated at least one of the related business functions. We therefore recommend that you activate the business function set when you start configuring your system, since the required industry-specific view of your Implementation Guide is only created once you have activated the related business function.For more details regarding SAP ERP Business Functions and Industry Business Solutions see SAP Help:Link


Business Functions Status in SAP S/4HANA

A Business Functions can have the following S/4 On-Premise state (Field: S4H_OP_STATE) in SAP S/4HANA:

  • Always on,
  • Customer switchable (or Blank which is tretaed similar to Customer_switchable),
  • Always off.

During the system conversion to SAP S/4HANA the following figure gives an overview about the handling of different status of Business Functions.

Start Release (SAP Business Suite) Target Release SAP S/4HANA
State SAP S/4HANA, on-premise state Conversion New State Remark
ON ALWAYS_OFF NO See SAP Note 2240359
ON Customer_Switchable (or blank) YES ON
OFF Customer_Switchable (or blank) YES OFF




If a business function was switched “ON” in the Business Suite start release system, but defined as “always_off” in the SAP S/4HANA target release, then a system conversion is not possible with this release (for Business Functions where the status cannot be reverted on start release).

See as well SAP Note 2240359 – SAP S/4HANA: Always-Off Business Functions

Find attached the list of Business Functions which are in state ALWAYS_OFF in SAP S/4HANA 1610 (included in SAP Note 2240359  as attachment):

