The saving of passwords in the SAP Logon shortcut is useful. Especially when you use a lot of different systems on different sites (like me) in your SAP logon.

As from SAP Logon 7.40 patch level 1 saving of the password is disabled by default. But it can be enabled as described in Note 146173:

The note needs a little bit of explanation:

  • First a Windows registry entry needs to be created that will make it possible to enable (or disable) the saving of passwords in a SAP shortcut. The registry entry can be created by starting the program sapshcut.exe once. The program needs to be started in administrative mode.
  • After that the next registry entry is created: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\SAPShortcut\Security\EnablePassword. The record can be displayed of maintained with the Windows registry editor. By starting the program regedit.exe.
  • Changing the value to 1 will allow you to store the password in (SAP Logon) shortcut.
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  1. Frank Koehntopp

    Let’s hope your PC is protected against other people logging in, or processes stealing your files.

    Using certificate based logon is certainly a better idea.

  2. Frank Krause

    Hi all,

    I would like to stress again the SAP view on the “saving passwords in SAP Shortcuts” feature.

    1) Using this feature is a security risk. In the interest of all users we strongly have to mention again that it should not be used. This holds true especially if users are not aware of the fact that an SAP Shortcut with full credentials in it can be used by anybody to log on with a foreign user account. Yes, you may say that you protect the files on your hard disk, but will all users do this (or will they even mail the shortcuts)? From SAP perspective this risk should not be ignored and therefore the administrators should NOT enable the feature.

    2) There are better and more secure alternatives to the feature available (SSO solutions); if it is just about remembering passwords there are many programs available which store passwords in a safe way.

    3) The password saving feature does not have a future anymore. With the introduction of SAP UI Landscape it has been removed and even though it is still working for saplogon.ini it is just a question of time until SAP GUI for Windows will no longer support saplogon.ini at all (before you ask: SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 will still support saplogon.ini). This feature will thus disappear.

    4) SAP UI Landscape is already in release 7.40 mandatory for the combined usage of SAP GUI for Windows and the SAP Business Client. If you turn off SAP UI Landscape you cannot run this combination which adds a lot of value for end users.

    My summary is therefore: Don’t use this feature!

    Best regards,


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