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Hey SAP – Where do I download the SAPUI5 SDK?

SAP – you are a PITA sometimes.
Can I please have the SAPUI5 SDK easily available for download? Not having this is just plain dumb.
In fact, can we discuss the definition of an SDK please? Because I don’t ever recall coming across a JavaScript (yeah, yeah – ECMAScript) SDK that I couldn’t download to use in the development environment of my choice.
Perhaps your have mis-named your SAPUI5 SDK? Perhaps it is not a SDK at all? I just noticed you don’t call it that – it is the “SAPUI5: UI Development Toolkit for HTML5”. Does this mean it is not what I thought it was?

No matter – not being able to download the SAPUI5 SDK is a PITA. I can do it with the OpenUI5 SDK – apparently called the “OpenUI5: UI Development Toolkit for HTML5”. I can download various versions too so I can easily evaluate differences between versions. I can also see if a bug has been introduced in a new version – like here.

This is quite simply what developers need. We have talked about this before.
Sure, sure, if I was employed by a large software factory (or even a smallish ISV) or a customer my employer mighty mandate I use a particular IDE. And if they did, and if their choice was WebIDE – or Eclipse using the SAP-supplied “UI development toolkit for HTML5” – those tools sort of handle downloading and managing my SAPUI5 libraries for me.
But I don’t work in that environment. I work for myself. I choose the tools that I think suit me and my workflows best. Sometimes that is WebIDE, sometimes it is Eclipse – but most-times it is not. For goodness sake we are talking about HTML, XML & JavaScript here – I could use any old text editor to develop this stuff. And I do.

At a minimum I want to download the SAPUI5 libraries to my development environment of choice. I want to download different versions so I can properly check my apps continue to work when SAP upgrade these libraries. I want to check that my apps work on the version my customer has installed through local testing. I want to get immediate, and early, access to the latest SAPUI5 libraries. And I want to use them as I see fit in my develop->test->deploy workflow.
You do realise that we can already extract these libraries from the WebIDE & Eclipse packages don’t you? It is just that it is a PITA. Why are you making this hard for us?
Come on please? Be part of the solution.
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  • Hi Graham. Pls check "SAPUI5 vs OpenUI5" at
    SAPUI5 is not a separate product, but is part of SAP HCP, HANA, or NetWeaver.

    • Hi Witalij,
      runtime licensing is one part of the story. Graham is asking for an improvement in the developer experience. As there are already ways to get SAPUI5 extracted from the different downloads why not just have a SAPUI5 developer edition download? Limited for development only.
      Best regards

  • Hi Graham,
    Your outcry had been understood by us 😉 I doubt we can already present a solution atl TechEd Barcelona next week, but we are currently evaluating how we can support such a delivery best. I hope we can fulfill your request in the near future. Thanks for this great blog and making us aware of your needs!

    • Hi Margot,

      thanks for responding to my call for making SAPUI5 SDK's downloadable.

      I am heartened by your comments and also from what I heard at TechEd Barcelona last week including in the SAPTechEd Online interview with Stephan Beck. ( See it here starting at 5:35m mark)

      As always step 1 is to get acknowledgement of the problem, step 2 is to get commitment to resolve it, and step 3 is to get it done.

      I am comfortable that steps 1 and 2 have been achieved and all that remains is to get it done.

      This is where we come to the underlying reason for this blog post - frustration.

      I believe we were already at this stage over 2 years ago when I, and others, raised this specific issue with the relevant product management team. Yet here we are 2 years later and no measurable progress has been made.

      I trust that the commitments I have heard over the past 10 days will be converted into action quickly.

      Thanks again,
      Graham Robbo

    • Hi Graham,
      I did not forget about it 🙂
      As I mentioned before there are some legal things to clarify beforehand. I'll check on our progress and if we can make some indication about a realistic (release) date as soon as our colleagues are back from vacation.
      Thanks for your patience (and your persistence)!

  • Hi Graham,

    Good news: We are about to set-up the individual download package for SAPUI5 ?


    To be sure we deliver what is expected a question back (to you but also the community): Is it suitable for you if the SAPUI5 runtime is available for download or do you need the whole SAPUI5 SDK? Would be good to have comprehensible arguments with your thoughts 😉 

    • Hi Margot,

      great news. Thanks.

      From my perspective, as a developer, I want the entire SDK. This places no limits on what I am able to do.

      For example, if I am looking to extend existing controls I need the *-dbg.js files to understand what the existing control does and how I can best extend it.

      Also having the demo apps and Explored app locally makes it easy for me to browse through the source files using my editor of choice to quickly see the sample code.

      Feel free to contact me directly if you need more details.



      Graham Robbo

      • Hi,

        I agree with Graham: as developers we need easy access to the entire SDK. The test suite provided with Open UI5 is very useful but SAPUI5 libraries are missing (sap.ui.comp for instance).

        Thanks for bringing this up Graham!



    • Hope this is coming too, we would also need the entire runtime as our clients are looking to build more to use with SAP Cloud Platform and the full UI5 SDK is much more helpful to build.  This is especially important for prototyping, testing and debugging.

      Looking forward to seeing the individual download package for SAP UI5 soon rather than having to download it using other sources.

    • Hi Margot,

      I also think that the whole SDK would be much more helpful for us, developers, than just the runtime.

      This is great news and something that the community has been waiting for (for quite a long time now as Graham pointed out). Is there any update on when this "about to set-up" will actually be done and available for us?

      Best regards,


      • Hi Graham,

        Yes, we are close to finalize it. I hope, I can spread the final good news next month. I'll keep you in the loop!



        • Hi Graham,

          I am pretty sure you thought the day would never come ? But finally we are public with the first version on

          Currently you will only find the SDK and Runtime download for 1.38.23 but from now on additional versions and patches will become also available on this page.

          Hope this meets your expectation.

          • Thanks a lot Wollny,

            Would like to add a use case where we have to embed new libraries without touching netweaver on MII based applications for enhancements. This helps us to provide solutions/advanced controls well before hand and without waiting for netweaver upgrades and hence saving time.

            Thanks and Regards,


  • Today is finally the day were SAPUI5 is available for download on on

    Currently you will only find the SDK and Runtime for 1.38.23 but from now on all new versions will become also available on this page.