Business Function Name 1 Name 2
/BEV1/ARC BEV Archiving (PL,Emps,Rets,ED) Archiving for Pendulum List, Empties, Returnables, and Excise Duty
/BEV1/NE_ENH Functional Improvements BEV Functional Improvements in MM for EM and ExD
/CWM/CM_1 CWM, Variable Valuation UoM CWM, Variable Valuation Unit of Measure
ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT Media: Advertising Management Media: Advertising Management
BUSINESS_FUNCTION_BASIS_UTIL Business Function Basis (UTIL) Business Function Basis (UTIL)
CA_FINANCIALS_SOA_SEM Financials SOA for SEM, EhP6 Financials SOA for SEM, EhP6
COMMODITY_MANAGEMENT_01 Commodity Management 01 Commodity Sales, Commodity Procurement, Commodity Risk Management 01
COMMODITY_MANAGEMENT_02 Commodity Management 02 Commodity Sales, Commodity Procurement, Commodity Risk Management 02
COMMODITY_MANAGEMENT_03 Commodity Management 03 Commodity Sales, Commodity Procurement, Commodity Risk Management 03
COMMODITY_PROC_SALES_01 Commodity Procurement & Sales Commodity Procurement and Sales
FASHION_01 Fashion 1.0 Wholesale, Retail harmonized processes for Fashion
FASHION_02 Feature Pack 1 for FMS 1.0 Feature Pack 1 delivered for Fashion Management Solution 1.0
FASHION_03 FMS 2.0 FMS 2.0
FASHION_04 FMS 2.2 FMS 2.2
FDT_TEST_ENTERPRISE_BF_OFF BRF+ Test Business Function Off BRF+ Test Enterprise Business Function, switchted off
FICAX_LEASING_CI_1 Contract A/R & A/P, Leasing 1 Improvements for “Offer for Contract Termination”
FICAX_SOLSALESBILL SAP Solution Sales and Billing SAP Solution Sales and Billing
FIN_ACC_XBRL Reporting Using XBRL Standards Reporting Using XBRL Standards
FIN_MDM_SOA_CU MDGF, SOA ChtAccts and FinRptgSt Master Data Governance for Financials, SOA ChtAccts and FRS
FIN_PDCE_COSTQUOT Cost and Quotation Management Cost and Quotation Management
FIN_PDCE_COSTQUOT_CI_1 Cost Estimate and Simulation Cost Estimate and Simulation
FIN_PDCE_PI PDCE, Improved Performance PDCE, Improved Performance
FIN_TRM_COMM_RM TRM, FRM for Commodities TRM, Financial Risk Management for Commodities
FIN_TRM_COMM_RM_2 TRM,  FRM for Commodities 2 TRM, Financial Risk Management for Commodities 2
FIN_TRM_COMM_RM_3 TRM,  FRM for Commodities 3 TRM, Financial Risk Management for Commodities 3
FIN_TRM_COMM_RM_4 TRM,  FRM for Commodities 4 TRM, Financial Risk Management for Commodities 4
FIN_TRM_COMM_RM_5 TRM,  FRM for Commodities 5 TRM, Financial Risk Management for Commodities 5
FIN_TRM_COMM_RM_6 TRM,  FRM for Commodities 6 TRM, Financial Risk Management for Commodities 6
HI_FASHION_01 Business for High Fashion Brands Business for High Fashion Brands
ILM_TSW_ECC ILM TSW Ehp7 BusinessFunction Oil & Gas, ILM Enablement for TSW
ISH_ILM Old Functions SAP Pat. Mgmt ILM Old Functions SAP Patient Management: ILM Enhancements
ISR_GLT_CMMINTEG Trade, Integrtn with Commodities Trade, Integration with Commodities
ISR_GLT_CMMINTEG_2 Trade, Integr with Commodities 2 Trade, Integration with Commodities 2
ISR_GLT_IFW Trade, Invoice Forecasting Trade, Invoice Forecasting
ISR_RETAIL_INDIA_LOC Retail, Localization for IN Retail, Margin Protection Localization for India
ISR_RETAIL_INSTORE_FPD Retail, Instore Food Production Retail, Instore Food Production
ISR_RETAIL_MAP_IF Retail, MAP Interface Retail, MAP Interface
ISR_RETAIL_RMA Retail, Method of Accounting Retail, Retail Method of Accounting
ISR_RET_PERISH_PROCUREMENT Retail, Perishables Procurement Retail, Perishables Procurement
ISU_WASTE_1 Waste & Recycling Utilities: Enhancement
ISU_WASTE_2 Waste & Recycling Waste & Recycling
ISU_WASTE_3 Waste & Recycling Waste & Recycling
ISU_WASTE_4 Waste & Recycling Waste & Recycling
ISU_WASTE_C&I_2 Waste & Recycling, C&I Enhancements for Commercial and Industrial Customers
ISU_WASTE_RCI_2 Waste & Recycling, RCI Enhanced Container Management
IS_MIN_LOC_BR_01 IS-Mining Brazil IS-Mining Brazil
LAM_GEN_FSL Leasing: Full Service Leasing Leasing: Full Service Leasing Processes (EhP1)
LOG_COMMODITY_TPT_MGMT_5A Commodity Mgt & Bulk Transports5 Commodity Mgmt and Bulk Transp. Usability/Co-innovation Enhancements
LOG_CPE_FA_FE CPE: BAdI-Based Formula Handling Commodity Pricing Engine: BAdI-Based Formula Handling
LOG_CPE_SD_MM Logistics, CPE in SD and MM Logistics, Commodity Pricing Engine in SD and MM
LOG_MM_COMMODITY Procure-to-Pay for Commodities Procure-to-Pay for Commodities
LOG_MM_COMMODITY_02 Procure-to-Pay Commodities 2 Procure-to-Pay for Commodities 2
LOG_MM_COMMODITY_03 Procure-to-Pay Commodities 3 Procure-to-Pay for Commodities 3
LOG_MM_COMMODITY_04 Procure-to-Pay Commodities 4 Procure-to-Pay for Commodities 4
LOG_MM_COMMODITY_05 Procure-to-Pay for Commodities 5 Procure-to-Pay for Commodities 5
LOG_SD_ANALYTICS_01_ALWAYS_OFF SD, Analytics 01 Sales and Distribution, Analytics 01 – Functionality is obsolete in SAP S/4HANA
LOG_SD_COMMODITY Contract-to-Cash for Commodities Contract-to-Cash for Commodities
LOG_SD_COMMODITY_02 Contract-to-Cash Commodities 2 Contract-to-Cash for Commodities 2
LOG_SD_COMMODITY_03 Contract-to-Cash Commodities 3 Contract-to-Cash for Commodities 3
LOG_SD_COMMODITY_04 Contract-to-Cash Commodities 4 Contract-to-Cash for Commodities 4
LOG_SD_COMMODITY_05 Contract-to-Cash Commodities 5 Contract-to-Cash Commodities 5
LOG_SD_EACOMPLAINTS_ALWAYS_OFF SD, Complaints Handling SD, Complaints Handling – Functionality is obsolete in SAP S/4HANA
LOG_SEGMENTATION Segmentation Material Segmentation across Logistics (SD, MM, PP, IM, LE)
LOG_SEGMENTATION_02 Segmentation Part II Segmentation in PP, WM
LOG_SEGMENTATION_03 Segmentation Part III Segmentation in HUM, Subcontracting, Costing
LOG_SEGMENTATION_04 Segmentation Part IV Vendor consignment
LOG_TRM_INT_1 Logistics Treasury Integration Logistics Treasury Integration
LOG_TRM_INT_2 Log-TRM Integ. for Commodities 2 Logistics to Treasury Integration for Commodities 2
LOG_TSW_ECC Trader’s & Scheduler’s Workbench Trader’s and Scheduler’s Workbench
LOG_TSW_ECC_1 Trader’s & Scheduler’s Workbench Trader’s & Scheduler’s Workbench Usability/Co-innovation Enh.
MED_BP_1 Media, BP Media, Business Partner
MED_BP_BLOCKING Blocking of Business Partners Media, Blocking of Business Partner Data
MED_CA_1 Media, Contract A/R & A/P Media, Contract A/R & A/P
MED_CA_2 Media, Contract Accounting 2 Media, Contract Accounting 2
MED_CA_3 Media, Contract A/R and A/P 3 Media, Contract Accounts A/R and A/P 3
MED_CA_4 Media, Contract A/R and A/P 4 Media, Contract Accounts A/R and A/P 4
MED_CA_5 Media, Contract A/R and A/P 5 Media, Contract A/R and A/P 5
MED_CA_5B Media, Contract A/R and A/P 5 Media, Contract A/R and A/P 5
MED_CA_5E Media Contract A/R & A/P 5e Media Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable 5e
MED_CA_5G Contract A/P & A/R, 05G Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable, 05G
MED_CA_LOC_1 Country-Specific Functions, 01 Country-Specific Functions, 01
MED_INV_PP Media: Content to Cash Media: Content to Cash
MED_INV_PP_1 Billing in Cont.Acc.Rec./Pay.1 Media, Billing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable 1
MED_INV_PP_2 Billing in Cont.Acc.Rec./Pay.1 Media, Billing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable 2
MED_MAM_1 Media, Ad Mgmt 2 Media, Advertising Management 2
MED_MAM_2 Media, Cross-Media Ads Media, Cross-Media Ad Sales
MED_MSD_1 Media, Subs. Mgmt 2 Media, Subscription Management  2
MED_PDEX Media: Press Distribution Media: Press Distribution
MED_PDEX_1 Media, Press Distrib. 2 Media, Press Distribution 2
NPA_BILLING Patient Accounting – Billing SAP S/4HANA Healthcare for Patient Accounting – Billing
NPA_MAIN Patient Accounting SAP S/4HANA Healthcare for Patient Accounting
OIL_OPM_UPST Op. Perf. Management Upstream Operations Performance Management for Upstream
OIL_OPM_UPSTGIS Integration of GIS Integration of Geographical Information System
OIL_OPM_UPST_CI_1 Op. Perf. Management Upstream 1 Op. Perf. Management Upstream Continous Improvements 1
OIL_UOM_UPST_CI_2 Upstream Ops. Management CI 2 Upstream Operations Management Continous Improvements 2
OIL_UOM_UPST_CI_3 Upstream Ops Management CI3 Upstream Operations Management Continous Improvements 3
PLM_CFO_IMPEXPMPN cFolders Import Export of MPNs cFolders Import and Export of MPNs
PLM_CFO_ORDWBSBOM Export Order/WBS-BOM to cFolders Export Order- and WBS-BOM to cFolders
PSCD_SOCIAL Social Services (PSCD) Public Sector, Social Services, PSCD Integration
REMOTE_LOGISTICS_MANAGEMENT_I Remote Logistics Management S-A Remote Logistics Management Standalone (without using Oil&Gas functionality)
RS_IQM IQM Reporting IQM Reporting
SCM_APO_DISTR_REC Planning with SNC-Planned Rec. SCM-APO, Planning with SNC-Planned Receipts in APO
SCM_APO_DRS_PLAN Third-Party Order Plng in APO SCM-APO, Third-Party Order Planning in APO
SCM_APO_USABILITY Usability Enhancements SCM-APO, Usability Enhancements
SCM_EWM_BP_IDMAP EWM, Business Partner ID Mapping EWM, Business Partner ID Mapping
SCM_SCMB_TM_FND1 Ext. Transp. Mgmt. System Foundation for External Transportation Management System
SCM_SCMB_TR_NETWORK Transportation Network Enhanced Services for Transportation Network
SIMPLIFY_MANAGED_CLOUD S/4 HANA Managed Cloud Business Function for identifying an S/4 HANA Managed Cloud environment
SIMPLIFY_PUBLIC_CLOUD S/4 HANA Cloud Business Function for identifying an S/4 HANA Cloud environment
SINGLE COPY NEWSP. & MAG (PUB) Media: SC Newsp&Mags (Pub.) Media: Single Copy Sales of Newspapers and Magazines (Publisher)
SINGLE COPY NEWSP.&MAG (WHS) Single Copy Newsp&Mags (WHS) Media: Single Copy Sales of Newpapers and Magazines (Wholesaler)
SINGLE COPY PREMIUM CONTENT Media: SC Premium Content Media: Single Copy Sales of Premium Content Products
SMC_ACTIVITY_MGT_OFW_1 Activity Management, Sell-Side SLC, Activity Management (Sell Side)
SMC_STW_INTEGRATION_1 SLC, Integr. with SAP Jam SLC, Integration with SAP Jam
SMC_SUPPL_CLASS_1 SLC, Supplier Classification SLC, Supplier Classification
SMC_SUPPL_QUA_BFW_1 SLC, Supplier Qual. Buy Side SLC, Supplier Qualification (Buy Side)
SMC_SUPPL_QUA_OFW_1 SLC, Supplier Qual. Sell Side SLC, Supplier Qualification (Sell Side)
SMC_SUPPL_REG_BFW_1 SLC, Supplier Reg. Buy Side SLC, Supplier Registration (Buy Side)
SMC_SUPPL_REG_OFW_1 SLC, Supplier Reg. Sell Side SLC, Supplier Registration (Sell Side)
SMC_SUPPL_SMNT_OFW_1 SLC, Suppl. Data Mnt. Sell Side SLC, Supplier Data Maintenance (Sell Side)
SPROC_ALWAYS_OFF_BF Dummy BF with status AlwaysOff Business function in sProc with status AlwaysOff to collect obsolete switches
SUBS LOOSE-LEAF, JOURNALS Media: Subs Looseleaf, Journals Media: Subscription Sales of Looseleaf Collections, Journals, and Closed Series
SUBS NEWSPAPER & MAGAZINES Media: Subs Newspapers Magazines Media: Subscription Sales of Newspapers and Magazines
TITLE LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT Media: Title Lifecycle Mgmt Media: Title Lifecycle Management

In this constellation it is not possible to convert this system and start a conversion program with the target of productive use. If the intention is a proof of concept to experience SAP S/4HANA it is possible to convert the system by applying a workaround in a non-productive testing environment.




If a business function was switched “OFF” in the start release system, but defined as “always_on” in the target release, then the business function will be activated during the conversion.

See as well SAP Note 2240360 – SAP S/4HANA: Always-Off Business Functions.

Find attached the list of Business Functions which are in state ALWAYS_ON in SAP S/4HANA 1610 (included in SAP Note 2240360  as attachment):

Business Function Name 1 Name 2
/CCEE/LOC_01 FI,LO Localization for CEE, IL FI,LO Localization for Central and Eastern Europe and Israel
/PLMU/ER_1 Engineering Record Development Engineering Record Development in PLM Web UI
/PLMU/ER_2 Engineering Record Development Engineering Record Development in PLM Web UI
/PLMU/GSS_E2M Synchronization EBOM with MBOM Synchronization of EBOM with MBOM
/PLMU/IPPE_INT PLM IPPE Integration PLM IPPE Integration
/PLMU/IPPE_INT_2 Product Structure Management PLM, Product Structure and Assembly Management
/PLMU/IPPE_INT_3 Product Structure Management 3 PLM, Product Structure and Assembly Management 3
/PLMU/IPPE_INT_4 Product Structure Management 4 PLM, Product Structure and Assembly Management 4
/PLMU/IPPE_INT_5 Product Structure Management 5 PLM, Product Structure and Assembly Management 5
/PLMU/PI_BCV PLM, Product Int. with BCV PLM, Product Intelligence with Business Context Viewer
/PLMU/RCP_1 Recipe Development in PLM Web UI Recipe Development  in PLM Web UI
/PLMU/RCP_2 Recipe Development 2 Recipe Development 2 in PLM Web UI
/PLMU/RCP_3 Recipe Development 3 Recipe Development 3 in PLM Web UI
/PLMU/RCP_3_1 Recipe Development 3.1 Recipe Development 3.1 in PLM Web UI
/PLMU/RCP_3_2 Recipe Development 3.2 Recipe Development 3.2 in PLM Web UI
/PLMU/RCP_3_3 Recipe Development 3.3 Recipe Development 3.3 in PLM Web UI
/PLMU/WEB_UI PLM Web UI PLM Web User Interface
/PLMU/WEB_UI_2 PLM Web UI 2 PLM Web User Interface 2
/PLMU/WEB_UI_3 PLM Web UI 3 PLM Web User Interface 3
/SAPMP/GEN_CI_1 Mill, OrderToCash & Global Trade Mill, OrderToCash & Global Trade
/SAPMP/PP_CMTSBVAL MTS with Ind. Batch Determ. Batch valuation of configurable materials in MTS
/SAPMP/USER_PROD Mill Products, UI Harmonization Mill Products, Interface Harmonization
/SCWM/EWM_S4_ADAPT EWM, Core Functions active S/4H EWM, Core Functions active in S/4HANA only
AD_GPD_CI_1 GPD Improvements Grouping, Pegging & Distribution – Improvements
AD_GPD_CI_2 GPD Innovations Grouping, Pegging & Distribution – Innovations
AD_MRO_CI_1 A&D Maint., Repair & Overhaul A&D Maint., Repair & Overhaul
AD_MRO_CI_2 Material Exchange with ATP Check Material Exchange with ATP Check
AD_MRO_CI_3 Rot/SSP, Subcon Innovations A&D Maint., Repair & Overhaul: Rot / SSP, Subcon Innovations
AUTO_CI_1 Automotive Innovations Automotive Innovations
AUTO_DP_1 Dealer Portal, VMS, SPP, ES Dealer Portal, Veh. Mgmt. Syst., Spare Parts, Enterpr. Serv.
AUTO_DP_2 DP, NWBC, VC Intgr. Dealer Portal, NWBC, Variant Configuration Integration
BSCBN_HANA_NAV HANA-Based Navigation for Suite SAP HANA-Based Navigation for SAP Business Suite
BSESH_HANA_SEARCH SAP HANA-Based Search for Suite SAP HANA-Based Search for SAP Business Suite
CA_BP_SOA Services for Business Partner Business Foundation: Services for Business Partner
CA_ECH_1 Error and Conflict Handler Improvements to Error and Conflict Handler (ECH)
CA_SUPPLIER_SOA Services for Supplier Business Foundation: Services for Supplier
CO_ALLOCATIONS CO, Allocations CO, Allocations
DA_ARCHOBJ_STANDARD_1 Standardization – Arch. Objects Data Archiving: Standardization of Archiving Objects
DA_ARCHOBJ_STANDARD_2 Standardization – Arch. Objects Data Archiving: Standardization of Archiving Objects – Data Privacy
DA_ARCHOBJ_STANDARD_3 Standardization – Arch. Objects Data Archiving: Standardization of Archiving Objects – Retail/Agency Business
DA_ARCHOBJ_STANDARD_4 Standardization – Arch. Objects Data Archiving: Standardization of Archiving Objects – Business Suite EhP8
DFPS_MRO_PDR FFFC for Prod. Data Replication FormFitFunctionClass for Product Data Replication
DIMP_SDUD Discrete Indus. – Mill Products Discrete Industries – Mill Products
DRF_FOUNDATION Data Replication Data Replication
EA-FIN Financials Extension Financials Extension
EA-FS Financial Services Financial Services
EA-GLT Global Trade Management Global Trade Management
EA-PLM PLM Extension PLM extension
ERP_CA_INT_ADD_VERSN International Address Versioning International Address Versioning
ERP_CA_SIDEPANEL Side Panel for Business Suite Side Panel for Business Suite
ERP_CF_INTEGRATION_1 ERP, Integration with CLA & FM ERP, Integration with Claims and Funds Management
ERP_ECC_MSP_EA ERP MSP(general core enablement) ERP Maintenance & Service Planning (general core enablement)
ERP_ENTERPRISESEARCH Enterprise Search Embedded search in SAP ERP
ERP_UID_01 Item Unique Identification Item Unique Identification
ERP_UID_02 Item Unique Identification Item Unique Identification (Additional Functions)
ERP_UID_03 Item Unique Identification IUID, Registry and Supplier Communication
FDT_TEST_ENTERPRISE_BF_ON BRF+ Test Business Function On BRF+ Test Enterprise Business Function, switchted on
FIN_BL_EB_1 FI-BL, Elec. Bank Statement FI-BL, Importing and Postprocessing of the Electronic Bank Statement
FIN_CO_CCMGMT CO, Cost Center Management CO, Cost Center Management
FIN_CO_CCPLAN CO, Cost Center Planning CO, Cost Center Planning
FIN_CO_ORPLAN CO, Order Planning CO, Order Planning
FIN_FSCM_CCD FSCM Functions FSCM Functions
FIN_FSCM_CCD_2 FSCM Functions 2 FSCM Functions 2
FIN_FSCM_CCD_3 FSCM Functions 3 FSCM Functions 3
FIN_FSCM_CCD_INTEGRATION FSCM Integration 2 FSCM Integration 2
FIN_FSCM_CCD_INTEGRATION_3 FSCM Integration 3 FSCM Integration 3
FIN_GL_CI_1 New General Ledger Accounting New General Ledger Accounting
FIN_GL_CI_2 New General Ledger Accounting 2 New General Ledger Accounting 2
FIN_GL_CI_3 New General Ledger Accounting 3 New General Ledger Accounting 3
FIN_GL_ERR_CORR Error Correction System Error Correction System
FIN_GL_ERR_CORR_SUSP Error Corr. and Susp. Accounting Error Correction and Suspense Accounting
FIN_INHOUSE_CASH_1 FIN IHC Enhancements FIN In-House Cash Module Enhancements
FIN_LOC_CI_1 Non-HCM Localization Topics Non-HCM Localization Topic
FIN_LOC_CI_11 FI, Localization for CN, SA, AE FI, Localiz. for China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
FIN_LOC_CI_13 FI, Localization for China FI, Localization for China
FIN_LOC_CI_14 FI, LO, Topics for Russia 2 FI, LO, Localization Topics for Russia 2
FIN_LOC_CI_15 FI-AA Localization Topics for RU FI-AA Localization Topics for Russia
FIN_LOC_CI_17 Optimized Fin. Processes, China FI, Optimization of Financial Processes for China
FIN_LOC_CI_18 FI-AA Localization for Japan FI-AA Localization for Japan and Enhancements to Legacy Asset Transactions
FIN_LOC_CI_19 FI, LO Topics  RU 3 FI, LO  Localization Topics for Russia 3
FIN_LOC_CI_23 FI, LO Topics  RU 4 FI, LO  Localization Topics for Russia 4
FIN_LOC_CI_25 Electronic Monetary Claims FI, Electronic Monetary Claims for Japan
FIN_LOC_CI_26 Golden Tax Interface for China Golden Tax Interface for China
FIN_LOC_CI_27 RE-FX, Real Estate Loc for China RE-FX, Real Estate Localization for China
FIN_LOC_CI_29 Localization Topics for Qatar FI, Localization Topics for Qatar
FIN_LOC_CI_30 Localization Kazakhstan Localization Kazakhstan
FIN_LOC_CI_31 ERP Localization for Banks RU ERP Localization for Banks in Russia
FIN_LOC_CI_33 FI, LO Topics  RU 5 FI, LO  Localization Topics for Russia  5
FIN_LOC_CI_35 FI, LO Topics  RU 6 FI, LO  Localization Topics for Russia 6
FIN_LOC_CI_36 Localization Kazakhstan 2 Localization Kazakhstan 2
FIN_LOC_CI_39 FI, Localization for Kuwait FI, Localization Topics for Kuwait
FIN_LOC_CI_4 FI Topics Japan and South Korea FI Localization Topics for Japan and South Korea
FIN_LOC_CI_40 FI, LO Topics  RU 7 FI,LO  Localization for Russia 7
FIN_LOC_CI_41 FI, LO Topics  RU 8 FI,LO  Localization for Russia 8
FIN_LOC_CI_42 FI, LO Topics  RU 9 FI,LO  Localization for Russia 9
FIN_LOC_CI_44 FI, LO Topics  RU 10 FI,LO  Localization for Russia 10
FIN_LOC_CI_45 FI, Localization for Oman FI, Localization Topics for Oman
FIN_LOC_CI_46 FI, LO Topics  RU 11 FI,LO  Localization for Russia 11
FIN_LOC_CI_8 FI-AA Topics for IN, JP, RU FI-AA, Localization Topics for India, Japan, and Russia
FIN_LOC_CI_9 FI, Localization for CN FI Localization for China
FIN_LOC_FSCM_1 FI, Cash Budgeting for China FI, Cash Budgeting Localization for China
FIN_LOC_FSCM_2 FI, Cash Budgeting for China 2 FI, Cash Budgeting Localization for China 2
FIN_LOC_FSCM_3 FI, Cash Budgeting for China 3 FI, Cash Budgeting Localization for China 3
FIN_LOC_FSCM_4 FI, Cash Budgeting for China 4 FI, Cash Budgeting Localization for China 4
FIN_RTC_BASIC_1 Real-Time Consolidation Real-Time Consolidation Basic Functionalities
FIN_TRM_CCC TRM, Central CP Clearing TRM, Central Counterparty Clearing
FIN_TRM_CFAR TRM, Cash Flow at Risk TRM, Cash Flow at Risk
FIN_TRM_CORR_FW TRM, Correspondence Framework TRM, Correspondence Framework
FIN_TRM_CORR_FW_2 TRM, Correspondence Framework 2 TRM, Correspondence Framework 2
FIN_TRM_CS TRM, Credit Spreads TRM, Credit Spreads
FIN_TRM_CVA TRM, Credit Value Adjustment TRM, Credit and Debit  Value Adjustments
FIN_TRM_LR_FI_AN TRM: Hedge, Instr., Key Figures TRM: Hedge Accounting, New Instruments, New Key Figures
FIN_TRM_LR_FI_AN_2 TRM, Hedge, Exposure, FI TRM, Hedge and Exposure Management, New Financial Instrument
FIN_TRM_LR_FI_AN_3 TRM, Instruments, Accounting TRM, New Instruments, Accounting Enhancements, Reporting
FIN_TRM_LR_FI_AN_4 TRM, Enhancements in Exp. Mngmt TRM, Enhancements in Exposure Management 2.0
FIN_TRM_LR_FI_AN_5 TRM, Enhancements in E-HA TRM, Enhancements in Hedge Accounting for Exposures
FIN_TRM_LR_FI_AN_6 TRM, Determine Net Exposures TRM, Determine Net Exposures
FIN_TRM_MME TRM, Money Market Enhancements TRM, Money Market Enhancements
FIN_TRM_PERF_OPT TRM, Performance Optimization TRM, Performance Optimization
FIN_TRM_TRADE_FIN TRM, Trade Finance TRM, Trade Finance
FIN_TRM_TRADE_FIN_2 Trade Finance 2 Trade Finance 2 – Bank Guarantee and others
FIN_TRM_YCF TRM, Yield Curve Framework TRM, Yield Curve Framework
FND_ANALYTICS_TOOLS Enh. f. Business Suite Analytics Enhancements for Business Suite Analytics
FND_ANALYTICS_TOOLS_2 Enh. Business Suite Analytics 2 Enhancements for Business Suite Analytics 2
FND_EPT_PROC_ORCH_1 Process Orchestration v1 Infrastructure for Built-In Process Monitoring & Analytics
FND_SOA_REUSE_1 SOA Reuse Functions Improvements for SOA Reuse Functions
IS_AD_S2K_VER_2014 A&D SPEC2000 Version 2014 A&D SPEC2000 Version for 2014
ISR_APPL_AGENCY_4 Trade, Agency Business 4 Trade, Agency Business 4
ISR_APPL_AGENCY_5 Trade, Agency Business 5 Trade, Agency Business 5
ISR_APPL_AGENCY_6 Trade, Agency Business 6 Trade, Agency Business 6
ISR_APPL_CRM_INTEG Retail, MD Integration in CRM 01 Retail, Master Data Integration in CRM 01
ISR_APPL_USABILITY Retail, Usability Retail, Usability
ISR_GLT_COMMODITY_4 Trade, Commodity Management 4 Trade, Commodity Management 4
ISR_GLT_COMMODITY_5 Trade, Commodity Management 5 Trade, Commodity Management 5
ISR_GLT_VENDOR_FUND Trade, Fund Settlement Trade, Vendor Fund Settlement Within Compensation Management
ISR_GLT_VENDOR_FUND_2 Trade, Fund Settlement 2 Trade, Vendor Fund Settlement Within Compensation Management 2
ISR_RET_AGENCY Trade, Agency Business Trade, Agency Business
ISR_RET_AGENCY_2 Trade, Agency Business 2 Trade, Agency Business 2
ISR_RET_AGENCY_3 Trade, Agency Business 3 Trade, Agency Business 3
ISR_RET_COMMODITY Trade, Commodity Management Trade, Commodity Management
ISR_RET_COMMODITY_2 Trade, Commodity Management 2 Trade, Commodity Management 2
ISR_RET_COMMODITY_3 Trade, Commodity Management 3 Trade, Commodity Management 3
ISR_RET_COMPENSATION Trade, Compensation Management Trade, Compensation Management for Wholesalers
ISR_RETAIL_MATERIAL_LEDGER Retail – Material Ledger Business Function for Material Ledger in Retail
ISR_RETAIL_USABILITY Retail, Usability EA Retail, Usability (EA-RETAIL)
JVA Joint Venture Accounting Joint Venture Accounting
JVA_CUTB_REVERSE JVA cutback reversal JVA cutback reversal
JVA_GL_INTEGRATION JVA – New G/L Integration JVA – New G/L Integration
JVA_INFS_VALIDREP JVA, cutb, validation, reporting JVA-cutback track org, masterfile validat, open item report
JVA_REP_SIMPL JVA, ODP for JVA JVA, Operational Data Provisioning for JVA
LOG_BM_CC1 BM Continuous Improvements Batch Management Continuous Improvements
LOG_EAM_ELBK Electronic Logbook Data Exchange Compliance Relevant Data Exchange, Electronic Logbook
LOG_EAM_POM Project Oriented Maintenance Enhancement Package 2 – Project Oriented Maintenance
LOG_EAM_POM_2 MEB and Logbook Innovations MEB and Logbook Innovations
LOG_EAM_ROTSUB Refurbishment & Subcontracting Refurbishment & Subcontracting
LOG_EAM_ROTSUB_2 Refurbishment & Subcontracting 2 Refurbishment & Subcontracting 2
LOG_EAM_WTY Warranty for customer service Warranty for customer service
LOG_EHS_CI_2 EH&S Continuous Improvement Continuous Improvement
LOG_EHS_CI_4 EHS – Continuous Improv. for PS EHS – Continuous Improvements for Product Safety
LOG_EHS_DG_CI_3 EHS – Continuous Improvements DG EHS – Continuous Improvements for Dangerous Goods Management
LOG_EHS_GLM_CI_4 EHS – Cont. Improvement GLM EHS – Continuous Improvement for Global Label Management
LOG_EHS_PS_CI_3 EHS – Continuous Improvements PS EHS – Continuous Improvements for Product Safety
LOG_EHS_PS_CI_5 EHS – Continuous Improvements PS EHS – Continuous Improvements for Product Safety
LOG_EHS_PS_CI_6 EHS – Continuous Improvements PS EHS – Continuous Improvements for Product Safety
LOG_EHS_PSS_CONC4PSS EHS– Connector to C4PSS EHS – Connector to SAP Cöoud for Product Stewardship
LOG_LE_INTEGRATION LE, SAP EWM Integration LE, Extended Warehouse Management Integration
LOG_MM_CI_1 Materials Management Materials Management
LOG_MM_OM_1 ERP OPS Outsourced Manufacturing Outsourced Manufacturing in ERP Operations
LOG_MM_OM_2 Outsourced Mfg 2 in ERP OPS Outsourced Manufacturing 2 in ERP Operations
LOG_MM_OPTIMIZATIONS UI and Performance Optimizations Materials Management, UI and Performance  Optimizations
LOG_MM_SERNO Serial Numbers in Purchasing Serial Numbers in Purchasing with Integration in Inventory Management & Shipping
LOG_MM_SIT MM, Stock in Transit & Act.Cstng MM, Stock in Transit & Actual Costing
LOG_PP_CI_1 Optimizations in Production Optimizations in Production
LOG_PP_EWM_MAN EWM Integration in Manufacturing EWM Integration into Manufacturing
LOG_PP_EWM_MAN_2 EWM Integr. in Manufacturing 2 EWM Integration in Manufacturing 2
LOG_PP_LMAN Lean Manufact., MRP Evaluations Lean Manufacturing, Better MRP Evaluation (Stock/Req. List for Material Group)
LOG_PP_LMAN_02 Kanban Enh. for Lean Manufact. Kanban Enhancements for Lean Manufacturing
LOG_PP_MES_INT_01 Integr. Production Orders MES Integration of Production Orders with an MES
LOG_PP_MES_INT_02 Integration Production/MES Integration of Production Processes with an MES
LOG_PP_MES_INT_03 Integration Production/MES 2 Integration of Production Processes with an MES 2
LOG_PP_MIS Manufacturing Information System Manufacturing Information System: Order Info System and Planning Evaluations
LOG_PP_PI_EHM XSteps, Campaign Weighing PP-PI, Process Industry Enhancements: Xsteps / Campaign Weighing and Dispensing
LOG_PP_PI_PMA_01 PI Sheet Archiving Archiving of PI Sheets and Work Instructions
LOG_PP_PROD_ORD_SPLIT Order Split Enhancements for Splitting of Production Order
LOG_PP_SRN_02 Shift Report/Shift Note Enhancements to Shift Report and Shift Note
LOG_PP_SRN_CONF Shift Report/Notes, Confirmation Shift Report and Notes, Confirmation
LOG_PP_WIP_BATCH WIP Batch Work-In-Process Batch
LOG_PP_WIP_BATCH_02 WIP Batch Enhancements Work-In-Process Batch Enhancements
LOG_PP_XS_01 XStep Repository Enhancements Cross-Plant and Multi-Language XStep Repository
LOG_PP_XS_RTG_PO XSteps for Routing and PO XSteps for Routing and PO
LOG_PPH_MDPSX_READ MRP Performance Optimizations Performance Optimizations for MRP
LOG_SCM_CUSTVEND_INT SCM, Customer Vendor Integration SCM, Customer and Vendor Master Data Integration into BP
LOG_SCM_EQUIFUNCLOC_INT SCM, Equip / FuncLoc Integration SCM, Equipment / Functional Location Integration into TM Resources
LOG_SCM_EWM_INT EWM Integration EWM Integration
LOG_SD_CI_01 Sales & Distribution Sales & Distribution
LOG_SD_EDIMON EDI Monitors EDI Monitors
LOG_SD_JAM_INTEG_CDS SD JAM Integration using CDS Sales and Distribution, SAP JAM Integration using CDS Views
LOG_SD_PRICE_LIST SD, Price Lists Sales and Distribution, Price Lists
LOG_SD_PRICE_LIST_2 SD, Price Lists 2 Sales and Distribution, Price Lists 2
LOG_TM_IV_INT TMS-ERP: Invoice Integration TMS-ERP: Invoice Integration
LOG_TM_ORD_INT ERP-TMS: Order Integration ERP-TMS: Order Integration
LOG_TM_ORD_INT_II ERP-TMS: Order Integration 2 ERP-TMS: Order Integration 2
LOG_TM_ORD_INT_III ERP-TMS: Order Integration 3 ERP-TMS: Order Integration 3
LOG_TM_ORD_INT_IV ERP-TMS: Order Integration 4 ERP-TMS: Order Integration 4
LOG_WTYRCL_REPORT_OPT Warranty Recall report opt. Warranty recall report optimization
MDG_CONSOLIDATION_CUSTOBJ_2 MDG-CO, Consol. + Mass Pro. 9.0 Master Data Governance for Custom Objects, Consolidation and Mass Processing 9.0
MDG_CONSOLIDATION_CUSTOMER MDG-C, Consolidation 8.0 Master Data Governance for Customer, Consolidation 8.0
MDG_CONSOLIDATION_CUSTOMER_2 MDG-C, Consol. and Mass Pro. 9.0 Master Data Governance for Customer, Consolidation and Mass Processing 9.0
MDG_CONSOLIDATION_MATERIAL_2 MDG-M, Consol. and Mass Pro. 9.0 Master Data Governance for Material, Consolidation and Mass Processing 9.0
MDG_CONSOLIDATION_SUPPLIER MDG-S, Consolidation 8.0 Master Data Governance for Supplier, Consolidation 8.0
MDG_CONSOLIDATION_SUPPLIER_2 MDG-S, Consol. and Mass Pro. 9.0 Master Data Governance for Supplier, Consolidation and Mass Processing 9.0
OPS_ADVRETURNS_1 Advanced Returns Management Advanced Returns Management
OPS_ADVRETURNS_2 Advanced Returns Management 2 Advanced Returns Management 2
OPS_QM_EXTENSION_2 FMEA + QM Notificatns Enhancements in FMEA and QM Notifications
OPS_QM_EXTENSION_3 QM Extensions in QC and Notif. QM, Extensions in Quality Control and Quality Notification
OPS_QM_EXTENSIONS Quality Management, Extensions Quality Management, Extensions
OPS_QM_NOTIFICATION QM: Functions for Qty Notifictns Quality Management: Enhanced Functions in Quality Notifications
OPS_QM_PLAN_INTEGRAT QM: Inspection Plan Integration QM: Inspection Plan Integration
OPS_QM_VP QM, Visual Planning Quality Management, Visual Planning
PLM_MDOC_DMS_INT DMS Int with SAP Mobile Doc. DMS Integration with SAP Mobile Documents
PLM_PMEVC_1 PLM Var. Config.  Prod. Mod. Env PLM Variant Configuration Product Modeling Environment
PLM_RM_PRODUCT_LABELING PLM RM: Labeling PLM Recipe Management: Labeling
PLM_VCHLL_HANA Low-Level VC with SAP HANA Low-Level Variant Configuration with SAP HANA
PLM_VIP_1 PLM, Visual Instance Planner PLM, Visual Instance Planner 1.0
PLM_VMP_1 Visual Manufacturing Planner Visual Manufacturing Planner
PLM_VMP_2 Visual Manufacturing Planner Visual Enterprise Manufacturing Planner
PMD_PLM_RECIPE_MANAGEMENT_1 PLM: Recipe Management PLM: Recipe Management – Enhancement 1
PRS_GEN_UI Prof. Services, UI Enhancements Prof. Services, UI Enhancements
PSM_FM_BCS_AVC PSM, BCS Availability Control PSM, BCS Availability Control
PSM_FM_BCS_CI_1 PSM, Budget Control System Enhanced Features for the Budget Control System
PSM_FM_BCS_FMAA_DESCR BCS FM account assignment texts PSM, BCS FM Account Assignment Texts
RE_CO_INTEGRATION Real Estate: CO Integration Controlling Integration with Real Estate
RE_CRE_MISC Corporate Real Estate Corporate Real Estate
RE_GEN_CI_1 Real Estate Real Estate
RE_GEN_CI_2 Real Estate 2 Real Estate 2
RE_GEN_CI_3 Real Estate 3 Real Estate 3
S4H_AATP Advanced Available-to-Promise Advanced Available-to-Promise (ATP)
SCM_APO_PPDS_PI Continuous Production SCM-APO-PPS, Continuous Production and Multi-Resource Scheduling
SCM_APO_VERSION_SIM Version Simulation SCM-APO, Version Simulation
SCM_EHS_DG_CI_1 EH&S Services SCM: Dang. Goods EH&S Services in SCM: Dangerous Goods continuous improvement
SCM_EWM_FND EWM, Foundation EWM, Essential Foundation Functions
SCM_EWM_MEAN EWM, Additional GTINs for Prod. EWM, Additional GTINs (EANs/UPCs) for Product
SCM_PPDS_ON_ERP SAP ERP, PP/DS Add-on SCM-APO-PPS-ERP, SAP ERP, PP/DS Add-on – Simplified Integration
SD_01 Logistics S&D Simplification Logistics S&D Simplification
SIMPLIFY_ON_PREMISE S/4 HANA On Premise Business Function for identifying an S/4 HANA On Premise environment
SMC_ACTIVITY_MGT_1 SLC, Activity Management SLC, Activity Management (Buy Side)
SMC_SUPPL_DATA_MGT_1 SLC, Suppl. Portfolio Management SLC, Supplier Portfolio Management
SMC_SUPPL_EVAL_1 SLC, Supplier Evaluation SLC, Supplier Evaluation




If a business function is defined as “customer_switchable” in the SAP S/4HANA target release then the business function status remains unchanged from the status on start release. Business Functions which are not listed within the ALWAYS_OFF and ALWAYS_ON section of this blog do have the status CUSTOMER_SWITCHABLE (or Blank they are treated similar to customer_switchable). This is the state of the great majority of Business Functions in SAP S/4HANA.
These business functions keep their state after the conversion to SAP S/4HANA (BF which have been active on SAP ERP start relelease remain active / BF which have been inactive on SAP ERP start release remain inactive).


Related information sources

System Conversion related information in SAP Notes
Business Function related information SAP S/4HANA 1511

SAP S/4HANA 1610

(initial shipment)

SAP S/4HANA: Always-Off Business Functions 2240359
SAP S/4HANA: Always-On Business Functions 2240360


System Conversion related information in SAP Help
SAP Help SAP S/4HANA 1511

SAP S/4HANA 1610

(initial shipment)

SAP S/4HANA On-Premise documentation
(select the appropriate release dependent information)
Getting Started With SAP S/4HANA PDF PDF
Conversion Guide for SAP S/4HANA PDF PDF


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  • Frank,

    Thanks for providing detailed information.

    I have been following your previous blogs and i have below questions,

    Earlier blogs ( 1511 initial shipment, 1511 FPS01/02) have business functions which are part of future roadmap. Do you plan to publish future roadmap at some point of time in near future?

    I checked trail version of 1610 system and i see a status for business function named "default state", if a customer has a business function "ON" in source system then what is the impact w.r.t system conversion?  Ex: Business function MDG_CUST_ERPCLIENT_1 is defined as "default_state" in 1610...


  • Thanks for the detailed list, i'm quite concerned with the implications of the "always_off" status, i know a pair of customers who have activated the listed BFs and were evaluating the effort to migrate to S/4 HANA.

    • There is no work around for system conversion in productive environment if they are "always_off" business functions which are activated in customer source system.
      SAP will provide masking only for sandbox for POC.
      If the "always_off" BFS are part of future roadmap then hopefully they can consider migration plan in future S/4 HANA releases.


  • Dear Frank,

    Both on 1511 as on 1610, the business function LOG_SD_ANALYTICS_01 appears to be 'obsolete' (which is another 'flag' than what you were discussing before, i.e. always on or off; even more, it has the value is 'switchable'). The implication is that it is no longer possible to use the logistics SD extractors to support delta-loads towards a linked BW system. I was able to unflag this 'obsolete' flag, and could activate the business fuction again, and I'm now in the process of testing whether 2LIS_11* extractor can still be used for their previous purpose.
    This raises some questions :
    (1) what is the alternative for using 2LIS_11* extractors to get SD data delta-per-delta towards an allocated BW instance ? I assume the same is valid for 2LIS_12* and 2LIS_13*.
    (2) in the assumption I get 2LIS_11* working again by 'repairing' the obsolete flag : does SAP support this way of working ?
    (3) I also found some other business functions related to 2LIS*, e.g. LOG_MM_ANALYTICS_01, which is also categorized 'obsolete'; therefor, I expect 2LIS_02* and/or 2LIS_03* to be unusable.

    I don't know the full list of business functions for the other 2LIS-extractors, but as most (if not all) of the BW-customers I know are using this, I think it would be very usefull to have a guideline on the way forward in context of either conversion or even a new setup.

    Many thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,

    • Hello Mark,
      my understanding is that you managed that only via "Debugger" or as "modification". There is no "official" way to activate business functions that are defined as "obsolete". Accordingly the SAP support is not doing that in a similar way. The functionality which are related to ALWAYS_OFF business functions are not available in SAP S/4HANA. They will not get available by modifying the "obsolete" flag.  For certain areas the former coding is not yet deleted but the functionality is nevertheless not supported.
      Regarding the BW content I just can point you to the appropriate Simplification Item which should be that one: SAP Note 2289424: S4TWL - SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Warehouse Content - BI_CONT.
      I´m sorry, possibly that is not the answer you have hoped for but that the answer I have to give.
      Kind Regards,

  • Hi Frank,
    Thanks for your quick respons.
    I managed to change the obsolete flag without debugging : just went into change, and reactivated the BF.
    Remark that though the function is 'obsolete', it is NOT in 'ALWAYS_OFF' but in 'switchable by customer'.
    The note you refer to is about BI_CONT, which does relate to the embedded BW, and not really to the source-system extractors in place.
    So in conclusion my questions remain unanswered, so let me reformulate in a more specific phrasing :
    (1) Are 2LIS* extractors still supported in S/4 HANA or not ?
    (2) If not : what is the alternative for according delta-extraction ?
    Many thanks,

    • Hello Mark,

      possibly I was not precise enough. Obviously in your system changing of SAP objects (=modification) is set to allowed. I assume you changed the attribute of the Business Function in Transaction SFW2. In case these changes are allowed in your system you should get while entering SFW2 the pop-up "System Setting does not allow you to change R3TR SFBF <Business_Function_ID>". If you continue (which is possible in systems where the modification of SAP Objects is allowed) you are modifying a SAP Object. If it does not behave like this at least I do not understand the system hanling at this point (at least in our internal "customer-like" systems it behaves like this.  .
      I will ask my BI contact to provide more information about the BW extractors and S/4HANA. Let see what I can provide here.

      Kind Regards,

  • Hello Mark,

    My name is Ursula Nani and I am Product Owner in SD and responsible for Analytics in S/4 HANA.

    The Business Function LOG_SD_ANALYTICS_01  was build in ERP before avaialbitiy of HANA to allow real-time analytics without extraction into a BW system. For this business function basic functionality of the 2LIS_11_* extractors were re-used, but the business function never controlled the Extraction into a BW system.

    The extraction into BW was always possible without activation of the business function.

    With S/4 HANA this business function is no longer supported because we are doing embedded analytics using the capabilities of HANA now.

    BW extraction form S/4 HANA On Premise to an On Premise BW System is still available and released.Therefore you do not need the business function.

    Best Regards,



  • I am not able to activate all Business Function after I completed installation SAP S/4 HANA IDES 1610. Please the attached file. Please help to let me know to  Enable to check Planned Status to activate Business Function.